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Heart Attack in black hair dye

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“What is it? I hate it when you say that cause the last time you said you bought me something from the store it was a pack of tampons cause you said and I quote this here, ‘that I PMS just as r...

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Chapter seven-Heart attack in black hair dye

Frank’s point of view

I was breathing heavily, spluttering with laughter as I collapsed on to Gerard’s bed while he glared at me. Though since his lips were twitching in to a grin, I don’t think he’s that mad at me so I can gladly say I’m not going to be in too much trouble.
“Well I guess I made a very good impression towards your parents huh?” I asked innocently as I grinned.
Yeah like rolling around underneath their coffee table wrestling with their older son is totally the new way to impress parents you dork.
Oh great, now I got a voice in my head calling me a dork. Lovely.
That’s because you’re crazy.
I am not crazy!
Sure your not.
I’m not.
Well, if you’re not then why are you arguing with yourself?
My point exactly.
Fuck off!
Whatever, dork.
I’m not a dork! Why must you insist on that!
Cause it’s true.
Fuck off!
Well nice comeback pansy.
Okay that’s it! I’m not listening to you!
Since when have you ever?
Bite me!
Thought you weren’t listening to me?
Go to hell!
I swear I should be locked up. In a strait jacket possibly.
Isn’t being your sub conscious hell In itself?
Hey take that back you asshole!
Ha-ha you called yourself an asshole.
Nice, real mature.
And you are?
Yeah but you’re not.
But I am you dork face.
Shut up or I swear I will grab a gun and put a bullet through your head!
Do that you’ll only succeed in shooting yourself.
Damn it!
Oh shut up I’m finishing this conversation with you now.
Good idea, coz your ‘friend’ has been looking at you as if you’ve lost it for the past five minutes.
Okay, insert every violent swear word known in the human language here.
Now you tell me?
Hey I’m just unfortunate to be your sub conscious which you barely use so sue me.
Great, even my ‘sub conscious’ if that’s what you wanna call it, is getting all smart alec on me now, wonderful.
“Yo Frank are you okay?” Gerard asked me uncertainly, his eyebrow rose slightly.
Oh nice, now the guy probably thinks that I should be locked up in the local asylum. Funnily enough, I don’t think I live that far from it.
“Fuck!” I all but screeched as I fell off Gerard’s bed-only to cause his pile of Cds and comics to fall off his side table and smack me across the head, “What the hell man!?” I yelped indignantly while Gerard practically howled with laughter.
No seriously he was hiccupping and tears were forming in his eyes he was laughing that hard. So hard in fact he had to clutch on to his desk, his hair sticking to his face, “Okay Geetard it ain’t that funny.” I pouted.
“Ye, yeah it was!” he choked out looking at me in disbelief all because I wasn’t joining in his insane laughing fit, “You-your face HA!” he burst out laughing again.

