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Chapter 5: READ ME! READ. ME. NOW!

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A/N: OK dont hate me, but I got grounded for a week, no internet, no phone. I got those back Monday, but my sister wouldnt let me have the laptop to write my story. I couldnt do this on my phone. THEN! The bitch went and deleted my copy of this chapter so I am writing it actually on here. Dont hate me but I know where its going so thats good. I have to now save 2 files of everything I write just incase.

She got mad at me and deleted mostly ALL my stories. The only thing I have good in my life is my writing and SHE FUCKING DELETED IT! Sorry for my language but Im kind of STILL MAD! You would be too right? Yah thats what I thought. LOL. Ok enough of my babbling. Lets get to this story shall we?

I slipped on the skeleton glove and made my way downstairs.
"Good morning mother" I kissed her cheek as I skipped to the coffee pot.
"Someone's overly happy, eh?" She smiles as she places a plate of Facon in front of me at the table.
"A little, yah" I grab the biggest fork I could find. Which just so happened to be a huge, Christmas, pie for. That thing was bigger then my head.
"I dont think so" She grabs the fork from my small hands and places a new one, alot smaller, into my grasp.
"Huh, thanks?" I glare at the puny fork but eat the facon with my hands anyways.
"Nice necklace. Didn't know gays wore jewelry" Mikey Way walked into the kitchen, kissed my mothers cheek and walked to the cupboard to steal my coffee.
"Hey Mikes" My mom smiles.
"Hey dude, When did you get a key?" I glare at my mother but she shakes her head smiling widely.
"Fourth grade, remember. 'Happy Birthday Mikey, have a key to my home so you can stalk me all hours of the night, your my best friend'" He smiles as he slips into the seat beside me.
"I didn't say that at all" I take another bite.
"You stalk my house, Michael James Way?" My mother turned to face his scared face.
"No Ms.Iero, never. By the way, the color blue on your walls shines nice in the dark"
"Why thank y-. Excuse me?!" Mikey and I burst out laughing as she glared at me and walked to the stairs to get ready for work.

"OK, now what about this necklace dude?" He grips the chain in his hands and I blush. Around my neck hung the shell Gerard slipped into my pocket last night. I had managed to get a small hole through it, big enough to hold the string. It looked awesome hanging loosely off my small frame.
"Gerard gave it to me last night. He has my half im guessing" I blushed again and placed my plate in the sink.
"That little shell he has placed under his pillow ya mean? dude thats corny. Extremely corny"
He took a sip of the coffee and placed the empty mug in the sink.
"Under his pillow?" I walk to the stairs to get ready for school as Mikey is right on my heels.
"Yes shorty. He told me if I ever touched his bed, he would strangle me. Then he placed it under his pillow and fell asleep gripping the pillow with his life" We skipped into my bedroom as I ran to the closet for the selection of clothes for today.
"Wow. He's so sweet" Mikey pretended to gag as he traded his shoes for a pair of my green converse. He always traded something of his for mine int he morning if his wasn't clean or Gerard had it in his room.
"He also wanted me to give you this" He handed me a folded little note. I grasped the thing in my hands an headed to the bathroom to jump in the shower really quick.

I turned on the shower and opened the note. I read through it slowly and smiled from ear to ear.

good morning, or im hoping if Mikey did what I said. It should be morning.
Anyways. I wanted to tell you your just an amazing kisser and I cant wait to see you today.
I know my friends are gunna find out about us eventually. so when you get to school. Please dont hate me ok?
Love: Your GeeGee.

I smiled again and took off my boxers and 'ANTHARAX' shirt before stepping into the warm water.
I washed my hair quickly, ran the soap through my body and rushed into the room. No towel. Forgetting Mikey was on my bed, I ran into the room to hear his screams. I burst out laughing and grabbed the other towel hanging off the back of my chair before I grabbed my clothes and headed into the walk-in closet.

