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The End

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Together Forever.

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Stefan carried on running, all the way to the train station.

He ran across the platforms, trying to find a train that was due. A train to Reading was due in 3 minutes.

Ha, how ironic Stefan thought to himself.

"I love you Ashley, I'm doing this for you" he whispered as he saw the train pull into the station.

Without a moments hesitation, he jumped onto the track, just as the train pulled in.

Stefan didn't feel any pain as the train hit him. In fact, he died smiling, knowing that he's be with Ashley soon.


"Stefan, get up Stefan" a voice whispered into his ear.

"A-Ashley" Stefan croaked, blinded by the white light in front of him.

"Yeah baby, its me" Ashley smiled, helping Stefan up.

"What happened?" Stefan asked groggily.

"You jumped in front of a train baby. You couldn't live without me so you ended your life" Ashley sighed, a tear falling out of his eye.

"Why are you crying?" Stefan asked, wiping the tear away.

"You shouldn't be here. You shouldn't have died" Ashley whispered.

"Why? We got our wish. Now we can be together forever" Stefan smiled, taking Ashley's hand.

"I love you baby" Ashley smiled, kissing his boyfriend lightly on the lips.

"I love you to" said Stefan, pulling Ashley in for a hug.

They both walked off towards the light, hand in hand.

They truly were the perfect couple, destined to be together forever.
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