I called out loudly in an innocent child like voice.
Far from being insulted, (I practically implied in the most subtle way that I can do that he is insane after all), Gerard just laughed even harder.
I pouted as I folded my arms while light footsteps echoed on the staircase to Gee’s lair. I mean dungeon. No I mean basement. Ah whatever its still pretty badass to have it as your room.
Gerard was still laughing hysterically as his brother came into the room, hand gripping the door frame as the other ran through his mousey brown hair while he raised his eyebrows behind his glasses.
“Gerard how many times do I have to tell you?” he asked exasperated, “That laughing like a deranged chipmunk on speed and helium is not cool and that its only making you look like a complete and utter dumbass who should be carted off in a strait jacket, locked up in a padded cell, in some far off desert Island somewhere and the key should be thrown away into the ocean where no one can find it and you will be left there all alone with your fucked up sanity which will drive you to try and run through the wall but you’ll only bounce back and die of a blood clot in your brain caused by self induced brain damage.”
I just blinked at Mikey blankly as Gerard hiccupped obviously calming down from his laughing fit while looking at his brother in disbelief.
“Why are you guys looking at me as if I just said that in a foreign language?” Mikey asked cautiously his eyes darting from me to Gerard behind his glasses as if expecting us to suddenly attack him and tie him up in a van and leave him somewhere dangerous. Speaking of glasses, why does he wear them at the edge of his nose like that for anyway?
“Do you always go into full length explanations when you’re insulting someone Mikes or is it just something you do with us?” I asked innocently.
Gerard burst out laughing while Mikey flipped me off.
“Oh be quiet you under sized leprechaun related midget who is so small even the Smurfs on TV are probably bigger than you and they’re like two feet tall so that’s got to be pretty embarrassing and I bet if we were to compare you to an elf, the elf would tower over you and laugh at you cause you’re so small and you’ll flip and go crazy and yell random things that we didn’t even call you and the elf will laugh so hard you’ll get so pissed and your head will explode with anger and your brains will be painted all over the walls and floors and yet you’ll probably still say you’re not small because you’re too stubborn to admit it even though you’re even smaller than before cause your head makes up like a foot of your height even though I don’t think you could get smaller than a smurf cause then even ants could walk all over you and fuck that shit.”
It was quiet then-
“Mikes?” Gerard and me said in unison.
“Yeah?” he asked.
“Shut up you’re doing it again.” we said in unison.
Mikey just stuck his tongue out at us before coming fully into the room-only to trip over the last step and all but face plant it on the floor.
I and Gerard just looked at one another and burst out laughing.
“Oh be quiet you two.” Mikey snapped tartly as he got up, dusting off his black skinny jeans, “Oh I forgot to mention Gerard,” Mikey grinned, “I got you something when mom sent me to the store last night.”
Gerard I noticed glared suspiciously at his brother while I looked at the pair of them curiously.
“What is it? I hate it when you say that cause the last time you said you bought me something from the store it was a pack of tampons cause you said and I quote this here, ‘that I PMS just as regularly as a girl.’.” Gerard air quoted the last sentence.
Me? I just howled with laughter. Mikey just rolled his eyes while Gee pouted at me.
“Hey it was a joke and besides you admitted yourself that your mood swings are pretty bad.” Mikey pointed out.
Gerard just glared pointedly at his brother which Mikey took note of.
“And you’re wanting me to shut up about that before you castrate me with my own hair straightners I got it.” he said quickly before saying, “So do you wanna see what I got ya cause am pretty sure you’re gonna love this one.” he grinned excitedly.
“It ain’t a pregenacy test this time is it? Cause you said being pregnant might be the solution for my constant craving of coffee?” Gerard asked, hands on his hips as he raised an eyebrow.
I giggled behind my hand at that while Gerard continued to look at his brother sceptically.
“No it’s not a pregenacy test though I still say you should get that checked out too.” Mikey advised, “Anyway.” Mikey said loudly noticing the look of death Gerard was currently giving him, “I’m sure you’re gonna thank me.”
“If you don’t spit it out am going to punch you instead.”
“Okay no need to get violent.” Mikey held his hands up defensively, “Give me a minute and I’ll go grab it.”
Mikey bolted upstairs, “WHILE YOU’RE UP THERE ASK MOM IF IT’S COOL FOR FRANK TO STAY OVER!” Gerard called, leaning over the door frame.
“You and Mikey always like this?” I asked giggling still.
Gerard’s face screwed up in concentration and I had to put a hand over my mouth to stifle the hiccup girl like giggles that embarrassingly comes out of my mouth on a daily basis. The way his button like nose and forest green eyes screwed up and the way his mouth tilted upwards to the left was-there was no other word in the freaking dictionary for it- completely cute. Wonder if anyone’s ever told him that…
“Yeah pretty much.” he confirmed dismissively, shrugging his small shoulders and snapping me out of my thoughts.
“You look cute when you do that.” I blurted out without thinking.
Gerard looked at me blankly. Fuck that was even cuter than his face being all screwed up! Wait that didn’t make sense.
“What? Me shrugging?” he questioned rather blankly.
“No I mean, well yeah that’s pretty cute too, not that, you know don’t look cute all the time, well you actually look pretty hot, not to say I’m attracted to you cause that would be pretty weird considering I haven’t even known you for a week, but yeah you look cute when your face is like all screwed up, not like as in someone just took a brick to your face screwed up but when you’re thinking your eyes and nose kind of screw up and yeah I think its pretty cute.” I realized I was rambling like a complete and utter moron that hasn’t had their crack fix yet and taking a nervous breakdown. While trying to explain to this guy that I was trying to explain that I thought he was cute when his face screwed up but also trying to explain that I didn’t mean it in a way where he got his face beaten the shit out of.
Yeah now am just confusing myself.
Not to mention embarrassing self.
And making a complete ass of myself.
Fuck it the list could go on in what I do to myself.
Actually that sounded pretty wrong.
Fuck it, fuck my life and everyone in it.
Wait my mom, my therapist, my family and the assholes from my last school in my life.
“Wait let me get this straight.” Gerard said making me snap out of my messed up thoughts and look up at him; his face was all screwed up again and he had his index finger pointed up towards the ceiling, “You think I’m cute when I screw my face up in concentration, not when someone beats the living shit outta me and when I shrug so that means you find some of my facial expressions are cute. Bur in general you actually think I’m pretty hot and find me attractive but you think it’s too weird to admit that-though you practically did- because-like you said- we haven’t even known each other for a week yet.” he worked out.
My jaw dropped in disbelief. How the fuck did he work that out when I was practically rambling like I had rambling um rabies?
“Is that what you were trying to explain?” Gerard asked me, hand on his hip as he rose an eyebrow at me.
“Uh. Huh.” I said stupidly.

