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Set The Ferris Wheel Ablaze

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I think the title is pretty self-explanatory.

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Chapter 16

“God damnit. How long is this line going to be?” I whine, clutching a cup of coffee.

“Not much longer.” Bert replies. “The wait is worth it when you get to the top.”

“Okay, Dr. Phil.” I tease, giving Bert a playful shove.

“You know what I mean.”

We’re standing in line for the Navy Pier Ferris wheel. I guess it’s kind of childish to want to ride a Ferris wheel, but Bert insisted. I had my doubts about coming back to Navy Pier after the other night. But it’s better than being stuck in the apartment with Brendon… Plus, Chicago does look amazing at night.

Finally, it’s our turn to get on. I snuggle up close to Bert as we’re lifted into the air. I wave at the people below, though I know they can’t see me. The higher we go, the more of Chicago I can see. The lights are mesmerizing. It looks like every light in the city is on, but if you look closely, lights are turning off while others turn on. The lit-up windows remind me of stars. When somebody turns one off, it leaves a missing piece in the skyline, like a black hole in space. The cars streaking past below are like comets.

When we reach the top, the Ferris wheel stops moving. I look at Bert in alarm.

“It’s stopping to let more people on.” Bert explains. I sigh in relief and continue to gaze out the window, sipping my coffee.

About five minutes later, the wheel still hasn’t moved. Ten more minutes tick by without movement. I can hear the kids in the compartment behind us freaking out. My hands shake with anxiety. “B-Bert, what’s going on?” I stammer. Before he can answer, we hear a chorus of screaming below. I look down. Flames are dancing up the metal beams of the Ferris wheel. They’re not close, but I can feel the heat rising up. The Ferris wheel is on fire.

We’re going to die. “Bert!” I gasp, trying to scream. But my voice comes out as merely a whisper.

We are going to die. For the millionth time in my life, I begin to cry. Suddenly, I hate myself for attempting suicide several times. I had wanted my life to end so badly. But now, 24 years isn’t enough. I grab Bert’s face and kiss him. Our tears mingle together.

Bert pushes me away. “Put your shirt over your nose and mouth.” he commands me. Protective until the end. I suddenly have a flashback to the day when Bert and I escaped. It was all fun and games, sliding down the chute. But when we hit the bottom, Bert turned serious.

“Bert, I love you.” I cry. The heat intensifies. Sirens wail below, blending in with the terrified screams. How did this happen? Is this some sort of punishment for escaping? Karma? Why does it have to end like this? I don’t want to die in fear.

“I love you too, Gerard.”

Thick, gray smoke fills the compartment. I gag and fall back into Bert’s arms. He roughly presses my face into his shirt to protect me from the smoke. I want to kiss him and tell him how much I love him in the last few seconds we have with each other. But no words or actions will be enough. Nothing will be enough to show Bert just how much he means to me.

All I can do is hold on tight to Bert until the end of everything.

I know I promised a long chapter, but my creative flow has dried out. And this is NOT the end of the story, though it may seem like it. I'm ending the story at Chapter 25 or so. Thank you to Rock_Music, who's stuck with me through the entire story. ^-^
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