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Chapter 4: DATE NIGHT !!

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Yah. So get ready for Date night .. lets see what happens ..

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A/N: ok so I Didnt update but I Thought there was gunna be internet on the train. APPARENTLY NOT!! like come on bro, not cool. Anyways, Date night. Lets see what happens. and BTW thanks to all the reviews, truthfully my last story was TERRIBLE! and this one is taking a turn for the better. I know where its going and I know where it is right now. So lets do this !


"Calm down sweetheart" my mother called to me from the other side of the bathroom door.
"Calm down, CALM DOWN! Gerard Way is taking me out tomorrow and I have NOTHING to wear, IM FREAKING OUT MOM HELP ME" I struggled to get the red skinny jeans on. Finally got them up and stepped out to show my mom the Black skin tight top and the jeans with black suspenders hanging around the edge, black converse and my wallet chain strunge around the waist.
She took one look at me and rolled her eyes.
"You whore, your making an impression NOT going clubbing. Lets go" She grabbed me by the hand and directed me to the car.
"Shopping" I rolled my eyes and sighed. "What kind of gay man doesnt like shopping?" She climbed into the drivers side as I slammed my door shut.
"The normal ones maybe?" She laughed and headed down the street to The Rock Shop.

The Rock Shop was my favorite store. I walked in and immediatly was greeted by Bob Bryar, the cashier who is crushing on me. He leaned on his gloved hands and smiled. "Hey Frankie, Ms.Iero, whats up?" he smiled largely and came around the counter to help my mom. "Fine thank you Bob"
I strolled over to the CD's to let my mom and Bob talk about stuff. She then dragged me over to the shirts and bought me a tight red and black one and a pair of Red converse. I smiled as she dragged me over to the cut gloves.

"FRANKIE! they would look adorable with those jeans and that shirt" My mom squeeled and handed me a pair of white ripped gloves. I Smiled to make her happy as she paid and dragged me to her stores.

A quick walk through the mall ended up being a Frankie-an-mommy-go-shopping-til-10pm night. I was horrified as she grabbed a purple shirt and bright orange skirt.
"Put those down now" I grabbed a black skirt and placed it over the purple shirt. "Thats why your my son" she smiled and grabbed her card.

The ride home was filled with shopping talk and ice cream. I loved shopping with my mom cause I got so much stuff. a new Anthrax CD, Green Day, You Me at Six, and The Misfits. I Smiled as my load was dumped on the kitchen counter, followed by a scowl from mom which led me to find a way to transport them to my room. I made it with the help of a basket, 2 scarves and my railing.

I layed out tomorrows outfit and crawled into bed with the new Green Day playin in my ears through the CD player. I smiled as I remembered tomorrow is an off day, so Gerard is coming by early. The entire day with Gerard. Can't wait. I fell asleep to the sweet sounds of Green Day.

"Are you sure?" He nodded as he saw me blush.
"We're doing this right now?" He nodded again and kissed me so gently.
He slid off my shirt, then my jeans then my boxers.
Stark naked infront of the sexiest man alive.
Gerard Way.
He kissed my neck.
My jawline.
My chest./
My stomach.
I let out a moan as he asked for entry to my throbbing hard dick.
I nodded as I let out another groan.
"Frankie" Came a soft whisper from his beautiful mmouth.
"Frankie?" the beautiful sound again.

"FRANKIE" I screamed as I landed on my floor with a thump.
"Oh good your awake" I saw Mikeys face peer infront of mine with my face still in the carpet.
"FOR GOD SAKES MIKEY I TOLD YOU TO SHAKE HIM LIGHTLY!" My mom yelled from the door frame.
Mikey laughed out an apology and told her to buzz off.
She did with pleasure after telling me Gerard would be here in an hour.
I glanced at my clock.
10:00 AM
I scrambled off the floor, jumped to grab the towel on the back of my door and ran to the shower with Mikey laughing behind me.

He didnt find it weird with me and Gerard. Mikey knew we liked one another just never said anything. I heard the bathroom door open as I washed out the shampoo. Mikey sat on the toilet and started talking.