Gerard’s point of view

Oh my god Frank called me cute! When I do weird facial expressions sure but fuck the reason, Frank said I’m cute! And generally hot and attractive! Frank motherfucking Iero thinks am cute and hot! Not that motherfucking is his middle name but I don’t know what his actual full name is so there you go but still Insert high pitched inner mind scream here!
Yeah and I’m literally acting like a total girl. No wonder my parents and Mikey worked out I was gay so fast. Like two days after I admitted it to myself that I was.
Mom said she all ready knew but to be honest, I don’t believe that. If she did know, she’s either clairvoyant, or the midwife said that ‘Yeah he’s a boy and the scan shows he’s going to be a hormonal crazed homosexual, congratulations.’
Somehow I highly doubt those options. Maybe she’s just very observant.
Or I’m just very obvious.
But yeah getting off (ew that sounded weird!) the subject of my obvious gayness (again ew that sounded again weird! Or am I just freakishly perverted as I am crazy and obviously gay?) Frank Iero, sir drool worthy and well worth the bruise to the head I got from hitting it off the counter yesterday, and sex gods of all sex gods, (not that I’ve met that many-either they’re on T.V-like a certain Green Day front man- or straight.) just said I was hot and attractive.
Now being the school’s leading gothic, emo looking, rock music loving art freak that I was and being freakishly pale, I don’t get told that on a regular basis. Never mind getting called that from a four feet nine, punk looking hot, tight assed sexy son of a bitch such as Frank Iero.
“Thanks I guess.” I mumbled blushing slightly.
Frank smiled at me in a shy crooked way and It felt like my knees were going to give way.
Back track. They did.
“Ah fuck!” I cussed as I stumbled into the desk, banging my knee caps against the wood.
Dude that sounded totally wrong.
Is this really the time to point that out to me!
“Shit dude you okay?” Frank asked me looking startled.
“Uh huh me fine me thinks.” I squeaked hopping up and down.
Just then, Mikey came skipping, yeah skipping downstairs whistling some random melody with a small box in his hands.
“Mom says yes, she’s got work late tonight anyway and dad’s working at the hospital overnight too so we got the place to ourselves tonight but we’ve not to wreck the place and you’ve not to let me near any electrical appliances and-what the fuck is wrong with you?” Mikey asked abruptly as Frank giggled at my weird sort of dance, “Busting some moves Uncle Jiggy?” he asked smirking.
I stopped ‘dancing’ and glared at my brother. ‘Uncle Jiggy’ was a nickname my seven year old cousin calls me ever since she made me play musical statues at her fifth birthday party.

