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Lying Is The Most Fun Brendon Can Have Without Taking His Clothes Off

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Brendon is destroying Bert and Gee's sex life.

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This is a short filler, sorry guys. But the next two chapters are going to be big, shocking ones. :D

Chapter 16

The next night…

Bert’s naked, panting body pressed against mine is the best feeling in the world. It feels good, but tonight, I can’t enjoy it. When he pins my arms above my head, I imagine Brendon pinning me to the wall, his hand forming bruises on my skin. When Bert rakes his nails down my hips, I can feel Brendon’s nail running down my arm. I want to tell Bert about what happened, cry, and move on. But I can’t. If I tell Bert, he’ll probably beat Brendon up and we won’t have anywhere to live.

All of this is forgotten when Bert’s hot mouth wraps around my length. I scream and jerk my hips skyward.

“Shhh, Brendon will hear.” Bert whispers. He presses his hand over my mouth.

Shut the fuck up, whore.

I struggle underneath Bert’s hand. He thinks it’s a turn on for me. It was before, but Brendon ruined it.

“I love you so much.” Bert croons. He continues to suck me.

You think your precious Bertie loves you? Well, news flash.

“I love you, too.”

He doesn’t love you.

When we both finish, we lie in each other’s arms, trying to catch our breath. Bert strokes my sweaty back, his face pressed into my shoulder. This is always my favorite part of sex. After we’re done, Bert always clings to me like a child. He’s the protector of the relationship, but after sex, I get a chance to protect him.

Suddenly, the door opens. “Bert, I’m going to the store. Do you need-“ Brendon freezes. I hurriedly pull the blankets over our naked bodies.

“Never mind.” Brendon says quickly, shutting the door.

“Well shit.” Bert laughs. "Breakfast tomorrow is going to be awkward." I laugh half-heartedly.

“I’m going to take a shower. Care to join?” Bert stands up. I love showering with Bert… but I don’t want to give Brendon yet another thing to hate me for. I shake my head and let myself sink into the pillows.

“I’m really tired.” I lie.

Bert kisses my forehead. “Sweet dreams, darling.” Then he goes into the connecting bathroom.
When the water begins to run, Brendon slips into the bedroom. Dread washes over me. I open my mouth to tell him to fuck off, but I can’t force any words out of my throat. Brendon is silent as well. He climbs onto the bed and yanks the covers back. He tilts his head as if to say what do we have here? He reaches down and wraps his fingers around my cock.

I squirm and try to move away. Brendon begins to pump his fist over my length. “You know you like it.” he hisses quietly. I don’t like it. I cry out in distress, loud enough for Bert to hear over the water. The shower turns off, as I had hoped. Brendon is gone in a flash.

“Gerard? What’s wrong?” Bert asks, coming out of the bathroom a second after I pull the blankets over me.

“J-just another b-bad dream.” I stutter. My heart is pounding so hard that it could crack my ribs. Bert instantly climbs onto the bed, onto the same spot Brendon was kneeling on moments before. He’s naked and dripping wet, but he doesn’t seem to care. His long hair touches my cheek as he pulls me close.

No matter how still I am, sleep will not come. All I can think about is how dirty and awful it felt when Brendon was touching me. I’ve failed Bert. I should have punched Brendon and screamed for Bert, but instead, I just let Brendon violate me. But why? Is it because Brendon and Bert are friends and I don’t want Bert to get hurt? Or is it because I’m scared of being left by Bert?

I pretend to sleep for hours, feeling more hopeless than ever.

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