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[A/N] – Hey! I’ve changed this a bit so it’s not from Gerard’s point of view anymore, it’s from my point of view but you’re all still in it. It just made a lot more sense from my point of view since I’m me and I was there and well… Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy this! :D

I guess the trip started the moment we got on that coach at five in the morning. We’d been at school since four and most of us were planning to sleep the moment we got on the coach. Except for me and Raven. Since Penina was sitting next to her boyfriend Frank (surprise, surprise) I decided to sit next to my second best friend.

Raven slid into the window seat. She’d told me she was travel sick but I’m travel sick too. And since Raven is such a friendly person she let me sit in the aisle. When I think about it, that was kind of a mistake. I’d probably listen to my music the entire way there and Raven would be stuck with no one talk to me. While we were still in England she could still text her boyfriend Ray but the moment we made it to France she’d be alone. So I’d have to talk to her.

It turned out okay though. They put on Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone for us to watch since no one felt like talking to each other just yet. Except for Abbie apparently who was curled up next to Bob and whispering something in his ear. Bob couldn’t help but smile every so often which was kind of impressive. Normally no girl could sweet talk Bob but Abbie appeared to be doing a very good job.

“Where did Ray sit?” I asked Raven once the movie had finished.

Raven shrugged “I dunno. Probably upstairs.”

We were sat downstairs. There were only about twenty seats downstairs and there were forty upstairs “You see that’s what I love about you. You’re not like Penina and Frank. You don’t need to be together every second.”

“I have a feeling if we were together all the time then the relationship would just get boring.” Raven shrugged “Are we stopping at a service station soon? I really need to pee.”

We stopped at two service stations before we got on the horrible underground train to get to France. Penina came downstairs and grinned at me “Come with me to the bathroom please?”

I nodded and the two of us got off the coach and onto the horrible train. The entire thing was leaking mud and water “Penina, I’m wearing my fucking slippers!” I moaned as we ran through a section that clearly didn’t need to be there.

I stood outside the bathroom while Penina peed. When she came out she said “I wouldn’t go in there. There is mud leaking from the ceiling.” She pointed down at her feet. She was wearing a white pair of converse and I could see the mud splatters all over them. By this point I was starting to feel sick anyway so I ran back to the coach and found Raven sitting by herself flicking through her phone “My Dad brought me a special credit card,” She told me “That means I can text people abroad and it won’t cost any extra.”

“Awesome, you’re so lucky!” I told her “I’m not gonna be able to check my FanFiction for an entire week. I hope everyone’s updated heaps when I get back.” Raven just rolled her eyes. She’d never understand my love for FanFiction.

I turned around and looked at the aisle. Genevieve was sat cross-legged on the floor staring at the ground “Everything okay?” I asked her.

She shook her head and muttered something about feeling sick. Penina looked over at her and rolled her eyes before whispering in my ear “Do you smell that? Smells like bullshit.” I giggled and nudged her.

It didn’t take us long to get off the train and then we were in France. I looked at my mobile and sighed “Oh Raven, I envy you so much right now.” I told her as she sent Ray a text.

Raven giggled and made up her own little song “I have credit and you don’t. I can text and you can’t.” She repeated those two lines over and over again while one teacher Mr Billington but ‘The Wedding Singer’ into the DVD player. I liked Mr Billington. And not just because he was the drummer of Envy of the State.

We stopped at a French service station for dinner. I sat with Genevieve, Abbie and Raven “This sandwich is disgusting. Why does it have to be ham and cheese?” I complained “The cheese tastes disgusting. Do you know what? I’m taking it out.”

Raven raised her eye-brows at me while Abbie started telling us about her relationship issues “I mean he only broke up with me yesterday and I already kissed another guy. It was Bob. He kissed me obviously but is it bad that I didn’t pull away?”

“Of course not.” Genevieve told her “You haven’t done anything wrong.”

“But I feel like such a slag!” Abbie cried “You know what, this week I’m staying away from boys. It’s just gonna be about me and my friends.”

I’d only just met Abbie but already I felt like I kind of liked her.

When it was time to go to sleep I knew I was exhausted. I’d gone to bed at eleven last night, fell asleep at twelve and then woken up at two. I closed my eyes and slept for about twenty minutes before I was woken up by a loud laugh “Bob could you leave my hair alone please?” They giggled “You’re pulling it out! Ouch!”

I turned to my right and found it was Genevieve who was being really loud. This went on for half-an-hour before I finally decided to snap “Genevieve could you shut up please?”

She continued and acted like I hadn’t said anything. Every five minutes Raven and I took it in turns to tell her to shut up until finally it worked. I still didn’t get a good night’s sleep.

[A/N] – Sorry that nothing’s really happening and that it’s really dull but not a lot did happen on the coach trip there… Hopefully it’ll pick up when we all make it to Spain! Plus, MCR will be involved a lot more in later chapters. :)
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