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kill or be killed

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killer in training? yepp thats me

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warning to all you readers and reveiwers... this is a pure raw story. i just need to know if i should keep going with it or let it go.... ive added to it many different times and in many different states of mind so ive fixed nothing.

will there be an end

the door slams shaking the upstairs window in my room. my mom comes to my room and pulls me out of my desk chair. its the same thing every night. dad comes in from the bar or somewhere on the streets with some kid or woman to murder. they want me to learn the ropes but killing isnt the way. they say it is and its okay but in school they say its wrong. i try to pull away from my mom but she grabs a handful of my hair and pulls me to the floor not saying a word.
dad smirks down at me as the kid in his arms squirms to get away. dad grabs him by the throat and i heard a whimper come from between his lips. no this isnt a good thing. i want to tell the kid to shut up but i can alreadt tell my dads happy with him. when dad takes off the kids blindfould i scramble to my feet. no it cant be. the boys eyes are red and bloodshot. his hair falls into his face as dad forces his head down. him? why him? anyone but him... i try to turn away but mom shoves me closer so our eyes meet.

3 days earlier
"hey frankie!" i say slaming his locker shut in his face, "wahts wrong kid?"
he looks toward me with worried black and blue eyes, "please dont say a word okay? everythings... normal."
ignoring his words i poke his cheek below the bruies, "when did he do it? last night?"
"um yeah." he whispers looking around the hall, "I really need to go. have a good weekend sam" he quickly ran down the hall and out the maine door.
i sigh and open my locker, "whats with that boy? hes always so distant. i will never understand."
"talkinng to yourself again sami?" i hear giggles coming from behind me, "come on sami. who are you talking to this time?"
i turn around and see the three guys standing behind me, "yeah i know i know. hows it going gerard?"
one of the others grab my arms and shove my head into the floor, "im perfect now." he smirks down at me, "come on boys we dont want to get her too dirty before the weekend plans."
i try to press myself up but he presses his fooe to the back of my head, "g- gerard... w- what plans? i... i dont want to hang out like last time."
" well too bad little bunny does it look like youre going anywhere else?" gerard snears.
i try and prees myslef up but he adds more pressure to my head, "please stop now! it hurts gerard!"
"want to cry to your little friend? where is that pussy?" mikey smirks at me still holdong down my arms, "he cant save you little bunny no one cane."
at that moment frank walks through the main doors with his dad in tow. whys he back i donr know but a sence of relief comes over me as they get closer even though hes staring at the floor. when he comes closer he hears the boys laughter an sees me squirming. he glances at his dad and then at me. as if in fear of what his dad would do if he did help he walked past gerard.
"oh looky there ths little woose puss has given up has he? looks like you have no one now bunny. youre coming with us."
mikey and gerard take me by the arms and raise me off the ground, "lets go before anyone else shows up." gerard says pulling me away.
as they pull me away i stare at the back of franks head my blood starting to boil with anger. why did i ever trust him? he should be the one where i stand right now not me.

back to reality
and now here he stands. exactly where i was. why did i ever wish that upon him? frank stares at me with weery eyes. the idea that it was my dad who kidnapped him not a thought in his mind. he opens his mouth to say something but my mom smacks him across the face. my parents silent tortures are the worst anyone can endore. how they can hurt someone so bad without saying a word is far from beyond me.
my dad shoves frank into my arms and my mom grabs the back of my neck and whispers into my ear, "This ones yours doll. another test. pass and we'll take off the ankle braclet." she pushes me away from her and presses a button on a remote she always carries. i let go of him and grab my ankle.
as he stumbles to the floor my dad catches him and glares at me. when mom stops i take franks arm without a word and take him down to the basement, "melody?!? meloy whats wrong? whats going on here? what are you going to do?"
i sit in the middle of the cold dark basement and rub my sore ankle. i hear him from a distance until hes sitting right next to me hugging me, "its okay melody. itll be okay." as he leans his head on me i pull out a shock collar wrap it around his neck tight, "melody what are you doing?!?" he yells grabbing his neck, "Let me go! why are you doing this?!?" i hold him tight and close
when he tries to get away i refuse to let him go, "i have to frankie." i whisper o him, "If not you me and i cant handle this pain anymore. not here or anywhere else." i hold his head forcing him to face me, "please frankie, dont hate me for this... they would kill you if they didnt leave you to me. just... do what i say around them and we'll be safe. please frankie"
he stares at me and pulls at the collar a moment. i put the dial on the lowest setting and press the button. frank flinches and falls to the floor, ""stop! melody make it stop!" when i let go of the button his body lightly shakes, "d- dont do that.. ever again."
i smirk at him and press the button for a moment. he shakes a bit nore violently this time and glares at me, "you have to get used to it one way or another... if my parents get this remote youre dead... and if they know were friends... well we'll both be dead. do you understand?"
he nods and holds back tears while turning away from me, "do not ever do that!" i say pressing the button on the remote again.
he collapses to the floor and holds his knees whimpering and holding back tears, "Please stop this... i thought you were my friend."
"i am." i protest now angry and frustrated holding the button longer.
as he holds his knees tight and closes his eyes tight i finally let go of the button, "it wont happen again if you obey okay?"
he looks up at me and nods, "Melody... im sorry... i know i deserve this after what i did."
i close my eyes tight trying to forget that day, "You... you dont even know how they were... what they did... i wanted to tell you but you had your dad... and... youre here now."

i still dont know if this is a good or bad thing that hes here but i know one things for sure, he can obey and he wont be abused anymore if i can help it. when his breathing finally slows i help him to his feet and lead him up the stairs.

so what do y'all think?
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