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I Needed You

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Sorry for the wait. But here is the next part xDD



"Good" Gerard smiled. They got out of the truck and Gerard carried her bridal-style through the door and down to their bedroom. He set her on the bed and his lips attacked his hers. She moaned and tugged his hair, pulling him on top of her as she lay on the bed.

Louise then pulled his top over his head as his hands worked their way around her body. She stroked his chest as he gently tugged her dress off before unbuttoning his trousers and lsiding them down.

Louise then pulled down his boxers as Gerard unhooked her bra kissing her shoulder while she left a trail of hickey's down his neck. He grinned and returned the hickeys. Gerard slid a finger into the waistband of her pants and in one smooth motion he tugged them down and off her legs.

He pulled her up so that they were sitting on the bed together and massaged her breasts. Slowly he lowered them back down onto the bed and slid into her. She moaned and traced his prominent hip bones and he began to thrust. Her moans sent him over the edge and her hands traced his chest and her lips attacked his.

She lightly traced her tongue over his chest almost teasingly and when she reached his nipples he moaned quietly. She grinned and let out a small gasp as Gerard found her G spot.
He thrust harder and her nails dug into his back leaving love scratches. "Don't stop," SHe moaned. She could feel her orgasm building.

"Cum for me," Gerard whispered into her ear. His breathing became laboured as he felt himself building up. Gerard breathed her name as she came and he came at that exact same time. Her back arched and his hips bucked. Gerard rolled off Louise panting.

"I love you," Louise breathed turning her head. Gerard kissed her and cuddled up to her and they fell asleep.

Meanwhile at the coffee shop, Andy checked his watch. "I think they ditched us," he mused. Cani laughed and her her hand through Andy's hair.

"Wanna go home and have some... fun?" She murmured seductively in his ear. Andy felt a twitch from below and stood up with Dani and they rushed out to the jeep driving home instantly.

Andy carried Dani up to their bedroom and laid her down on the bed and slipped her top off as he kicked off his shoes. Andy's hand ran up and down her arm as Dani lifted his top off.
He kissed her as they both slipped down their pants and Andy removed her bra. He trailed his hot tongue down her neck and chest making her shiver.

"Quit teasing!" Dani moaned getting a grin in response. Dani slid her hand down below and played with his balls. Andy's eyes rolled back into his head and Dani rubbed her hand against Andy's erection . He left a trail of hickeys down her neck as he pushed her down onto the bed. Dani hitched her leg around Andy's waist.

Andy then grabbed hold of her ribs and thrust inside. She cried out in pleasure moaning "Faster..harder". He kissed her, biting down on them leaving them swollen. He was reaching his limit and gave it his all before ejaculating right there.

She screamed out his name and they collapsed back on the bed, panting hard. he rolled off her and pulled her head close so he could kiss her passionately. he slipped his tongue inside her mouth as she stroked his back before clsoing their eyes, heads still together aqnd drifting off into a deep sleep.

- Next morning -

"Guys" Mikey walked down to the basement to wake Louise and Gerard up fro school. Louise sat up striaght and threw a pillow at Mikey.

"Noo" Louise moaned lying back down.

"You have not been to school in ages!" Mikey crossed his arms.

"Your point?" Gerard asked sitting up and scratching the back of his head.

"That is my point" Mikey laughed and then walked back upstairs. Louise stretched and looked at her hand and found an engagement ring on her fing. She stared in shock. Gerared pulled her back to arms length to survey her expression.

"Im sorry.... I just thought..." He trailed off, feeling awful. He was so hurt.

"AWWWWWWW" Louise smiled jumping up and down in the bed kissing him. Gerard laughed pulling her close to his still naked body.

"I thought you didn't like it" He chuckled. He had mistaken her shock for horror.

"Pfft as if" Louise laughed and then the both of them got ready for the first time in ages for school. Mikey had already made coffee and they drunk it in one quick motion. They then headed out to get Frank, Ray, Dani and Andy, Mikey had already left. Dani and Andy had already left with Jinxx, Jake and Ashley.

They pulled up into the school parking lot to see that Andy had Dani sitting on the hood of his truck so that he could kiss her. "Aw," Louise muttered. Gerard gave a small laugh and leaned across the seat to kiss Louise. Her hands stroked the side of his face making him smile and then they got out and walked to their first class.

Louise was in English with Andy and Dani. Gerard was in science with Jinxx and Frank. Louise sat down beside Andy because since it was a new term the seats had been re arranged. Dani was away at the other side of the room. "Heeey" Louise smiled, she was extremly hyper.
Andy jumped and looked at her. She laughed and bounced in her seat. "So!" Louise started.

"Eh...yeah?" Andy asked suspiciously.

"Hows things with Dani?" She smiled.

"Great, what about you and Gerard?" Andy asked getting scared due to her level of hyperness.

"Okay... swear you wont tell Dani" Louise beamed.

"Okay" Andy smiled. Louise showed him the hand with the engagement ring. Andy gawked in surprise then pulled her into a hug.

"Hi Louise Way!" He whispered warmly.

"Im going to tell Dani at lunch, so dont tell her!" She glared at him seriously and he nodded.

When the bell rang Louise jumped out of ehr seat still hyper and dashed out the door and running into the cheerleader who she had previously got into an argument with. The cheerleader shoved her back, pushing her to the ground. Andy grabbed Louise and helped her up.

"Leave her alone," Andy snarled. The cheerleaders fluttered their eyelashes. He was so gorgeous that they didn't dare mess with louise while Andy was around.

"Thanks," Louise muttered. "But i could have handled it" She added.

"It was no bother," Andy smiled brightly and they took their seperate ways as Louise went to maths which was with frank. It killed her not being able to tell Frank. Gerard wanted the both of them to tell everyone which she agreed on. She couldnt have gotten out of the classroom quick enough. Frank called after her as she ran out the door and was confused. What the fuck is with her?
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