"Your a beautiful sleeper ya know?"
"Thanks?" I smiled.
"When did you get here anyways Mikes?" I added.
"8 o'clock. Your mom let me just sit and do whatever"
"You've been here for 2 hours with my mom?"
I saw him nod through the curtain and he passed me the towel as I turned off the shower.
I wrapped it around my waist and stepped out to see Mikey just sitting there with a bandana around his eyes for cover.
"Your good"
HE took off the blindfold and smiled at me.

I threw on my jeans, shirt, and accessories and let Mikey do my hair. I ended up getting burned 4 times by his devil straightner but I Was to happy to care.

"VOILA!" He kissed his finger tips and shoved me over to the mirror.
There sttod a 5' tall guy, dark red eyeliner, perfect straightened hair, and the cutest outfit ever. I hugged Mikey only to recieve a smack in the face.

"DONT RUIN MY CREATION YOU LITTLE MIDGET!" He yelled as I Smacked him back and raced down the stairs. I Sat on the couch and the door bell rang. I threw on my shoes, messed up Mikeys hair and ran out the door for Gerard. I left him crying in the front hall complaining about how the hair gods are going to get revenge on me.

"He- Wow" I looked at Gerard as he blushed. There stood a gorgeous man. Black skinnies, black top, Red suspenders descending from his jeans, his hair perfectly framed his face, his black eyeliner was put on heavily and the smell of cologne was amazing.

"Stop. I look terrible" he blushed again and I kissed his cheek. "You look wonderful" he smiled and kissed my lips. "Ditto."

He led me to the car and we talked for about 30 minutes driving in circles. "Wasting gas, thats our day plan?" I laughed at him. He looked up at me. "No, im takin you out sexy" I giggled as he drove another 15 minutes.

He parked outside a warehouse. "So you mentioned a few months ago to Mikey that you want to have fun on a fist date, no dinners, nothing sappy. So paintball it is" I screeched like a little girl getting a puppy and he laughed. "Thank you, thank you, thank you" I screeched again and kissed him. "Imma take you down midget" I frowned an he looked into my eyes. "Whats wrong, was it the midget thing. Stupid Gerard, god damnit I Cant do anything right" I looked back at him. "NO! I just got sad at the thought that you think your gunna beat me. Its actually quite depressing" He shoved me and laughed. "Dick" I giggled. "Thats for later actually" He gasped at me and laughed again.

We stood in the barriers, being the only teenagers surrounded by small children under the age of 11. They laughed at us as we shot them with our mighty guns. After 30 minutes it was left between Gerard, Me, and some little 8 year old girl.

"Come at me bro" The little girl yelled as she crossed barriers. "IMMA GUNNA GET YOU!" Gerard screamed and opened fire at the barrier. "NEVER" she responded and with one shot he was out, right in the chest too. She giggled as he screamed out for a rematch. "NOPE. NOT UNTIL I GET YOUR LITTLE FRIEND THERE!" I Laughed and opened fire. With 3 shots to the stomach I Was out. She came out from the barrier to reveal a little 8 year old girl in a tutu. "Dignity GONE!" She yelled and shot me once more in the head. I nodded and took the walk of shame to meet Gee at front desk. "30 seconds later the little devil appears. Shes mean" he laughs as I
come out and hand the gun to the guy at the counter. "Tell me about it" I smiled an we walked to the car.

"Thanks for an epic day Gee." He smiled and turned out of the parking lot. "Its not over yet dude. Now is where I Get to be all sappy and shit" he took another left and we drove for about another 20 minutes. I didnt know where we were going, I just listened to the silence on the road. It was 4:30 when we finally arrived. He took me into a small goth shop in the plaza and smiled. "Ray did they come yet?" He asked the guy at the counter. The guy whos head was mounted underneath a waterfall of 'fro smiled at Gerard and went behind the counter and lifted a small bag. Gerard smiled at me then reached in the bag.

He pulled out a pair of black gloves. He tore off my white ones and helped me get these on. I noticed they were skeleton gloves. I smiled as he pulled out the other one and put it on him. "Like 'em?" I giggled and kissed him tightly. "I love them" I grabbed his glove covered hand and led him out of the store. We walked for about 5 minutes until he dragged me to the beach front. "So thats where we are" He smiled at my confusion and dragged me down the sand hill.

