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Hidden Love

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Stefan sets up a suprise for Ashley.

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Stefan wondered what the ringing in his head was, then realised his alarm was going off.

He gathered up his stuff for 'camping', including the condoms and lube, before saying goodbye to his mum and heading towards the abandoned house.

He wasn't meeting Ashley til 7, but he got their early to set things up for him. He couldn't wait to see Ashley's reaction.

25 minutes later:

Ashley walked into the house, expecting Stefan to still be in bed. Instead, he was surprised to see a rug laid out on the floor, covered in fluffy pillows, and candles lit all around the room.

"Are you okay?" Stefan asked worridely when he saw Ashley walk in the room, crying.

"Why have you done this?" Ashley asked.

"I wanted today to be special? Don't you like it?" Stefan asked, looking shamefully at the floor.

"Baby, I love it. Its perfect" Ashley cried, hugging Stefan.

"Then why are you crying?" Stefan asked, puzzled.

"Because I've Spent so long loving you secretly. I never thought this would actually happen" Ashley laughed, wiping his eyes.

Stefan leant up to kiss Ashley softly, sliding his hands into his hair. Ash snaked his arms around Stefan's waist, pulling him closer.

Ashley sighed, losing himself in the moment.

"I know you haven't had breakfast yet Stef. The oven works, so I'll cook you something" Ashley smiled, strolling off to the kitchen.

Stefan just collapsed on the sofa, his knee's weak at the thought of spending a whole week with Ashley.

He knew from the beginning that it would be the best week of his life.
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