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Everything Ends

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The final chapter of The New Kid Is In Town. AT LONG LAST!

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Soooo it's been about 3 months now? I'm really sorry if anyone was seriously reading it (I doubt it) so I'll just shut up and let you read the story.

Frank's POV

When Donna got home a couple of hours later, we all rushed into action and made sure that Mikey was as comfortable as possible on the journey into A&E, putting pillows and stuff into the car and making him a hot chocolate, with whipped cream and marshmallows. Thankfully Donna didn't ask too many questions, saving a lot of awkward explaining.

Currently we're sitting in the waiting room, with Mikey quietly whimpering in pain - we would have given him painkillers but we're not sure if he could take them in his current condition - and Gerard's sitting next to me, staring into space, lost in his thoughts. I can't blame him, if I had a brother then I expect I'd feel the same way. No one like seeing anyone beaten up anyway, and if it hadn't happened to me so much back in NJ, I would feel better about it. However, I know how much it hurts. Imagine if you cut your finger whilst chopping vegetables, then place that sort of pain all over your legs, arms and face. Not to mention having a hard time breathing because of the crushed ribs. It hurts like fucking hell . I haven't even started on the emotional damage yet, Mikey's probably feeling as crap as a pile of shit right now. Eugh, thugs just irriate me so much.


"Calm down, I don't think you're in need of immediate medical help. Now, If you could please refrain from shouting, some patients in here are in considerable pain." A curt, clipped voice rings out, obviously trying to get this stupid guy out of here.

"Yeah, but look at this bruise! I swear it shouldn't be this colour!"

"Sir, bruises usually go purple, then blue, then green, then yellow. That bruise is a completely normal colour, now if you could please let me tend to the next patient-"


"Right, that's it. I'm calling security."

A few burly security guards come through the waiting room and disappear around the corner where the reception desk is. I guess this is just typical English behaviour. "Gerard, do pricks like that come in here for bruises and stuff often?"

Gerard chuckles and replies, "Nah, most people don't bother for most stuff. But occasionally you get jerks like that who have a pitchfork stuck so far up their asses that they think it's worthwhile going to the doctor for a headache or something."

Oh. Maybe people in England aren't that bad then.

"Micheal Way?" Says a nurse, peering through a doorway. Mikey and Donna goes to the room, and Gerard explains to me that they assess you in their and then you have to wait for proper medical attention.

"Gee, I've got something to tell you." I've been meaning to tell him for a while, ever since I had that fateful conversation with my mom. We were having a normal conversation and when I was gonna go, I said that I missed her lots to be polite, and then she had said that I could come home. She'd got me a ticket to come back as well.

"Yeah, what's up?" This is gonna be so much harder, with him. I'll miss Mikey and Donna and Ray, sure, but I'll find it so hard leaving Gee.

"Um... It's just that my mom wants me to come home. She's booked a flight for me in two weeks time."

Gerard's grin is wiped off his face immediately, like I thought.


"Gee, I know how hard it'll be, but I promise we can still visit each other in the holidays, we can chat online and on the phone and everything. It's not like the middle ages any more." I say the last part with a smile, knowing it will cheer him up.

"Yeah, I guess. And we can Skype each other. I just dunno what I'll do with myself at Christmas, we'd had so much stuff planned."

That part was true, it was coming up to Christmas and we had made plans to go sledging if it snowed, decorate the house as cheerfully as possible and make cookies. "I guess we can still do that, it's the end of term next week and then we'll be home together for a week before I have to go back."

"Mmmm" Gerard's barely acknowledging me. I guess it's just a lot to think about in one go. I sigh heavily as Mikey and Donna come back into the waiting area.

"You two boys look a bit down, what's up?" Donna says cheerfully.

"I'm going back to New Jersey in two week's time. If that's alright."

"Oh, of course! You must be missing your mum like there's no tomorrow. Aww, sweetie, it'll be alright."

This is the hardest thing I've ever had to write, except from an essay on the setting in Of Mice And Men. That was pretty hard. But I can't write this kind of stuff to save my life. I might just leave a few empty spaces for you to continue the fluff on your own, and then I can get back to the boring, average stuff...

We have to wait another couple of hours before Mikey's seen to, and when a doctor calls for him, Gee and I have to go as well. We're led down a corridor, turn left, turn left again, go though double doors, turn right, go through another room and finally stop in the children's ward, named the Bramble ward. I think this is because Mikey has to stay the night, so they can x-ray his ribs and ankle or something.

Gerard and I wait outside while the doctors examine him, and the next thing we know, he's being whisked off for an x-ray.

Oh my god. This is so difficult. Sorry for the A/Ns but I really am stuck. AHHHHHHHHH this is so frustrating. At least it's taking my mind off being sad so it's helping.

Is anyone interested in being a beta for some of my other stories? Like Where The Sun Never Rises and some one-shots that I'll be writing in the next couple of weeks? Now Juliet, you need to finish this story. It's been three months and people deserve an ending. Okay.

No one's POV

The goodbye when Frank went back to the USA was very tearful. Mikey had grown to be something like a brother to Frank over the past two weeks, and Donna was as good a mother as any. Gerard had a very special place in his heart and they'd promised each other that they'd be exclusive to each other during they were at school, and then Gerard would move out to NJ when he left school. In their week off from school, Frank and Gerard had transformed the cottage, decorating the banisters on the stairs with paper chains and hanging coloured stars from every possible place, including in door frames and on the chandeliers in the living room. Thy had made snowflakes and stuck them all around the TV, and made fake icicles hang from window panes. The creepy African CD stand that looked like he was going to come to life and attack you had a Santa's hat on his head and they'd stuck a fake beard on him. A red blanket was thrown around him and secured with a black boot, and Donna's special long black boots were placed at his feet, making him look like Santa. He had looked a bit thin, but then Frank had grabbed a couple of cushions from the sofa and stuffed them under the belt, making him look fat. A homemade gingerbread house complete with icing, hundreds and thousands, lollipops, haribo sweets and jelly diamonds stood in the kitchen, where there was less decorations than in the rest of the house, but that was because of the potential fire hazard. No one had been allowed to eat any of the gingerbread house until last night, when they had shared it out equally as a 'farewell Frank' kind of thing.

Frank and Gerard now kept in contact regularly by Facebook (not so much) and Skyping each other (nearly every night). They texted each other all through the day, causing Gerard to get his phone confiscated at school more than once, due to the five hour time difference. They sent each other birthday and Christmas presents and when Gerard finally left his school, persuaded his mum to let him go out to visit Frank. They found that nothing had really changed that much when they saw each other in person again, contrary to their expectations. They rented a flat together close to the collage where Frank did a music course and Gerard took an art course.

I'm sorry but seeing them grow up together is too much for me wipes eyes they're like my children. Okay, not really, but you get what I mean.

Okay, I think that's it, lads. I might come back in a few moths time and edit/add more to it, I dunno, but right now, I'm relieved that it's finished. Part of me is also a bit sad, but yanno. You can't have everything. I hope you enjoyed reading it, I put a lot of time and effort into it, and bearing in mind that it was my first fic, I'm quite proud of it. Sooo yeah. Also, I look at how many people have read it, I see that like 200 people have read it but there are 2 reviews and no rates! Now what's that about? Even if the review is a 'This was okay' I'd still appreciate it. It takes about 30 seconds of your life and it would make me happy. I try and and rate and review everything I read, so don't say that I'm being selfish.

Okay, that's enough ranting for now. I should just let you read something else now, so yeah.

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