“How many times have I told you not to call me that?” I asked sharply.
Mikey shrugged and waved the box in his hands, “So wanna see what I got ya?”
I stared sceptically at the box in my brother’s hands while Frank popped up from his place on the floor looking curious and making me look at him sideways.
“I wanna see what you got him.” he grinned.
“I swear to God Mikey if its another box of tampons I will tell mom and dad you smoke and I will tell everyone that you watch bondage porn.” I said sternly.
Frank pulled a pretty funny face before bursting out in laughter.
Mikey blushed and flipped me off before saying, “No Gee its not tampons.”
“So what it is?” asked rather curious now.
Mikey grinned and held it up.
“Hair dye?” both me and Frank said in synchronized surprise.
“You dying your hair Gee?” Frank asked.
“Not that I know of.” I admitted shrugging as I raised my eyebrows arms folded.
“Hey, this cost me six dollars mother fucker so you better use it.” Mikey said slightly annoyed.
I rolled my eyes, “I said I would think about it.” I reminded him.
“And you also said you were getting bored with your natural color, go figure.” Mikey shrugged before throwing the box over to me.
I squeaked obviously caught off guard, and caught it clumsily, juggling it about before It smacked me on the head and dropped to the floor.
“Ow.” I whined, frowning as I rubbed my head.
Frank and Mikey laughed, Mikey plopping himself down on to my bed while Frank grabbed a cushion from the floor, propped it up against the bedside table and lay on the floor.
I rolled my eyes at them and picked up the hair dye.
“Raven black huh?” I asked raising an eyebrow.
Mikey shrugged picking up one of Doom Patrol comic books from the floor while Frank flipped through my cds.
“First one that caught my eye, there was red black, ebony black, jet black, charcoal black-”
“Okay I got it, there was a lot of blacks.” I cut in.
“Racist much?” Frank asked smirking.
I stuck my tongue out childishly. Mikey just laughed.
“You gonna use it?” he asked.
“What now?” I asked in surprise.
“Sure why not.” Mikey replied, “I actually can’t wait to see what you would actually look like with black hair man.”
“I think you’d look pretty se- I mean cool dude.” Frank chipped in.
I thought about it.
“Alright fuck it.” I shrugged.

Mikey’s point of view.

Gerard decided to dye his hair after mom left for work and he has now just finished applying it.
“alright, so how long have I got to leave this for?” he asked frowning slightly.
Frank peered at the instructions leaflet, “Um…about forty minutes dude.” he replied.
“Eeeeghhh!” he whined, “I gotta walk around smelling like Ray’s cat just pissed in my hair four over half an hour!?”
I and Frank laughed, “aw come on Gee it can’t smell that bad.” I laughed.
“Yeah it does.” he retaliated huffily sitting with his leg crossed over the other in his chair.
“Might be the ammonia in it.” Frank suggested, “The hair dye I’ve used has it and it smells pretty bad too.”
Forty minutes later Gerard all but bolted up to the bathroom to wash out, ‘the cat piss like smell out of his hair.’ So while we waited, I put on some Iron Maiden and me and Frank talked about things.
Turns out Frank really is an awesome guy; he moved from Kearney to Newark after his parents divorced and lives with his mom and that he was actually born in Bellville. He had been playing guitar since he was seven and had been in and out of bands since he was eleven. He loves punk and rock music (especially the misfits, Black-Flag and the bouncing souls.) and says his old school was ‘complete shit.’
He also loved horror movies, has a fear of spiders and listens to music practically twenty four seven.
In other words we actually had a lot in common and I knew we were gonna get on wickedly.
Gerard came downstairs, running a towel through his hair, his shirt damp with water.
“Alright let’s see it.” Frank grinned.
“Gimmie a minute.” he whined.
He dried his hair off then removed the towel.
I and Frank’s jaw dropped.
“How’s it look?” Gee asked nervously, running a hand through his now inky, raven black hair.
“Fucking awesome.” we both said awestruck.
“Ya think?” Gerard asked amused.
“Yeah , it really suits you.” Frank grinned.
Gerard smiled slightly and I grinned.

