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I sat on the edge of the pool with Rose “Did you hear that Abbie kissed Bob?” She asked me.

“I heard that she’d kissed someone, I didn’t know who though.” I replied watching as Raven did a neat dive into the pool “I heard she’s staying away from boys this week.”

At that moment Abbie came into view. She was in the pool with her legs wrapped round Bob’s waist “Yeah, sure looks like it.” Rose laughed “Oh well, who cares? Why isn’t Penina in the pool?”

“She’s sun bathing with Frank.”

“Oh. That explains everything.”

“What do you mean?”

“I bet you that you barely hang out with her all week because she’ll be too busy with Frank. In fact, I bet you only hang round with her in the hotel room.”

“Look, I know that me and Penina won’t hang out much this week. It’s like that in England, so I didn’t expect Spain to be any different. We’ll hang out in Barcelona though when Frank goes to the football stadium and we go shopping.”

“Doesn’t it bother you that your best friend doesn’t really hang out with you that much?”

“Of course it does. But arguing and fighting about it won’t change a thing.”

“Whatever.” Rose replied, waving at Gerard “I’m gonna go hang out with Gerard for a bit. See you later. Bye.”

“See you.”

“Hozzie!” Raven yelled, pulling herself out of the pool and sitting next to me “Why don’t you come in?”

“Because it’ll be freezing.”

“It’s not that bad when you get used to it.”

“I prefer sitting half in and half out. That way it’s warm and cold.”

Raven laughed “You’re so weird.”

“Whatever. Why aren’t you hanging round with Ray?”

“Like I said, we don’t need to be together every second. Things would be boring otherwise, wouldn’t they?”

I thought about it “Penina doesn’t seem to be bored and neither does Frank…”

“Yeah well all they do is look into each other’s eyes and kiss. Or Frank leans over and sniffs her for some unknown reason…” I giggled “So what are we doing after this?”

“Just looking around the town I think. I’m not too sure.” I stood up “I’m going back to the room. I’ll see you in a bit.”

“Bye Hozzie!”

I grabbed my towel, wrapped it round myself and shoved my feet into my flip-flops before making the long journey up the stairs to the third floor. I wanted to have a shower so I didn’t stink of chlorine for the rest of the day but when I got inside and put my card in the power box, nothing was working. I groaned. Looks like I’d just have to smell of chlorine for now.

I got dressed and sent a text to my Mom when someone knocked on the door. I got up and answered to the door to Penina. Earlier Raven had gone and gotten a spare card from reception. Each room is allowed up to three cards but since none of us trusted Penina not to lose it, she didn’t go and ask for one “Oh my god, Frank said he’d come in the pool, right?” Penina told me dramatically without saying hello as she walked into the room “But he had to go upstairs and put his swimming stuff on so he asked me to wait for him by the pool. I stood there for nearly ten minutes waiting for him but he never came back! And if he does go down then he’s gonna get mad at me for not standing there anymore.”

“You got bored. There’s no problem with that.”

“Whatever. Why are all the lights off?”

“Well for one, it’s sunny outside so we don’t need the lights on. And also, the powers out.”

“But we need to turn the air con on!” Penina cried “It’s getting boiling in here Hozzie! I can already feel myself melting!” She put her hand to her forehead and started panting “Hozzie, I’m literally melting! We have to do something!”

“It’s not even that warm…” I laughed as she flopped onto Raven’s bed “I guess we could go and tell reception but I’m too scared to do that.”

Raven walked in “Hey guys, we need to be downstairs in ten minutes.”

“Raven! You’re brave!” Penina cried “Go downstairs and tell reception that the powers out!”

“You know why the powers out, right?” Raven asked angrily “It’s your bloody hair dryer Hozzie!”

“It is not!”

“Yes it is! It sucked up all the power!” Raven groaned and went downstairs to complain.

[A/N] - Oh my god yesterday I went out with my friends and there was slanted wall that we tried to climb up but I couldn't manage it... And today my legs ache like a bitch whenever I move D: So I'm trying not to move that much... Looks like I'm gonna be stuck at home all day :L
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