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ch 2

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so i wrote another chapter. bad night so much typing might get done in other stories too well see :)

another flash to the past

as they pull me away i watch as Frank runs to catch up with his dad. this happens all the time. i dont deserve this but it keeps happening, carma thinks i have a happy life but i dont.
they pull me into the back seat of their car and one starts to drive. as always david starts rubbing my leg until he reaches the button of my jeans, "you know youre beautiful right? a little whore but we keep you nice." david whispers in my ear starting to rub around my zipper.

a moan escapes my mouth and i try o push him away. josh, the boy in the passanger looks back at the three of us, "hey david jake hold her down. i want a peice of that."

they grab my arms and hold them down as i struggle to break free with no where to run, "no stop! dont you dare!" i scream at him but he still goes for my zipper causing me to moan uncontrolably.

soon they were pulling me out of the car and into joshs house, "i get her first!" he says grabbing me on the way in, "she likes me most. take her ti the room."

"Fuck you! i scream being thrown on the bed and tied down. this is the part where i have two choices either keep my mouth shut or beg... the begging never works but the pain is worse.

josh pulls down my jeans and rubs my underwear. i want to spit in his face. i hate it he knows how to toy with me and then use me. i try to stop from reacting but i cant. i shiver and squirm making him rub deeper and harder to keep me still.

"you know you like it." he says kissing down my neck and moving my underwear aside, "ill get you ready for the night babydoll." he starts shoving his fingers in causing me to gasp and moan, "you like it." he wispers and moves them faster.

"no!" i scream and moan at his touch pain and pleassure filling me, "please... stop!!" tears fill my eyes and run down my face.

back to reality

"melody? melody? please... im sorry... i didnt mean to bring it up again." frank shoves at my shoulder forcing me back to the cold basment.

i shake my thoughts clear once again and focus on him, "Frank... come we need to go to bed." i take his arm and lift us from the ground, "not another word about anything."

we go up the stairs into the dark kitchen. damn how long were we down there? shrugging off the thought i take him into the backyard and tie a rope from the collar on his neck and around a tree, "this is where youll stay until youre good. your first test is tomorrow at school. dont you dare run."

he nods and sits against the tree letting me know hes going nowhere at least for tonight. i go back inside and straight to my room tears already starting to fill my eyes. why is this so hard? he deserves everything thats coming to him. he was my best friend for crying out loud. i lay down and wait for sleep to come to me practicly impossible with the thought of him out there.

hope you liked it
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