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Scream a little dream

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Sleep is for winners; Glasses are for champions.

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Okay hello, how are you doing? I'm still a little nervous about this story so please, please rate and review. By tge way, I apologise for uploading this so late, I had to rewrite it cause it all got deleted, sorry. In this chapter we introduce another character. In the next chapter I'll show you Gerard, and other people. Well I'll shut up now, here you go. :)

Falling Down A Tunnel of Glory
Chapter Two: Scream A Little Dream
December 1st, 1929

That cackle. Frank couldn't get laugh out of his head. What did it mean? That laugh sounded as if a fourty year old was attempting an evil telephone prank, or it was a call symbolizing something sinister. Frank couldn't tell. He felt as if he could hear him calling his name. Frank. Frankie. Fraaaankie! He didn't dare move.

Bam! A loud crash outside awoke Frank from his freighted trance. He immediatly jumped from the bed and landed on the floor. He could fell his heart race. He stood up and attempted to gain his balence. Frank walked half way towards the window and tripped on his jacket, falling backwards, landing on the hard wood floor. That's annoying. Frank groaned helplessly against the wood of the floor. He could still hear the voices chanting his name. Fraaankiee.

Frank stood up rubbing the back of his head, limping slightly to the window. He opens the shaft and shivers slightly. He could feel a small fall of snow drip on his face. Frank displayed a small smile, but wiped it away when he couldn't point where the noise came from. Frank slammed the window shaft back down, muttering fuck under his breath. Frank scurried over and sat back on the bed. The worst part is he still couldn't pin-point where the sound of his name came from. No, scratch that, the worst part is he didn't know who the call came from. Or was it that he didn't accept the deal from the janitor, (regretting by not doing so) or-

” FRANKIE!” Jamia called from the first floor. Frank's eyes grew wide with terror. He, once again, jumped cautiously off the bed, stammering to the door. Frank fumbled halfway down the stairs. Trying to avoid a collision with Jamia.

” There you are. I've been calling you for the past five minutes.” Jamia scolded in a small worried tone. She probably wasn't worried for his well-being, but for him disobeying her pleds for him. Frank mentally face-palmed himself. Thats where the mysterious name chanting came from.

” uhh I uh ...uhmm. Yeah I was...sleeping..yeah sleep.” Frank nervously stuttered.

” At seven at night? Ugh, okay then. I'm goin' out wit' my gals. I'll be back in the morninh'.” At this point Frank was rolling his eyes. He asked himself if that was spelled G.A.L. Ooh wait, yeah it was. Then Frank realized that he needs a life. Come on, worrying about stupid prank calls. In the past, as a child, Frank had a bad experience with prank calls. An old man called him, the next day he beat the shit out of Frank.. He was twelve. Back to reality for Frank. ” I'm leaving now so I need ya to answer my phone calls.”

” Ohhh so thats who was on the phone. There was a man who-who call and just laughed then he like hung up!” Frank felt so relived and maybe a little stupid to let that call scare him.

” Nope that probably wasn't for me. I's expecting a call from my sister. The children are spending the week end there, remember?... Well good luck with that.” Jamia leant over and kissed Frank on the cheek, and patted his shoulder. Frank gave her a fake smile. Just like that, she was out the door, and gone. Leaving Frank aghast. With the phone. Alone.


9:21pm -- Later that night --
For the rest of the evening, Frank had spent it pacing around his house, with nothing to do. It's a Friday night so Frank gets to stay up late. His work starts an hour later than usual. By now Frank is siting in his bed room, alone with his thoughts.

Frank was lying on his bed when suddenly, the phone rang. Frank's eye's felt wider than the large sun itself. On the first ring, he stared at the phone in silent panic. The second ring, Frank jumps off the bed and scuttles over to the phone, and waits for the third ring. By now Franks hands were trembling violently. Shivering with fear. Then on the third ring, his shakey hands found it's way to the telephone, grasping it firmly. What the fuck? Frank thought. I shouldn't be scared of him, he should be scared of ME!

” What the fuck you think yer doing, callin' my telephone? You little punk! Don't ever call here again. I don't need no damn pranksters here!-” Frank scolded ferociously into the receiver. There that will teach em' a lesson to call-

” Um Sir, it's Steven uh I-I called to tell you th-that Mr. Johnson and Mr. Toro. won't be able to go to the New Jersey Trip, and he needs you to find a replacement.” Steven mumbles into the phone. Frank could tell he was terrified after his little out-burst.

