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Karen finds Stefan in the hospital.

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The ambulance pulled up in front of the hospital, and Ashley was rushed into a private room.

"Please don't let him die" Stefan cried as a nurse took him to a waiting room.

"He's lost a lot of blood, but we'll do the best we can" she smiled encouragingly.

"Stefan! What's going on? Where's Ashley?" a woman cried, coming over to hug him.

He turned around to see that it was Ashley's mum.

" did you know we were here?" Stefan asked.

"Sally phoned me, she's parking the car right now. Was Ashley in an accident?" Karen questioned.

"He..he t-tried to...k-kill himself" Stefan stuttered, still trying to get his head round it.

"No! He wouldn't do that! Why would he do that?" Karen cried.

"I..I think you should read this" Stefan muttered, pulling the suicide note out of his pocket.

She scanned the note, tears pouring out of her eyes.

"So its your fault then! My son is dying because of you!" she screamed.

"N-no, its not like that!" Stefan stuttred, backing away from her slightly.

"Mrs Horne. I'm sorry, we tried everything we could, but I'm afraid Ashley has passed away" a nurse said.

"NO! NOT MY BABY!" Karen screamed, falling to the floor.

"You're lying!" Stefan cried, falling down next to Karen.

He tried to hug her, but she pushed him away.

"YOU DID THIS! YOU KILLED MY BABY!" She screamed, slapping Stefan around the face.

"What on Earth is going on?" Sally asked, pulling Karen off Stefan.

"Mum, Ashley is dead and its my fault" Stefan cried.

"Darling its not your fault! Come on, let's go home" she said, attempting to hug Stefan.

"No! Fuck off! This is all my fault! I've got to fix this!" Stefan shouted as he run out the hospital door.

"Stefan! Don't do anything stupid!" Sally cried, trying to run after him.

Stefan was too fast for her though.
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