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Together we'll Fall

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This story takes place between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. With and Original Character throw in.

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I do not own Batman. Batman belongs to Warner Brothers, DC Comics, and Legendary Studios. I am not making money for this story. All Character belong to others. All but Aly Lightsmith she is my own creation.
Gotham Major Crime Response Unit - Inside

Aly held the documents she need to get right into Commissioner James Gordon Rank of Lieutenant with her first reappearance in Gotham. Sense she had disappeared for two years with Loeb in office as commissioner. Stephens sat in his desk it was not the first desk that desk was reserved for the commissioner right hand man or woman. Stephens may be close to the Commissioner and serviced with him for seventeen. But there was a rumor going around that Gordon first Probie had been a woman. That she alone had been with him for well over twenty-four years of service.

"Lieutenant Stephens" Aly said calmly looking over man. "Miss" Stephens looked over the woman. "Lightsmith, I am looking for Commissioner Gordon is he in the office right now" Aly asked quietly and calmly for that matter. Stephens had a funny feeling in his gut that this woman would be a force to be on the end of her temper.

"He up on the roof. He goes up there to think about things" Stephens said looking at her even more. Aly did not like the way Stephens was eyeing her. "I can show you to his office" Stephens got up from his desk and walked the twenty steps to the door of his boss office.

Aly followed him her footsteps made no sound on the floor. Stephen open the door pointed her into the office. "Have a seat in the chair over there. Don’t mess with the paperwork. The Commish don’t like us touching the reports once they are in his office" Stephens said looking at the woman again he did not like the feeling he was getting as well.

"That is fine, Lieutenant Stephen" Aly said again keeping her emotion out of hher voice. "Go inform Commissioner Gordon I am here and waiting" Aly said sitting down in the chair. Stephens left the office and head for the roof. Where he somehow new his boss was talking to Batman.
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