” N-New Jersey?” Frank asked.

” Yes Sir, New Jersey Sir.”

” Um well, when is it?” Frank himself sounded a little scared.

” Monday Sir.” Now Steven sounded a little more confident.

” How-How 'bout we go on the trip. To New Jersey.”

” Ya' really mean it Sir? Of course! I'll set it up! Sir!” Steven sounded so delighted.

” Alright, good night Steven.” Frank was now smiling. He thought maybe he could 'accidently' run into Gerard on the streets. Hopefully Gerard still lives in NJ.

” Thank you Sir. Good night Sir. Have a good Christmas Sir.”

” Well Christmas isn't until the twenty fifth, but thank you.” And the line goes dead.


Now Frank had turned off the lights everywhere, and crawled under the duvet, ready for sleep. The time was 10:43 pm. Frank was lying in bed for about ten minutes, when the telephone rung. Frank sighed and reached for the phone.

” Hello? Steven?”

” Are you ready?” A dark ominous voice came through. Then that cackle. That laugh. That creepy as fuck laugh.

” Ugh....Fuck off!” Frank scowled and hung up. Frank slammed back into bed and closed his eyes.

Ten minutes later. Frank herd ruffling in the stair case.

Oh my gosh. Am I ever going to get any sleep?” Frank silently mumbled to him self, forcing his eyes shut. Then the ruffling stopped. ”Fina-Fuckin'-ly.

Sweeping. Something was sweeping against the hall way wall. ” Fuck!” Frank screamed then got up, stormed to the door. Unhitching the knob, fumbling down the hall to trip. In the middle of the blank hall, Frank tripped on the floor. He looked around for the block, but no avail. He stood up and leaned against the wall, shutting his eyes closed.

” Hiya!” Came from a voice no where to be found. Then Frank turned around and almost screamed bloody murder. There was a young boy standing behind him. He had short brown straightened hair up to his shoulders. He was tall and skinner than a stick. The boy had large dorky glasses that sat on his nose for him to constantly push up, every five seconds. He looked as though he was only 16. ” Name's Mikey!”

” How the fuck did you get in here?” Frank asked stunned. This boy seemed so familiar to him.

” Well, no way, no how. Soo...” Mikey said in a sing-song voice as if this was usual.

“ What the fuck are you doing here, kid?”

” Well you must know Mr. Noodles, he sent me here-”

” Mr. Noodles, who the, what the, WHAT!?” Frank stammered oh-so elegantly.

Mikey scoffed and rolled his eyes. ” He's the high school janitor?” He said as if it was that obvious.

” Oh that creepy bastard. Tell him to fuck off.”

” Well, im afraid I can't do that Frankie. You see I'm a ghost. I died when you were a Freshman in collage. Im here due to the deal Mr. Noo- Patrick spoke to you about.”

” No. No. Ghosts ain't real.” Frank stuttered. Mikey snaps his fingers girlishly with glamor. Just like that he disappeared. leaving a trail of pink and grey smoke. Frank jittered and made a small squeal. ” Where, where d-did you go?”

” Over here, short stock.” Mikey said way to smiley. Frank sprinted around to find Mikey right there. Smiling.

” H-h-holy shit! the fuck did you do that?.”

” Well, to start, I'm a ghost.” Mikey smirked.

” Damn you really are a ghost!”

” Yup. I'm here to show you your past tonight. Tomorrow my buddy will visit you. And-”

” Why are you doing this for me?” Frank felt unusually touched.

” Because we felt you needed to be happy.”

” Why me though? Im...Im evil.”

” After this....Things will change....good things....not just for you but, everyone else.” Frank simply stared at Mikey with his mouth open.

” Good things for who?” Frank was awe-struck

” Well every you know, or knew. Your employees, family, friends. Mr. Patrick, the janitor, feels something terrible, horrible, vile will become of you. He can't see what, so he has ghosts. A sucker for tradition.”

Mikey held out his hand. ” Shall we?” Frank smiled and took his hand. Mikey nods. Pink and grey smoke appears all around the two boys leaving Frank gasping. ” Brace your self.”

Frank and Mikey apperently teleported to an lonely, open, school hall way. There was blue lockers surrounding the hall. Posters made by students hung around.

What are we doing here?” Frank asked.

” Just watch.”

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