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Once the long boring school day ended I couldn't hardly wait to run back to my house, most importantly my bedroom. But seeing how much my mom freaked out yesterday, this wouldn't be such a easy thing to do.
Running up two flights of stairs as quietly as I could. I reach my room and find that my door has become completely detached from the hinges. I walked into my room further to find that the mattress was taken off my bed and all was left was the boxspring. Is she psycho or what?

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked forcefully when I found her in the living room reading a book.
"I don't know what you're talking about." She replied calmly. Not even looking up from what she was doing.
"Oh, you don't do you? Where the hell is my door, better yet my fucking bed?" I exploded.
" I refuse to answer you with that tone. I told you I'm not going to tolerate this at all." She peered over at me from her glasses.
"So, I guess you won't mind me sleeping at Jake's house from now on will you? No way am I staying here, not with you doing all this shit."

As soon as I know it I'm walking down the road with my back pack on my back towards my friend Jake's. Great, now at least I'll be able to sleep in peace. Maybe not even go to go to school tomorrow morning.
When I finally arrived at Jake's I headed straight to his extra bed in his room and fell right asleep.

"Hey, Frank. Psst, Frank wake up!" I rubbed my eyes open to find....Jake's face hovering over my body. What the hell is he doing? He was suppose to be Gerard!
"What are you doing?" I questioned right away. I wanted to get as much time as I could with Gerard, and he was already waking me up .
"Aren't you going to school?" One of his eyebrows raised.
"Man are you kidding? I just fell asleep five minutes ago. Nice try." I replied, definitely not falling for that one.
"Are you on drugs? You've been sleeping for hours, get up it's 7:30am!" He explained. "Man you're crazy." He mumbled as he fumbled around in his droors.

No no no... you have to be kidding. I looked frantically at the clock, 7:33 in the morning. I've slept through the whole night without going to Wonderland? Why is this happening. I didn't do anything different with my sleeping execpt well, sleep at Jake's house.
I lasted through a very long boring school day confused what happened last night and well to be honest, very pissed off. I already told Jake I'd be sleeping at his house for awhile, but I don't know if I can last without seeing Gerard. But no way did I want to go back to my lunatic mother. I soon decided that I pick going back home rather than not being able to see Gerard for a whole other night.
I would arrive back at my house once shes gone to sleep to find my door and mattress.

I have so many things to try explain to Gerard if I can figure out how to say them without looking to much like a goof. I don't know how he's going to understand me at all, but hopefully he'll have some sort of idea what I'm going threw.
I came back to my house as planned at 9:20pm, thank God my mom is a heavy sleeper. I found my matress and door stuffed into the hallway closet that is never used. I placed both back to where they belong without too much trouble. Once I locked my door twice this time, I jumped into bed to hopefully return.

I awoke on some very comfy flower peddles, tossing over to the other side I took in the room. Very small, with simply a desk in the corner and his bed in the other. Wow, very boring looking.
I opened the door and peered out into the living/kitchen area, no one there. Was was everyone? I took a look out a window. Sun down, didn't Gerard say he would be coming home soon?
I walked outside and waited patiently outside Gerard's house on the ground. I took turns looking at each pathway awaiting Gerards arrival.
I saw many different things appear from all of them, but never who I wanted to see.
Finally I saw a fimilar shape, could it be? Well, not quite.. it was Mikey. I guess thats a step closer. I sprung from the ground, and started a fast pace walk towards Mikey.
"Frank? Is that you? My God, I thought that you'd never wake again! Gerard's been worried sick." Just the mention of his name gave me shivers.
"Where is Gerard?" I asked right away.
"Down the path I just came from, he's taking a swim in the lake where he met you." Mikey smiled at me, does he know something I don't?
"Right okay. So how do I get there? Just follow that path?" I asked anxious to leave already.
"Yes. Don't touch any plants, Gerard says your not from here so you don't know what's good and what's bad." He explained.
"No plant, got it." I mumbled as I started jogging down the pathway to finally meet Gerard.
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