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Well ello!!!

Here is the next part.

The next chapter will be a little longer and will be more dialogue in it.

This is basically a filler and i dnt want to give away what is going to happen next

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- 3 weeks later -

Gerard was ready for his bachelor night. Andy, Ashley, Frank and Ray filed into the car. Gerard grinned. Ashley was beaming as he thought of all the whores and strippers he would be fucking tonight.

At the bar things were getting a little hectic. Gerard and Andy were drunk out of their minds and no-one had seen Ashley since he had left with two whores on each arm.

While Gerard was turned around talking to Ray, Frank slipped a pill into his drink. Then Andy turned around.... and he drunk it instead.

"Shit, wrong drink!" Frank muttered to himself. He got out another one and slipped it into Gerard's one.

Gerard took a drink and soon met eyes with one of the girls at the bar who turned out to be Lindsey. The cheerleader Louise had insulted and was her new number one enemy since Hayley Williams had left the school. Andy had meanwhile been distracted himself with another girl.

Lindsey made her way over to Gerard. She licked the back of his ear seductively and stroked his hair. The pill that Frank had slipped kicked in and he allowed himself to be led away.
Out in the hallway of the hotel bar, Lindsey shoved Gerard up against a wall, squeezing his trousers as she kissed his neck.

Andy had been dragged away by a bleach blonde and soon had left with her. Gerard had also left with Lindsey.

The blonde shoved Andy down onto her bed, tying his arms and legs to the bedposts. "Tell me how you like it bad boy," She purred as she removed his pants

"Hard babes," Andy winked.

The girl slipped her hands up his shirt and stroked his softly muscled chest. Then she removed her top and pants letting her bra fall onto Andy's tied hands. She slipped off her thong and started to ride Andy. Hands placed over the bonds on his wrists.

- The next morning -

Gerard woke up beside Lindsey with a banging headache. 'Oh Shit' he thought as he looked at the mess they'd made of her room. He looked over at Lindsey and reconized her fully, now that the drug had worn off.

He was screwed when Louise got hold of him, but something drew him in about Lindsey. She sighed in her sleep and rolled over.

He admired the shape of her body, the curve of ehr lips and her gorgeous hair. "Wow," He breathed and then she woke up.

Meanwhile at the hotel, Andy was starting to feel sick. The room was spinning and he was pretty sure she'd stuck a needle in his arm. What had she given him? She kept rising him and he wanted to throw her off.

He struggled adn thrashed against the ropes taht held him but she just laughed evily. Eventually she left, leaving him tied up there. His mobile was just next to him and he just about managed to reach it and found Dani's number. He called her but he could feel he was about to pass out.

He managed to tell her what hotel and room he was in and then the darkness consumed him. When Dani arrived she found him tied up and fitting, his body spasming. There was froth around his mouth and he'd been sick.

The combination of the two drugs he had been slipped was going to kill him. She called an ambulance and tried desperately to wake him up, screaming hsi name as she sobbed over his body.

And then eyes wide open and rolling, he stopped spasming and

took one last breath.
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