2 minutes later I walked out in a pair of black skinnies, a black 'Smashing Pumkins' shirt and my yellow converse. I had every color, times 2. I love my shoes. Dont judge ok?

We walked out of my house with our matching 'The Misfits' bags over our shoulders. I smiled as we made our way up the driveway to the car. Mikey hopped in the drivers and claimed it was his turn. I didn't stop him, I wanted to get there fast and letting Mikey drive was the way to do it.

We walked up the steps of the large building. 3 floors and atleast 4 windows in every class. We walked to our lockers. The whole walk there people were pointing and whispering to their friends. I got this almost every morning so I just shook it off. Until some 3rd year came up to us and hugged me with her friends.
"Im so happy for you Frank" the small blonde exclaimed and walked away giggling with her friends.
"Ugh. Ok then?" We continued our short walk. I opened my blue locker to see that nothing popped out and nothing sprayed me and Mikey. What a first.

I grabbed my math book and headed down to form with Mikey trailing along behind me. Watching my every step to be there if I was shoved or spat at. I wasn't which was really strange.

I stepped into form with Mikey and we took our seats at the back of the class. 4 minutes later, the teacher walked in with none other then the captain of the football team.
"Mr.Iero, and Mr.Way, you are being issued to the principal's office" We stood up scared of what was really going on. We left the warm classroom to fill the cold, silent halls. The jock stopped and turned on his heels. Grabbed both me and Mikey by the collar of the shirt and whipped us around and made us walk in the opposite direction.
'Ugh, where are we going?" You could hear the fear in Mikey's voice as he asked the jock, being careful to not look into his eyes.
"He wants to see you" We didn't ask who 'he' was. We walked in silence the whole way there.
We turned into the locker room and headed to the back where the coaches office was. The jock pulled out a key and unlocked the door. We stepped inside and the chair behind the desk spun around. I let out a sigh and walked over to the man in the chair. I kissed his cheek and he blushed.
"Hey Frankie" Gerard stood up and headed to his brother, wrapped him in a hug only to recieve a pound in the chest by the skinny boy.
"What. The. Fuck? WHAT THE FUCK WAS THIS" He pointed to the jock and Gerard frowned.
"Andy, I told you NOT to scare them" Gerard high-fived this 'Andy' person and turned to face our confused faces.

"I should probably say why your all here. Andy thanks dude. You can go now" Andy opened the door and stepped out. He shut it quietly and Gerard opened his mouth.
"Ugh. we-" Mikey cut him off.
"WHAT THE FUCK DUDE" I smiled as Mikey smacked Gerard upside the head. He didnt like this very much and returned the motion.
"Gerard, Speak. Now." I crossed my arms and he could see I wasn't pleased with being yanked out of class by a REALLY strong man and dragged to the coaches office to find my boyfriend spinning in a chair all Mafia-like.
"Ok. 1- I Thought you would be grateful for being pulled out of class, 2- I Wanted to see my boyfriend and tell him the good news, but I Wanted my brother there too. THANK YOU VERY FUCKING MUCH!"
I giggled as he yelled at Mikey.
"What news?" I asked as he turned his head to me smiling.
"Well, Frankie-boy. I told the entire Football team, the entire lacrosse team and all the cheerleaders"
I frowned.
"Told them what exactly?"
"That were dating" He smiled but quickly stopped when he saw my sad face.
"Ugh. Why?"
"Well, my friend deserve to know right? and guess what, They don't care that we're gay. Ok, so they don't care im gay and they always picked on you for it. But I told them that if they did it again i'd deal with them in the worst possible way" He smiled again. I took a step back as he tried to hug me.
"No. They don't care about us because your like the toughest guy in the school, your on the football team for crying out loud, they have to do what you say Gerard. Did you even consider me?" Mikey took a seat in the coaches chair and started looking at the trophies as he could sense the heat coming on.
"I did this FOR us Frankie"
"No, you did this for you. I don't know if it was for more popularity or for the fact you really want all your friends to care" I went to walk out the door but he stopped me as he stepped in front of it.
"Frankie, please? Ok, I just wanted them to like us. To be ok with 'Us'"
"You threatened them Gerard, you told them you would smash their faces for 6 bucks and a Dr.Pepper" He smiled but he stopped when he could see I was truly pissed.
"I should use that. Anyways, Frank please ok? I didn't mean to upset you. I just want people to know i'm gay and i'm in love with the amazing, emo midget"
I smiled and he giggled as he could see I was accepting the apology.
"I know, but what happens if your not around and they come after me?"
"They won't" He took my hands in his as I stared into his beautiful, eyeliner filled eyes.
He kissed me and I kissed him back. We walked out the door with Mikey on our heels.
"See, the world is less violent when everyone uses Hula-hoops"
We burst out laughing as I walked down the hall hand-in-hand with Gerard Way. We got 'Awwe's from the girls, and Gerard got a few pats on the back while the guys said "I knew he could get someone, even if it was the emo kid"
"Hes not emo guys. Hes my Frankie" an in the middle of the hall, infront of atleast 4 teachers, and every one of his friends, he kissed me. He actually kissed me to show he wasn't afraid of what they said.

