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Chapter Two: Morning Ideas

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Patrick and Devin decide to let Pete come stay with them

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Pete awoke the next morning to giggling in the kitchen. He rolled off the couch and padded into the kitchen, where Patrick was dancing Devin around the room while he made waffles. He dipped her low like in old movies, and saw Pete. He dropped Devin, who shrieked.
"Pete! I didn't think you stayed." He stuttered, picking Devin up and appologizing soothingly while she massaged the back of her head.
"Well...I didn't have anywhere else to go."
"Don't you have a house?" Devin asked sarcatically, sitting down at the small table.
"My parents have been driving me crazy."
"Maybe it's time to get an appartment or something." Patrick replied, setting down a large stack of waffles between Pete and Devin and sitting down himself.
Devin absently massaged her wrists. There were several scars on each, haunting reminders of a suicide attempt several months ago. Pete shuddered at the memory of finding her, near-death, in Patrick's bathroom.
"Well, you could always stay with us."
Patrick dropped his fork and it fell to his plate with a clatter.
"Devin!" he hissed.
"What?! We have a spare bedroom, we've been talking about renting it out! I'd rather have a good friend in there than a total stranger!" she argued, her eyes burning into Patrick's. He sighed and turned to his old friend.
"Pete, we have to discuss this," He said, "We'll let you know."
Pete smiled happily and finished his waffles.
"Hate to eat and run..." he appologized. He gave Devin a one-armed hug and clapped Patrick on the shoulder and was out the door fast as anything. Devin began to clean up the breakfast dishes, and Patrick pulled his hat off and ran his fingers through his hair.
"Pete's a good friend. Too good. Having him live here would destroy our friendship, we'd be in eachother's faces all the time."
Devin slammed a plate down on the counter and spun around, her temper flaring.
"Am I not a good friend? Didn't you take me in during my time of need?" she demanded.
"Love, that's different. You had nowhere to go, no money, and..."
" were hot for me." She finished, the flames of her temper dying, and she smiled devilishly.
"You could put it that way. It's just Pete's 27, had never had his own place, and is in no need of money. Plus, it's a lot easier to live with a girlfriend than best friend."
"I'm not a best friend?"
"Yes! But-"
Devin laughed brightly and crossed the kitchen, pulling Patrick into a tight embrace. She kissed him.
"Don't hurt yourself." She whispered.
Patrick sighed. He loved her so much, he'd do anything to make her happy.
"Pwease, Pattycake? Can Petey come stay with us?" she cooed.
"Well...alright. But he's paying rent!"
Devin laughed and kissed him again.
"Mark my words, Devin Marie, this will be a dissaster." He warned.
"Mark MY words, Patrick Martin, this will be fun." She grinned back.

Pete pulled his cellphone out of his hoodie pocket. He flipped it open.
"Petey!" Devin cooed on the other end, "Patrick says it's ok! You can move in with us!"
"That's great, Dev!"
"You'll pay rent, though."
"Of course."
"Patrick thinks it'll ruin your guy's friendshi- OW! PATRICK!" Pete could tell Patrick had just poked Devin, or something of the sort. He laughed.
"Anyways, you can move in anytime. There's a bed and a dresser in the spare room. See you later!"
Pete tucked the phone back in his pocket and headed towards home, eager to get out. He marched through the front door, not acknowledging his parents.
"Peter, why didn't you come home last night? We were worried." His mother asked.
"At a friends." He said sortly, and dissapeared into his bedroom. And hour later, all his possesions and clothing were packed into several boxes and suitcase. He stepped back out into the living room.
"Mum, Dad, I'm going to go stay with Patrick and Devin. Can I have a ride?"
His father stood up. He was an intimidating man, being much taller than Pete.
"You've been moody and mouthy for weeks! We give you a roof over your head and food, you leave all night, come home, snap at us, pack up your room and ask for a ride?" he boomed. Pete didn't flinch.
His father's eyes were full of rage, but his mother looked relieved.
"Now, Dear, Peter needs to move out on his own. This is good for him...and us."
His fathers look did not falter, but he grabbed his car keys none the less and snapped "Get in the car, Peter."
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