Gerard’s point of view

"Hey mom it's Frank." Frankie said on his mobile as Mikey sat on my bed while I flicked through my DVD collection for some horror flicks, "Yeah I'm fine had a great time. Yeah Gerard's pretty cool so is his brother." Frank grinned at us as Mikey buried his head in my pillow in embarrassment and my usually white skin turned a light tinge of pink, "Mum I told you like a hundred times who I was hanging out with." he sighed in mock annoyance, hand on his hip. I laughed.
"I know I just met these guys but they're really cool." he continued.

I held up the movie 'Paranormal Activity' for confirmation and received two nods.

"Look I'm fine, I met Gee and Mikes at work, we got coffee then went to the pictures." I noticed he didn't mention the run in with Alex. Smart move, "Yeah and Gerard asked if it's alright if I can stay over because of the time." Frank concluded.
Me and Mikey looked up hopefully. Then Frankie's thin pink lips broke out into the biggest smile I've seen so far. His face lit up and his eyes brightened and he all but squealed like a girl over the mobile, "Aw thanks mum I knew you wouldn't let me down! I freaking' love you and I owe you big time!" I smiled softly letting my hair cover my eyes rather pleased Frankie was so excited, "Yeah I love ya too mum!" With that Frank hung up, "YES! Mikey get ready to piss you're pants and owe me ten dollars sugar cause I sure as hell ain't backing down from this."
"Oh I don't think so if anyone's gonna piss themselves it's gonna be you!" Mikey smirked as I laughed.
"Yeah yeah whatever in you're dreams maybe." Frank said waving a hand dismissively.
"Dude don't start thinking I'll be having wet dreams about you man way too early in the friendship stages for that." Mikey retorted.
I burst out laughing at that and Frankie shook his head in amusement, "Ok I'll give you that Mikey Mouse, you win that one."
"As I knew I would." Michael smirked lying back on the small pile of pillows he had brought in, "You got the movies Gee?"
"Yeah I got The grudge, Paranormal Activity um, Hellraiser, Night of the living dead, Lost boys, and Dracula and Frankenstein-"
"Boy that is scary seeing you two on TV in one night."
Frank grabbed one of the pillows and hit Mikey with it as I flipped him off. Mikey yelped then jumped up and hit Frank back causing a pillow fight.
I rolled my eyes, "Settle down girls." I said grinning only to earn a pillow to the face, "Oh that's it you're GOING DOWN!" I jumped up on the bed, grabbed a pillow and hit Mikey who hit Frank who hit me, "What the hell Frank we're on the same team!" I whined.
"All is fair in love and war and totally owning the both of you in a pillow fight." Frank shrugged.
Me and Mikey stopped trying to knock each other out and stared at Frank.
"What?" he asked defensively.
"That did not make any sense whatsoever." I dead panned.
Frank rolled his eyes and knocked me off the bed with a pillow, "Oh shit sorry Gee!" he said choking on his laugh as Mikey fell back giggling like crazy.
"AW FUCKING HELL WHAT DID YOU PUT IN THAT? A, A FUCKING BRICK!?" I yelled completely bewildered.
Frank bit his lip ring in thought then picked up the pillow and looked in the pillow case, "Neh, nope!" he said brightly making a small popping noise, his head still in the pillow case.
Me and Mikey looked at one another with raised eyebrows.
"Idiot." Mikey stated bluntly and kicked Frankie off the bed.
"What the hell man!" Frank yelled indignantly as he shot up, taking the pillow case off his head as I all but rolled on the floor with laughter.
"What? I didn't do anything." Mikey said innocently shrugging, casually flicking a strand of hair out his face.
"Bull fucking shit bro." Frankie shot back grinning as he threw the pillow at him making Mikes laugh, "What is it with you two and violence!?"
"Hey you're the one who started this!" both me and my brother exclaimed.
"Eh who cares it's Saturday." Frank shrugged as if that would solve it, "Now!" he exclaimed suddenly launching himself on the bed right beside Mikey who giggled like crazy, "Let's get this scream-athon rolling so I can get my ten dollars when Mikey mouse gets scared shitless."
Again I giggled like crazy as Mikey spluttered in outrage.
"Excuse me! If anyone's gonna piss themselves it's gonna be you Frankiestein and besides." Mikey sat back folding his arms, "I need that ten dollars for a new set of boxers." he admitted quickly.
Me and Frank looked at him then started giggling.
"Oh shut up!" Mikey shouted defensively, his usual pale skin turning pink in no doubt embarrassment, "It's no laughing matter damn it!"
"Yeah okay we're sorry right Frank?" I asked him hiccupping slightly.
"Yeah but uh, Mikes you seem the feminine type." Mikey raised his eyebrows at this, "Do you get your 'boxers' from Victoria secrets or what?" Frank started laughing like crazy as I all but choked on my own laughter.
"What the fuck! You accusing me of wearing girls' underwear!?" Mikey exclaimed.
"No but when you say it like that..." Frank trailed off as I giggled even harder.
" I do NOT wear girls' underwear!" Mikey said defensively crossing his arms and glaring at Frank.
"Course you don't, first stage of coming out is denial." Frankie said quickly pointing at my brother.
"Da-FUCK YOU MAN!" Mikey flipped him off. This only made us laugh harder.

