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Chapter Three: And so it Begins

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Pete moves in with Patrick, and he meets Tia

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Pete's father dropped him off at the front gates of the development where Patrick lived. He helped him carry out the boxes and then left, with hardly a goodbye. He was pissed, and Pete knew it. He buzzed Patrick, who came down with his car and helped carry the boxes inside while Devin made dinner. The rich smell of spaghetti wafted through the house, and Pete was starving, not having eaten since breakfast.
"Dinner!" Devin called from the kitchen.
Pete and Patrick stepped into the dining room. Pete was shocked to see the table set. Devin sat, waiting, and Patrick kissed her cheek and sat down next to her.
They're acting like they're married, Pete thought with annoyance.
"Pat, do you not eat in the living room anymore? You always used to."
"That's why there's stains on the carpet." He replied.
Pete reluctantly pulled up a chair and began scooping spaghetti onto his plate. Patrick and Devin were whispering in eachother's ears and giggling. This annoyed Pete even further, and he set down his fork.
"Can we EAT, please?" he demanded.
"Jealous, Peter?" Devin said slyly.
"No, just hungry."
The couple scowled and kept eating. After the dishes were washed and put away, the three friends sat on the couch, bored.
"Let's call Andy and Joe." Patrick suggested, reaching for the phone. He made the calls and set the phone back down on the charger with a smile.
"Joe's bringing his new girlfriend, Tia."
Pete raised an eyebrow.
"When did this come about?"
"I dunno, a few weeks. The band hasn't seen too much of each other since we went off tour."
"Well, we did when..." Pete's eyes wandered to Devin's wrists, and then he trailed off. Devin didn't like to talk about it. She knew what he was reffering to and she turned her wrists so they could not be seen.
"Nevermind that now." Patrick said, pulling Devin into a hug.
After a while, there was a knock on the door and Andy, Joe and Tia came in.
"Devin!" Joe screeched happily, and he lifted Devin up off her feet and spun her around. Tia stepped back, looking uncomfortable and unamused. Devin laughed as Joe set her back on her feet.
"Hi, you must be Tia, I'm Devin. Don't mind Joe, he does this to me all the time." She introduced herself, shaking the woman's hand. She was petite and slim, with shoulder length blonde hair and light blue eyes. She smiled shyly.
"I'm fast getting used to it." She said, surprising the group by speaking in an english accent.
"She's British!" Joe said excitedly, "Now, Honey, this is Patrick, Devin's boyfriend, and that's Pete."
"I know who you all are, thanks, it's great to meet you in person." She smiled as Patrick shook her hand.
"Pete, come say hello! Be social! Silly little emo." Joe teased.
Pete stood in the middle of the living room, halfway to the hall, but was rooted in the spot. Tia had to be the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on...she looked over at him and smiled shyly. He gave a weak smile back, unable to move. The other guys didn't catch on, but Devin gave him a funny look. She must know, though Pete. Patrick led the group into the living room. Pete reluctantly sat down in Patrick's ugly green arm chair. He watched as Tia sat herself down daintily on the couch, folding her tiny hands gracefully in her lap. Patrick sat on the couch, Devin on his knee. Joe sat on the floor at Tia's feet, and Andy sat on the arm of the couch. Conversation started, but Pete had them all tuned out, his gaze fixed on Tia. When she spoke she was so soft, so polite with every word.
"...and Pete writes all the lyrics." Patrick was saying to Tia.
Pete heard his name and he snapped back to reality.
The entire group gave him a funny look.
"I said that you write all the lyric to our songs." Patrick told him slowly.
"Oh. Yeah. I do. Do you write, Tia?" he babbled.
She looked startled.
", not much."
The room was filled with an awkward silence.
" did you meet Joe?" Devin finally asked, sensing Pete's distress.
"I'm in the US for several months visiting family and traveling. We met at a pub downtown." She explained.
"Ah...yes, Joe WOULD meet you in a bar." Andy said, turning to Joe and fixing him with an accusing stare. Tia laughed.
"How old are you?"
"I'm twenty one, nearly twenty two."
The conversation picked up from there, and once again, Pete quit listening. He was watching Tia with intense interest. Pete said hardly a word to anyone the entire night.
"Well, we'd better be going," Joe said, standing up, "See you guys later." Tia and Andy bade their goodbyes and the trio left. Patrick stood up and went into the kitchen, leaving Devin and Pete alone.
"What was with you tonight?" Devin asked.
"What do you mean what was with me?"
"You're usually social. It was like when Joe called you "silly little emo" you took it to heart and sulked all night. Are you still mad about me and Patrick eating in the kitchen like God intended?"
"What?! No! I was just...tired."
Devin stared at him dryly.
"Tired." She repeated.
"You, who shows up at midnight, wondering if we want to go clubing, were tired."
"Just drop it, Devin."
She shook her head and followed Patrick into the kitchen. Pete sighed and lowered his head into his hands, thinking.
"Why do all the good girls have to be taken?" he whispered, "And by one of my best friends."
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