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Spain was boiling hot. Way too hot for someone wearing a black All Time Low tee shirt and black skinny jeans. I felt sorry for Frank who had decided to travel in a tiger onesie. It was funny in England but now in Spain he was boiling “Can we go up to our rooms yet?” He moaned as we all stood in the ‘function room’.

“Your fault for wearing an all-in-one.” Penina laughed. She was fine as she was already wearing a white dress.

“Oh by the way, I’m having the first shower.” Raven told us “Penina’s going next and then you Hollie.”

“When did we decide this?” I asked.

Raven shrugged “Remember when me, Ray, Frank and Penina were walking down here and Mikey was distracting you by talking about tortugas?” I nodded “Well we decided then.”

I sighed. I was sharing a room with Raven and Penina just like I did. I really hoped Raven didn’t go out and leave me and Penina on our own again like she did last year. All she did was take her suitcase down to the coach and when she returned, I’d locked Penina out on the balcony and she was dragging her nose down the window. If me and Penina were allowed to stay in a two person room, we’d probably destroy everything.

I’m glad we have Raven in our room. She’s way more organised than me and Penina put together. When me and Penina get into our pyjamas, we just chuck the clothes we were wearing on the floor while Raven packs all hers away in her suitcase. One thing Penina beats Raven at though is getting up in the morning. We’re supposed to be downstairs at eight in the morning for breakfast so Penina wakes up at seven to get ready while me and Raven don’t crawl out of bed until five minutes to eight.

“Okay!” Yelled our music teacher “I’m going to read out the list of rooms again in case any of you forgot them already.” So she read through all the boys room and just as she was about to start the girls she announced “There’s a room where two sets of girls will have to share. You won’t have to talk to each other but you will have to share a bathroom.”

Raven grabbed my hand “Please don’t be us, please don’t be us, please don’t be us…” She chanted.

“Genevieve, Abbie and Nyasha will be sharing with Lucy and Rebecca.”

“Perfect.” Penina whispered under her breath with a small grin.

Lucy and Rebecca are two girls in year seven and they are possibly two of the most irritating people you’ll ever meet in your entire life. The two of them caught me, Raven and a girl in the year below us Jenna playing Irish snap and now call us the ‘go fish girls’. Penina was extremely happy that Genevieve was sharing a room with her since Penina only pretended to like her.

Mrs Bradbury read through the rest of the girl’s bedroom and what room they’d be in. We were in room 306. The third floor. Great.

Since we were so early showing up to the hotel not all of our rooms were ready yet “But some of them are ready,” Mrs Bradbury told us “I will read them out now. But before I do, there’s been a mix up. Two girls have been put in a three person bedroom so accident so someone who needs a three person bedroom is stuck in a two person bedroom. If this is you, come downstairs and tell us.”

“It probably won’t be us.” Penina told me as Frank put his arm round her. I have nothing against Frank but why does he insist on pulling Penina away or kissing her whenever I try to talk to her?

Mrs Bradbury read through the list of people whose rooms were ready. Thank Christ, our name was on there. Penina kissed Frank goodbye, Raven kissed Ray goodbye and I watched them kiss their boyfriends goodbye then we took our suitcases and went to the lobby “Hoz, if you want, I could take your case up?” Raven offered “Me and Penina will take the lift and you walk up the stairs? We’ll meet you there.”

“Thank you!” I grinned before rushing up the stairs.

That’s what I hate about being on the third floor. I’m terrified of lifts so I always have to walk up all the stairs and it’s bloody tiring! Usually Raven or Penina will walk up with me but not today because of the suitcases.

I made it to the third floor long before they did and hung around outside the lifts for what felt like ages. Finally the lifts opened and Penina and Raven came crashing out, giggling and tripping over their suitcases. I grabbed my pink one, went down the corridor and used the card to open the room. But there was one problem. Two beds instead of three.

“I knew our luck was going to run out eventually.” Penina groaned “I’ll go and tell Bradders that we’re in the two person room. Do you two wanna stay here?”

“Yes please!” Raven cried. She was just as hot as I was in black skinny jeans and a black Panic At The Disco tee shirt.

We collapsed on the beds “We really shouldn’t lie on these since we won’t be the ones sleeping on them,” I told her “The other girls who end up in here will just complain.”

“I don’t give a shit, I’m fucking boiling.” Raven replied “Are you sure the air conditioning is on?” I nodded “It doesn’t bloody feel like it.”

Penina came back into the room and the two of us sat up “So what room are we really in?” I asked.

“This one.” Penina replied “They said they’re gonna bring up a camp bed for us.”

“Bags not sleeping on it! I already bags’d the middle bed last year.” I told them.

Last year I’d had first pick of bed so I chose the one next to the balcony door. One night Penina told me she’d heard a noise from on the balcony and then Raven started telling me how there was a murderer on the balcony “But don’t worry,” Raven had smiled “If he does get in then he’ll kill you while Penina and I escape.” Funnily enough, it took me forever to get to sleep. So I figured they wouldn’t be able to scare me with the middle bed.

“I’ll sleep on it.” Penina sighed “Anyway, Bradders says that we’re going swimming in twenty minutes so we need to get ready. I’m gonna have a shower.”

“Not until I’ve had one you’re not.” Raven told her, diving in her suitcase for her towel and shampoo and what not before running into the bathroom.

Penina smiled at me “What are you doing?”

“Eating those cereal bars that my Mom packed.” I told her “Do you want one?” She nodded and I handed it to her “I’m so hungry.”

“You shouldn’t eat before going swimming.”

“I probably won’t go swimming. I’ll probably just sit on the edge.”

“Mmm. I’ll probably just go and sun bathe with Frank. He doesn’t want to go swimming.”

“Why not?”

Penina shrugged her shoulders “Not sure but he’ll probably tell me later. I hope Raven hurries up, I feel so sticky in this.”

“How? You’re barely sweating!”

Penina just laughed and flopped down onto Raven’s bed which was nearest to the balcony door. Good. Maybe I’d be able to scare her this year.

At that moment Raven came out of the bathroom wearing only her underwear “Bathroom’s free.” She told Penina who leaped up and ran to the bathroom.

Is this what the week is going to consist of? Me and my friends walking round in our underwear and sweating way too much?

[A/N] – It’s moving slowly I know but I hope it picks up soon!
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