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Time To let Go

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"DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS NOT BEING ABLE TO TELL YOUR FUCKING BEST FRIEND?" Louise said to Gerard as she met up with him at the statue outside the school cafeteria.

"Im sorry!" He pouted. "I'll take it back then" He laughed.

"NO," She cried hugging him tightly.

"Now shall we tell everyone else?" Gerard laughed. Louise nodded and Gerard entwined their fingers as they walked inside.

"Dani?" Louise called. Dani turned around and Lousie grabbed her hand

"We need to talk," Gerard murmured as Louise yanked them out again and round the corner of the canteen so that they can get some privacy. Dani should be told first, afterall she was Louise's twin sister.

"What?" Dani asked. Louise smiled widely looking between Gerard and Dani.

"Well we are engaged.." Gerard said.

"NO WAY!" Dani screamed as she pulled them into a hug.

"Congrats you guys!" she sobbed.

"Why are you crying?" Louise asked.

"Im just so happy for you," Dani smiled rubbing her eye being carefull not to ruin her makeup.

"Your gonna make me cry!" Louise smiled.

Dani pulled Louise into a hug "Im so happy for you!" She whispered. Gerard smiled as they broke apart and snaked his arm around Louise's waist as the three of them walked back into the canteen.

Andy pulled out a chair for Dani, very gentleman like. Louise sat down beside Gerard and their hands were linked under the table.

"YO," Frank called to Louise.

"WHAT?" Louise responded.

"WHY YOU SO HYPER?" Frank asked her.

"We," She looked over at Gerard. "Have to tell you something, have to tell all of you something," Louise added grabbing the attention of the others.

"What?" Frank asked.

Gerard took a deep breath. "We are engaged" He said

"Wow, congrats!" Frank grinned and hugged them both. When he broke away and everyone else fired Louise and Gerard with congratulations, Frank looked over at Ray who smiled at him. They both walked out of the canteen.

"You alright?" Ray asked lowly.

"What do you think," Frank muttered, he was pissed off and lit a cigarette inhaling deeply.

"It's time to let her go," Ray said to him. Frank had always liked Louise but never had the chance to admit it.

"Yeah, i don't have a choice now," Frank muttered darkly. Ray sighed and patted him on the back.

"Cheer up bro," He sighed.

"I'll try" Frank smiled giving a half smile and walked back into the cafeteria. Everyone happy and the atmosphere was bright. He ground his teeth together as he watched them sitting together. laughing and smiling.

He had actually broken up with Jamia over it. He excused himself pretending to feel sick. He walked around the school finding a bench and sat down. He buried his face in his hands. He ended it with Jamia because Jamia knew that something was up and they got into a fight. But Frank knew that he couldnt help these feelings and their was no point being in a relationship with Jamia because he didn't love her.

Everything was such a mess. Gerard was one of his best friends. How could he do that to his bro? Frank would never be able to tell Louise. No matter how much he wanted to just let her know.

This one is a bit short because i still need to type up the rest of it xD But Whats your guise opinions on Frank's secret? Let me know!!!
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