We sat at the waters edge, making out for over 30 minutes when he broke the kiss and placed his hand on my cheek. "You hungry yet?" I checked my watch to see it was around 5:15. I nodded and he helped me up. We raced to the nearest hotdog stand and he laughed as the ketchup pooped on my shirt. "Damn it!" I grabbed a napkin but he liked my arm where the ketchup was. "Yummy" I laughed at him. We ate and walked down the waters edge for a little bit until we came apon seashells. "Im going to be totally gay right now and grab some" I smiled as he got on his knees and grabbed 7. I got on mine and stuck 4 into my pocket.

He looked into my eyes an leaned over for a kiss. I closed the space between us and kissed him back. I felt him smile against my lips. We managed to stand up and kiss. I wrapped my hand around his waist and the other in his hair. He had both hands exploring my back. I Felt one hand let go off my shirt and he took the hand off my waist and placed a seashell in my hand. I broke the kiss and looked down to see half a blue seashell staring back at me. "Half?" He giggled as he showed me his hand. There was the other half. He took them and placed them together to show me they were a heart. I kissed him and he giggled at me.

"Here" he placed the seashells in his jacket and put the jacket in the sand. He took off his shoes and socks, followed by his suspernders, glove and shirt. I gawped at his perfect pale body. IT was heavenly. He shook my shirt off and I got off the glove. He took off my jeans and I slid down his. We were on the beach, at 8 o'clock, in the sunset only in boxers. I didnt what we were actually doing but the next thing I know, im cold, wet and kissing the perfect pale man.

"Your so hot" he whispered into my ear. "Your so pale" I whispered back but he glanced at me confused. "No, pale is hot. Like Edward is fucking sexy" He giggled. "Edward, so now you want me to shimmer in the sun?" H dunked his head under water before I Could say no. He cam up and flipped his wet hair dramatically. "Shimmery enough for you?" he asked standing in the sun. "Damn your to sexy" He ran his hands over my wet chest. "Your so brave" He glanced at my face. "Why?" I was confussed. "You are in the waterm kissing your high school bully. You haven't even noticed the water moved your hair to show your scars" He regretted his words as I gasped and threw my hair down over my face. "Dont look" I Blushed. "No, please. your gorgeous and your scars are apart of what make you beautiful" I Stepped back out of his hold. "Beautiful. Im the fucking ugly duckling for crying out loud" He stepped forward through the water and held my hands. "The duckling was a swan babe" I Smiled and I couldnt be upset at his wonderful smile.

We dried off, got dressed and he drove me home. Remind you the drive was over an hour long for where we were on the beach. He pulled up in the driveway of my house and walked me to the door. "Thank you Gee. For everything today" HE held my hands. "Any time babe. So does this mean were dating?" I nodded "I Sure as hell hope so" He leant forward and kissed me. More passionatley then ever before. "BREAK. IT. UP" came the fimiliar voice of Mikey Way from my door frame. "How are you still here?" I ask looking at him with my hand still tangled in Gerard hair and his hands still on my ass. "Me and your mom went shopping and went out for dinner. What are you doing here Gerard" He turned to his brother. "Dinner with your best friends mom, Shopping with your best friends mom? what the fuck Mikey. Oh and MY boyfriend, I Can walk him to his door thank you very much" Mikey glared at him and turned to me. "Yah, we had fun. Your moms awesome dude. She bought me skinny jeans and everything. and BOYFRIEND !! EEEEP im so happy for you guys" He hugged me tightly while still jumpin up and down. "Come on Gerard" he skipped to the car holding all his shopping bags. "Guess im taking that home now. Night babe" He kissed me as I felt something weigh down in my pocket. "Night sexy. And thanks for the glove"
He nodded and walked to the car.

I Ran to my bedroom and threw my jeans on the floor, threw my shirt on the hanger and kicked my shoes to the corner. I played The Misfits in my CD player and changed into clean, non-wet boxers. I took my jeans off the ground and looked in the pockets remembering what he put in there.

There staring down in the palm of my hand.
The seashell that formed the heart.
His half of the shell to be exact.
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