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Chapter 2

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I stepped out into the cold weather. The world around me seemed as though it was still. Waiting for the emotions of tonight to shine through.

It was 6:45 and I wanted to be early to get it over with. I turned on the engine of my car and drove down the street. The park was a half hour drive. But I go down there all the time to just admire the beauty of the forest. If you went at night you could hear the forests' sounds and really admire the wonders of the night.

I parked the car on the curbside and walked slowly to the figure on the swings. I knew it was Gerard because you could hear The Misfits from blocks away. As I approached he glimpsed from behind the 'Smashing Pumpkins' hood and smiled.

He approached me. As we walked closer to one another I slowed down as he sped up. The night was cold but my heart was warm with fright.

"So the midget decided to show did he?" He smiles at his comment.
"Yah. What do you want Gerard?" He doesn't know I like him.
"I have a question for you" I stopped dead in my tracks and we were inches apart.
I glimpsed up because I wasn't tall enough for eye point.
"Y-you want m-m-my help? With what exactly?" I shuddered at the sound of his sweet innocent voice.
"I. Umm. I need your help Frank. With a little situation" he sounded scared. Genuinely scared of the words he had to say.
I nodded and motioned for him to continue.
"If anyone. I mean anyone ever knows about this Frank Iero I will personally make your life a living hell" He smirked.
"You already do that douchebag"
He was taken back by my words.
"I do? Whatever beside the point. I need you to. Umm, helpmecomeoutthatimsecretlygay"
He smiled a forced smile.
"What? I thought every one already knew"
He took a step forward.
"No. How do you know im gay?"
"Umm. Mikey kinda sorta told me"
He grabbed my shoulders.
I looked into his eyes and saw the scared little boy I knew he was when he was 8. I saw the terrified feeling as he shook under my grasp.
"I hate you Frank. I really do. Because you came out 'oh im gay' and you stay so strong about it. I need your advice and your the only gay I know. Your my little brothers best friend for some reason and I NEED YOU"
I was scared as he came out with the words. But I decided to help him anyways.

"Sit down" I motioned for him to sit at the edge of the rusty slide and he did so.
"You need to tell someone that wont care if you are. Then just gradually tell everyone else. Thats what I did"
He looked at me with those scared eyes once more.
"Frank what if they dont like me anymore. I like someone, and what if they cant except that"
"Your the most popular guy in the whole school. You kick everyone elses' ass, and I Should know. If they dont like you for who you are then kick their asses. Wait, you like someone?"
"Thank Frank, I know im so terrible to you and im sorry I sent Danny after you for what he did to your eye. Oh and yah, I like someone, but I ain't telling you."
'Wouldnt expect you to anyways, and apology accepted"

I looked up at Gerard to see a tear come down his face. I wiped away the tear and he looked at me and smiled. He moved over closer and moved the fringe away from my eye. I shuddered as the cold weather moved across the scars.

"Frank. I-I did this to you?"
"No. Danny did but you made him" My voice was raw as I got mad. I moved his hand away and moved the hair back to hide the ugliness.
"Ohmygod. I didnt know he would do that to you. I told him to throw you against the lockers or something. Not send you to the emergency room. Did he do anything else?"
I glanced at him.
"Why do you care?"
"You gave me advice on my whole situation. So im doing you one favor, Im gunna kick Dannys' ass for you"
"Gerard, no you-"
"Yes I do. Dont try and stop me"
He shed another tear that was forming in his eye.
"Why are you crying Gerard?"
"I dont want to be this asshole no one likes. I Want to be the popular everyone can look up to"
He pulled his hood up to hide his face but I pulled it down again.
"Dont hide your face. Its beautiful the way it is"
I immediatly regret my words as he moves to face me.
"You think im beautiful?"
"Gerard, I-I oh god. Dont hurt me"
He giggled a little. Oh it was adorable.
"Im not gunna hurt you"
The next thing I know my body gets warmer. Hes hugging me. Gerard Way is hugging me and sort of crying in the process. He breaks apart the hug and I feel his lips press to mine. Their cold from being in this weather but I can feel he truely means this kiss. I kiss him back as I feel his hands snake around my neck. I wrap my arms around his warm waist and pull him closer. I feel his tongue press against my lips and I part my lips to allow his tongue to enter. Its so warm and so gentle. I shudder as I come to realize who im kissing. Gerard Way. Gerard Arthur Way, the brother of my best friend, the man i've liked since I was 9. Hes kissing me, hes on the other end of this sweet kiss. His breath tastes like coffee and cigarettes.

He breaks apart and looks lovingly at me. Then comes to reality and his face looks scared again.

"Frank, I-Im sorry. You dont wanna be kissing an asshole like me"
He gets up and runs to his car. I call his name but he keeps running. I run after him for a few seconds but realize im to late. Hes already gone. I watch down the street as he drives to his house.

Im all alone again. But I can still smell the coffee and cigarettes on my breath. He really meant for that kiss to happen. Im so glad it did. But then I start to wonder.

Am I the guy Gerard Arthur Way likes?
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