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Something New. Something Old.

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Frank is a misfit no one likes. Gerard is the opposite. Can they find a way through all the bitter wars?

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A/N: this is told from Franks POV. So stick with me ok.
Enjoy :)

"Carry on" The dark room has a certain glow from the big window in the center behind the grand oak desk. The chairs were pretty comfy too. But, sitting here explaining myself to a man who gets paid to tell me what I wanna hear. Not so much fun.

But I talk anyways. "Ugh ok. Its just. Being me and all, its hard in high school when no one likes you" He nodded understandingly and pointed to my fringe hiding my face. "Are the bullies the cause of you hiding behind your hair?" He asks nervously. "NO!" I belt out not meaning to sound rude.
"I see your upset. Well, our times up anyways. Ill see you on Wednesday ok?" I nod and open the door. He follows me out into the bitter hallway smelling of Cleaner and anxiety from the next awaiting patients. "NEXT" the nurse behind the counter yells.

Up stands this boy. Raven black hair, glimmering green eyes, a cute little nose and a beautiful smile. I dont notice im staring at him. He glances down at his 'Smashing Pumpkins' shirt and his skin tight black jeans thinking somethings wrong. He glances back to my eyes and glares. "What you looking at elf-boy?" I get these comments every week from the boy. I know him as my tormentor at the Therapists' office and at school.

Gerard Way. 17 year old hottie. We have all the same interests. Music, art, even the same bands. But somehow hes a popular and im the kid getting his ass beat everyday by his posse.

I dont understand it really.

"I-I ugh .. umm." I've liked him for a while. Hes just so perfect. His hair, his clothes, HIS EYES. Oh god. "Thats what I thought midgetman."

Feeling a little hurt I watch him stride into the room. He slams the door and the nurse gives me a look. She knows I like him. She frowns as she sees my face. "Its ok babe. He has to get use to this." I smile at her words. "Thanks Bretta" she nods and opens the door for me.

You should probably know about me.
My name: Frank Iero. my Age: 17. Im an emo-punk kid no one likes. They love to beat on me. Im also gay. Im in love with a guy I met at therapy and at school. Hes also the one that beats me the most. I dont know why I love him so much though. Hes gay, hes my age, hes popular. Hes like me in every way but hes so different.

I head to the faint smell of the outside world. Snow on the ground. Freezing cold weather. Nothing in sight but my car. I walk over to it and gently slide in once I unlock the black, shiny door.

I decide to head straight home. I dont stop. Just think on my way home.

I Get there in record time as the streets are cleared. I unlock the door and run straight to the comfort of my bedroom. I jump on the unmade bed and blare The Misfits. This is my only safe place. My only safe haven away from the beatings, the bruises and the stubborn school. Sadly its a Sunday and the hell hole starts again tomorrow.

20 minutes later I shut off the music and im sitting on my bed strumming lightly on Pansy. My shining white, perfect guitar. My baby. I lose myself in this music. Understanding nothing of the real world.

I place Pansy on my bed and slip my Converses' on. Its time for a coffee break. Instead of the instant shit brewing in my kitchen I slip into my car and go to the closest Starbucks.


Sitting there in the silence of the coffee shop when suddenly 5 teenagers slip into the booth 2 rows away. A mousy-haired, glasses wearing, nerd slips out and slids into my booth. This nerd happens to also be my best friend. Mikey Way. Brother of my crush. Who is sitting in the booth with his friends.

"Hey Frankie" He slips in and sips his coffee. "Hey Mikes. You here with your brother?" He nods frowning. "He made me come" I shrug. "Why?" sipping my coffee. "Cause he doesnt wanna be al-"
"MIKEY" Calls Gerard slipping out of the booth. Clearly there leaving and taking my best friend, My only friend with them. "Text ya later Frankiestein." I Nod in approval and watch as he leaves with the group of annoying boys.

"Why do you hang out with him?" Gerard asks leaving the shop. I dont hear Mikeys response but Im sure it was a good one. Hes all I got. Im all hes got. Were best friend since we were 6.

I get up. Slide a tip on the table and leave the shop the safe haven of my car. My phone buzzes. Its a text from Mikey. A smile grows on my face only to be wiped off again.

Message from: Mikester: this is Gerard. Meet me at St.Roberts park tonight at 7.

I glare at the message and slip into my car. What does he want? He hates me? Oh no, not another beating.


Im in the bathroom stepping out of the shower when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. But its not me looking back. Its a short, scrawny 17 year old boy. With a red and black hair in a mohawk form. I can see the scars across his face, his black eye from last weeks school beating. I quickly shake my fringe over the scars to hide them from myself.

No one knows about the marks. Not even Mikey. Only Gerard. The one who gave me the gift. I Dont know why I like him. He was a sweet kid back then. Now hes an animal out of control.

Im scared for 7pm.

So how was it so far. Alot of detail. Sorry if it moved on fast.
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