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Roof of Gotham Major Response Crime Unit - Outside

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Gordon stood on the roof his coffee getting a little colder as he just held it in one of his hand. Batman stepped out of the shadow on the roof top. He cleared his throat lightly. Gordon other hand snapped to the gun at his side.

"Trying to give me a heartache, Batman" Jim asked as he turned to face Batman as he keep speaking. "Did you find my old partner" Jim asked again keeping himself calm as well. Batman give a soft snort of laughter then spoke " She down stairs right now. I am glad to see that you have not placed Stephens as your first command" Batman said a little snippy witth Gordon.

"Where was she at" Jim managed to say as he tried to stay calm but on the inside he was worried about her. "Loeb had her kidnapped from her apartment in the narrows. He placed her in one of the other unit he owned. He kept her drugged" Batman said to Gordon watching the man reaction. "I flushed the drugs out of her system before I sent her to you. She also knows I am innocent of the Crimes the rest of Gotham holds against me" Batman said to Gordon again watching the mand reactions. "She knows this how" Jim asked keeping himself undercontrol.

"She was raised with Bruce Wayne. They were raised as siblings. Alfred Pennyworth brought her to the manor shortly after he found her trying to steal from his pocket" Batman said looking at Gordon and he kept speaking. "She stayed with him over the last few weeks as well. So she learned a lot over the years. She kept Bruce Wayne in line till she disappeared two years ago" Batman said to Gordon he knew the man was forcing himself too stay calm.

The door on to the roof opened in to the building. Batman jumped back to the shadow when the light hit the spot he had been standing on. "Batman, go get out of here now" Jim said quietly to his former partner for two years. Stephens stepped out on to the roof top. Gordon turned to see who had come up to the roof top to see him. Gordon glared a little then he saw it was Stephens.

"Commish, there a woman here to see you downstairs" Gerry said to Jim. "Aly, my god, Batman really found you and brought you back to me" Jim was now itching get down stairs but he knew he need to be calm about things. "Boss, Batman found and brought her back to you" Gerry asked calmly to his commander. "How? I thought he killed two police man just five months ago" Gerry said again to Jim for the second time.

Gordon let out a low groan for his slip of the tongue moment. Stephens see his partner reach only smiled at the man. Gordon looked at Stephens he could tell that man was waiting to tell him something. "Speak, Stephens what is you have to say" Jim said calmly looking at his friend.

"It okay, Commish, I already had it figure out before you slipped like that" Gerry said looking at Gordon. "I knew there was no way that he killed those police officers or the investigators as well" Gerry said calmly ignoring the worried look on Gordon face.

"Gerry, that was not how I want you to find out" Jim said calmly even if on the inside he was nerves. Stephens only shook his head and head back down stairs. Gordon followed behind him bouncing like he was in his thirties again. He moved ahead of his second lieutenant. Stephen walked back to desk and sat back down to go over one of the lower ranking officers report.
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