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Chapter 3

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A/N: Ok, so I dont really update 2 chapters in one day. But I might today cause im dying to write it. Ever get that feeling where YOU wanna know what happens and your the one writing it. Im getting that right now :) anyways R&R and tell me what ya think. Things are about to get... Bloody?...

I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing. I looked over to see a text from Mikey had appeared. This time it really was Mikey.

New Message: Mikester: MORNING SUNSHINE! Happy Monday, ill be at your place in about 30 mins so be dressed.. Starbucks kinda morning?

I laughed and sent him an accepting reply. I rolled over to see it really was Monday. Another day in this hell hole. I was gunna die. I managed to release myself from the shelter of the warm blankets. I turned on the shower, removed my boxers and stepped in. The water was still a little cold but I didnt mind much.

20 minutes later I was dressed in a pair of REALLY tight black skinnies, my "Iron Maiden" shirt and a pair of red and black Doc Martens. I was scarfing down a bowl of Lucky Charms when the front door swung open. I saw Mikey walk through the kitchen and get a bowl for himself. But he wasn't alone. Gerard walked in behind him.

"Mikes, can you really just walk into his house?" apparently he didnt see me yet.
"Yah, hes my best friend after all" I got up and put my empty bowl in the sink.
Mikey grabbed a spoon and turned around just in time to see Gerard jump in the air with fright.
"HOLY SHIT FRANK!" He spun around and glared at my small, fragile body. He immediately remembered last night and looked at the ground.
"Suddenly the ground more interesting then me guys?" Thank you Mikey for breaking the silence.
Gerard shook his head and sat down beside Mikey.
"Starbucks anyone?"
We all nodded and Mikey left his untouched bowl on the counter. We made it out to my car and Mikey slipped in the backseat, meaning Gerard was up front with me. Awesome.

Gerard flicked on the radio and we were all silently head banging to Green Day. It was a silent ride. We decided drive threw was better so we each ordered and drove down the road for school.

I parked the car and sighed as I saw Gerard get out quickly, saying thanks he shut the door and left for the group of friends. Mikey and I followed but headed to our lockers instead. It as 5 til so we had to hurry to class. The bell rang as me and Mikey were shutting the locker doors. He rushed by to get to English and I walked silently to History. I was happy. No one talked to me, no one pushed, or shoved me. I was left alone, or so I thought.

I flew into the lockers and my head bashed the ground in the landing. The hallways were clear so I knew no one could help me when I felt the beatings. Then they came.

A hit to the face, a kick in the stomach. My nose and mouth was bloody. I could taste the metallic feeling. My head was bleeding and my eye was bruised more.

"You worthless, space wasting, ugly excuse for a person" Danny kicked my stomach again and I moaned in pain.
"st-stop, pl-please" I stuttered on the words and he laughed at me.
"Why should I?" He laughed again the cold empty laugh.
"Because I said so, Thats why" The voice wasn't mine, or Mikeys. Gerard approached me and held out his hand to give me some help.
"Why do you care about this little midget all of a sudden dude?"
"Hes my brothers best friend thats why" He helped me up and put one hand on my shoulder and the other around my waste to help me balance. He walked me to the nurse after he gave Danny the finger.

"Are you okay?" Gerard asked as I was laying on the table waiting for the nurse.
"Just fucking dandy actually" I went to move my arm but it felt broken or atleast fractured.
"Im sorry" a faint whisper came from the chair he was in.
"Im so fucking sorry. I told him to leave you alone today but he didnt listen" His eyes told me he was truly sorry.
"Its okay. Really im fine" He looked at me and smirked.
"Your fine? Your CLEARLY not fine Frank. Oh god. Why did I let this happen, how could I let this happen, why Gerard, your so fucking stupid. Oh god" He broke down crying as he rambled on, clearly forgetting I was in the room.
"Gerard, Gerard please dont cry. im not worth it actually" I looked down at my bloody fingers.
"Not worth it. Your worth a lot more then you think Iero, your worth so much more. Your smart, and talented, and wonderful, and funny and I could go on and on" He looked at me with caring eyes. But immediately regretted his words.
He shook his head.
"No, god no. Why? He clearly doesn't want me. He can get anyone not me"
He apparently forgot I was still here.
"I dont want anyone. I want you!" I couldn't stop the words coming out of my mouth. They seemed to just flow out.
"You want me?"
"Ugh, Ma-maybe, ye-yea. Pl-please dont hu-hurt me" I was scared he was really gunna do something. But he smiled at me.
I felt my body go warm as he kissed me again. He truly meant ever movement he made. His sweet, coffee tasting lips were beautiful. I could feel him smile under the kiss as I asked for acceptance with my tongue. He allowed and I snaked in to taste his cigarette and vanilla coffee breath.
He pulled away and smiled at me.
"Will you go out with me, like this Friday or something?"
I nodded as he kissed me again.
I could die right here, right now and not really care.


I stayed in the nurses room til break. She bandaged my arm and let me go. I walked through the halls to my locker, only to see multiple jocks swarming it. I was in to good of a mood to let these assholes bother me so I Strolled on up and pretended they weren't there. But they saw me.

"Little midget got away. But GeeGee isn't here to save you. Why he did in the first place we'll never know" Danny muttered leaning against the door.
"I know. He doesn't wanna be the kid no one likes" I whispered but apparently they heard me.
"We like him though" another boy named Adam stepped out from behind the big, bulky Danny.
"Wow. Shocker he doesn't wanna be with you though isn't it"
"Why you little-" Danny raised his fist and I waited on the impact to my already damaged face.
"Boys, hope nothing is going on. Frank can you take a walk with me?"
I nodded as Mr.Weston the art teacher saved me from the daily beatings. I followed him down the hall. We didnt talk he just led me to the door, handed me a note to say I could go home now and he let me leave. He was my favorite teacher besides Ms.Callie the music teacher, the one who taught me guitar. I left the warm building and headed to my car.

Gerard was sitting on the hood and smiled when he saw me unlock the car.

"I missed you" he says coming over to the door. He leans over and kisses my cheek. I blush but im to mad with Danny to say anything. Then the words flow out of my mouth before I can stop them.
"Is this come kind of joke Gerard? I like you, I have since we were like 10 and you stand here all of a sudden and your kissing me. What happened to the kid that beat the living shit out of me for a few giggles last week. What, now your gay and your gunna see what you can experiment on. Yah OK why not use the emo kid, hes useless anyways"
He steps back looking hurt from my words. But I regret them immediately and he can see that.
"Frank, I-I dont know. I dont wanna hurt you, I wanna be with you. But apparently your crush will always be that. A little crush" He turns away but I grab his arm and turn him around to face me.
"I dont want to be hurt by a guy that hated me last week"
"If you notice, I've never actually hit you. They do" His eyes are shining so well in this mucky weather, they are so beautiful.
"But you let them" I shed a tear an he wipes it away.
"I know, im sorry. But I wanna take you out Friday, no excuses your going. See you at 8 babe" and with that he jumps up, kisses my cheek and leaves me once more wondering.

Yah, I am the guy Gerard likes.
An he's taking me out to prove it.

A/N: ok so I thought about it. Im gunna do another chapter later. But today im going to my dads in Guelph. So if I dont update til night time. Dont get mad.
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