"AH FUCK!" Mikey and Frankie screeched on either side of me making me flinch.
"Um okay, ouch much?" I chipped in covering my ears.
"Sorry." they meeped while I simply rolled my eyes grinning.
We were watching the fourth horror movie of the night: Paranormal Activity two. We had already watched the Grudge movies and the first Paranormal movie. All I know is, these two will be owing me ten dollars each before it's seven. It's currently four thirty. I don't think we'll be watching all the movies I picked though.
"You two, are such wimps." I muttered laughing earning a punch to each shoulder.
"You are such an asshole." Mikey stated annoyed.
"And a prick." Frank chipped in brightly.
We went back to watching the movie. It was going fine and nearing the end now until this happened:
"AH HOLY FUCKING GYPSY ASS FUCKING FUCKVILLE SLUT FUCKER!" The three of us shouted in fright thanks to a demon that decided to scare us shitless by jumping in front of the screen at us.

"OKAY!" Mikey declared as he got out my bed at like six thirty in the morning, "Remind me to NEVER let myself get dragged into any scream-athons with you two ever AGAIN!" He turned round with a determined expression then pointed dramatically at us, "You got that Gee!" his voice broke and Frank giggled quietly then bit his lip ring as Mikey glared at him.
"Why you telling me that? You two were the one's who got all bitchy and competitive earlier." I muttered as I always did when I had stayed up all night, "Or was it last night? Wait was it earlier?" I had now successfully confused myself. Way to go Gerard, "No it was definitely earlier. No wait that doesn't make any-"
"Gerard." Frank and Mikes sighed.
"What?" I asked snapping out of my self-inflicted confusion.
"Shut up you're rambling like an idiot again." They said bluntly.
"Oh, uh oops heh heh." I laughed meekly earning two sets of eyes rolling.
Frank then stretched out beside me and flopped lazily on the pile of pillows, "What time's it?" he yawned.
Mikey bit the inside of his cheek in thought then grabbed his mobile from my night stand and slid it open, "Six thirty." he stated.
"Duh I could've told you that." I muttered again pouting, "I see what six thirty in the morning looks like often enough without checking the time to tell thanks. But does anyone ask me? No. No they don't which sucks-"
"He always like this?" Frank asked Mikey amused with his eyebrows raised.
"When he's not slept properly in like five days? Yeah pretty much." Mikey replied grinning.
"Cause everyone thinks I'm a vampire." I finished my rant and pouted again making the other two laugh, "I'm rambling again ain't I?" I sighed.
"Yep you are." Mikey grinned as Frank giggled.
I blew a raspberry for no reason, "Eh fuck that." I muttered randomly setting the other two into a silent fit of laughter.
"Okay whatever Gee-tard you finished rambling?" Mikes asked me.
"Hmmm yes! No! I don’t know!" I muttered then let my head roll on to Frank's slender stomach.
"Whatever I wanna go to bed now cause..." Frankie trailed off as he yawned.
"I wanna go jump in the pool." I spoke up randomly playing with Frank's chain.
"We don't have a pool." Mikey said exasperated.
"Okay." I shrugged then I took out a cig and lit up-or would've if it hadn't ran out of gas again.
"You're lighter ran out I guess." Mikey said knowingly raising an eyebrow.
"That's fucking annoying." I mumbled.
Both Frank and Mikey looked at one another and started giggling.

