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Stefan and Ashley play spin the bottle.

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“We can’t play spin the bottle, that’s gay!” giggled Ashley.

“You don’t complaing when girls do it” Stefan replied.

“That’s because girls look hot when they do it” he winked. “There’s only two of us though, it means we’re just gonna be making out all night” Ashley said, confused.

“You complaining?” Stefan whispered, starting to spin the bottle.

Ashley shook his head slightly. Secretly, he’s always liked Stefan, but he knew Stefan wasn’t gay. This game seemed like a good idea at first, he was practically orgasming at the thought of kissing Stef. Stef probably just saw it as a bit of fun, another experience to brag about.

“Bro, it landed on you!” Stefan said, snapping his fingers in front of Ashley’s face.

“Oh, erm, okay” Ashley whispered, leaning forward and gently pressing his lips to Stefan’s.

It only lasted a second, but it felt like forever.

“You call that a kiss? Even Smelliot culd do better than that!” laughed Stefan.

“Oh, I am a great kisser” Ashley winked, lowering his voice slightly.

“Yeah, prove it” Stefan whispered, moving his face closer to Ashley’s.

Ashley closed the distance, sliding his fingers into Stefan’s hair. He slipped his tounge into Stefan’s mouth, chuckling when he moaned.

Stefan pulled Ashley closer to his body, and slid his hands down his chest. He paused slightly, before continuing to his jeans, attempting to unbotton them.

Ashley sighed and pulled away from Stefan.

“Stef, you’re straight. What are you doing?” he asked, pushing his hands away.

“Ashley” he whispered, before saying those three little words that he had always wanted to tell him:

“I love you.”
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