Sadly, I still was.


I screamed as she crawled creepily up the side of the well.
"Awe, Frankie dont be scared" He held me closer to his chest and I cuddled up to his warm chest to hear his heart beat.
"This is awkward" Gerard walked into the living room carrying our fifth bowl of popcorn to see me laying on Mikey's chest.
"MIKEY JUST STOLE MY BOYFRIEND. MOM MAKE HIM STOP!!" He yelled up the stairs and I laughed as I reached for the popcorn.
"MIKEY, GIVE YOUR BROTHER BACK HIS BOY-TOY" his mother laughed as she yelled back down the stairs.
"You heard her straightener, move over." Mikey slid over to the other couch and I curled up onto Gerard.
"Way better" I smiled as I listened to his gentle heart-beat quicken with every new scene in the movie. I loved him and I was planning on never leaving this spot.
"Ugh guys?"
"What Mikes" Gerard faced his scared looking brother.
"Do you smell something burning?"
I ran up to my feet as we all raced to the back yard.
There, blazing in fire, was the Way family shed. The fire was dancing across all sides of the shed. We ran out as Mikey got the kitchen fire extinguisher. I called 9-1-1 and Gerard helped his brother with the garden hose. It was a gasoline fire, you could smell it. There was no chance it was gunna stop with just Mikey and Gerard. I looked up to see Gerard's mother out the window crying. Thats when I realized. Donald Way was working in the shed. He must have had his ear plugs in. I yelled at Gerard about his father, he raced into the shed before his crying mother could stop him. He came out holding his father, in all his wood working gear. He collapsed at the edge of the shed as I helped Mikey drag them the rest of the way out. The fire truck and ambulance pulled up 2 minutes later and his father was taken to the hospital, I sat with Gerard as the paramedic tended to his burns, and gave him an oxygen tank.

You could still read what they burned into the shed. The word was making me cry as I glared at it. The word was forever burned into my eyes as I just stared at it. Gerard held me close as he tried to stop the crying. The word was even making Mikey cry as he crawled into the back of the ambulance to be with his father.

The word was 4 letters to long. It scarred me for life now that I saw what they were really doing to us. The word was simple. The word was ...


A/N: Worth the waiting? R&R your comments, is this story worth completing? and IM SORRY ABOUT HIS FATHER, SOMEONE HAD TO BE BURNED, BUT DONT WORRY HE'S FINE. TAKE ONE GUESS AT WHO DID IT, AND NO IT WASN'T ANDY. Ill update either tomorrow or Friday, but GUESS WHAT !! on Ebay I ordered Bullets and a My Chemical Romance bag. I GOT BULLETS! My Chemical Romance's first album.
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