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Re-writing this story, please read before you read any chapters.

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Hi guys!

You probably all hate notes, but this is really important, so just bear with me for a second please.

Right, as I said when I finished writing this a few months back, I was gunna re-write it and improve it. And now...Well, that's what I'm doing. So far, only chapter one is done, but I'll try and post a re-written chapter every ten days.

Whenever a chapter has been re-written, you'll know, 'cause I'll put it in the summary and I will also name the chapter- for example; 'Chapter One: The Shininess of Sun'.

If you haven't read this story before- or even if you have- I'd really appreciate it if you didn't read on past the re-written chapters and wait until I update, as it really will make the story a lot better for you.

Reviews on the re-written chapters would be amazing- the support I've had on this story from you guys is...Well, just amazing. I love you all to bits, and I hope you enjoy the re-written version of this, as I'm really looking forward to writing it!

Chapter one is now posted, so if you haven't done so, go check it out? :D

Lucy X_O
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