I curled up in a ball under my bed covers wincing as a very very small hint of sunlight came through my small basement window. Coincidentally the light always landed where I was sleeping.
"Fucking sunlight I hate it." I muttered annoyed as I snuggled up under my covers again trying to block out the sunlight.
Suddenly I realised my bed was a lot more warmer and comfortable than usual.
"What the fuck?" I mumbled drowsily sitting up and rubbing my left eye.
I blinked a few times as I saw a skinny arm wrapped round my waist, "Hm? huh what the-"
I suddenly went whiter than usual as I remembered a part of one of the Grudge movies.
"Oh my God oh my God oh my God it's the Grudge! It's gonna-" I cut off my hyperventilating as something moved.
"Uhhh fuck." A voice groaned; A hand moved from what was I realised another body in MY bed.
"AH HOLY MOTHER FUCKING ZOMBIFIED COW SUCKER!" I all but screeched then fell off my bed in my rush to get out of it, "FUCK PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!"
"WHAT!? ZOMBIE? WHERE!" the voice I had assumed was the Grudge yelled shooting up.
I screamed. The thing screamed as well.
"WHAT THE FUCK THE WORLD'S ENDING AND I HAVEN'T BEEN LAID YET FUCK!" Another voice screeched shooting bolt upright, tossing my covers aside.
It was silent then-
"Frank?" I gawped in shock.
"Gerard?" he said in disbelief.
We continued to stare at one another, cold sweat running down our faces, our hair damp and sticking to our skin. We then looked in unison behind Frank.
"Mikes?" we croaked.
Mikey looked at us, his hair and skin in the same damp cold sweat as the two of us, his glasses askew.
"Never again." He said panting slightly.
"Definitely not." I nodded feverishly.
"Hear hear to that." Frank said breathing in relief, a hand over his heart.
It was quiet then Mikey got out of bed and grabbed his mobile from my nightstand, "Holy shit." he laughed shakily, "Two-thirty guys."
I laughed, "Wow time flies when you get scared shitless heh."
Frank giggled rather nervously then stretched.
"huh why did you screech Gee?" he asked me.
"I uh kind of freaked out cause I remembered a part from the Grudge last night." I admitted sheepishly, "What about you two?"
"Same here." They admitted laughing nervously.
"'The world's ending and I haven't been laid yet'" I quoted Mikey laughing, "Love to see you surviving an apocalypse Mikes."
"Oh shut up." My brother said exasperated though he laughed.
"You seriously gotta get your priorities straight." Frank giggled after a pause of silence.
This set me off. I laughed like a maniac.
Mikey shook his head then leaned over and shoved Frankie out the bed and into me causing me to fall straight on to my back.
"Fuck." He giggled, arms pinned at either side of me, "Fancy meeting you down here huh Gee Gee?"
"Heh yeah fancy that." I giggled then I felt my face heat up as I realised the position we were in.
Frank seemed to have realised as well as his face turned scarlet. I could feel his breath over my face; It smelled like caramel, coffee and cigarette smoke. He moved his hand over my face and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear then traced my jaw line with his index finger. My breathing hitched up as I felt what felt like a thousand volts of pleasure zap down my spine at his touch.
Suddenly there was a cough behind us and I sat up sending Frank flying off me.
"Shit sorry Frank." I said quickly still trying to get my breathing under control.
"No prob." Frankie breathed his eyes I realised were bright and he licked his thin pale lips as if he could taste something rather delicious.
"Sorry to interrupt you two but don't cha think we should get dressed and some coffee down our skeleton like systems before we crack up." Mikey said smirking slightly.
"Uh yeah sure." We both agreed still staring at one another in shock.

Okay what the hell just happened there?
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