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Commissioner Gordon Office in Gotham Major Crime Response Unit - Inside

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Gordon stepped into his office and as he did so. Aly was up and out of her chair and bouncing over to Gordon side before the man got into his office completely. Gordon grabbed her in a hug. Aly returned it with the same amount of force.

"Jims, I can't believe you are the Commissioner now. Batman told me what happen over the last two years" Aly looked over the paperwork full office. "He also said you had not named a first lieutenant. I have some of the best record with Gotham Police Department if you want to see them" Aly still could not believe how much paper the department went through.

Gordon closed his office door with a light kick of his foot. Aly gave a light laugh. She remembered that Gordon had done that before he got married to Barbara some twenty year early.

"How much has he told you about how the city is being taken care of now" Jim asked Aly calmly his eye betraying what he was thinking.

"Batman only came and saw me twice. I was in the care of Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce Wayne. He told me of the thing he had done to keep the city from going completely under" Aly said see how her partner eyes flashed lightly. "That you had been helping him till the events with the Joker happen. He also informed me of his innocents. That you two covered up the actions from the last District Attorney by the name of-" Aly did not get to finish her comment as Jim stopped her by speaking. "Don’t say his name please" Jim said face white as a piece of paper a report could be on.

"Jim, how are Barbara, Jimmy, and young Barbara" Aly asked calmly taking a deep breath as she watched his eyes. "Aly, Barbara left me and took the kids with her. I did not argue or her over the divorce. I let her go. I realized that I could not be the father the kid need" Jim said pausing to take a breath before he started back up. "I spend almost eighteen to twenty-four hours working. I only got home if the case was not one that needs me on from the start. Then I was sleeping most of the time I was home" Jim said to Aly with his eyes twitching a little.

"Where did they go" Aly asked quietly into his ear. "Northwestern Chicago she has family there. It a good seven to eight hour trip by car" Jim said understanding why she was asking so softly. "I am sorry to hear that. I wish I was there to help but. Loeb had me drugged in a house in the Narrows till up to about three months ago. Batman found me and took me to Mr. Pennyworth. Do you still love me like you did a few years ago" Aly said as calm as she could manage as she watched his face.

"I have always loved you. I never stopped loving you. But I could not actively show it to you with Barbara round" Jim said softly into her ear.

Aly gentle kissed Gordon on the mouth. Gordon gripped her in his arms. He moved so that he held her weight on his body. They breathe deep in the same pattern. Gordon kept control over the whole thing. Aly let him she had not felt him or his body for two years. Aly broke away to speak softly to him. Gordon growled a deep growl in the back of his throat. He moved his head and bite down on the side of her neck with his teeth.

"I have missed you. I thought I would never see you again. The drugs made me see thing happen. I saw your death several times" Aly said as she gripped Jim. "I cried out for it to stop. For the pain you were in and for you death to stop. But it did not go away. It never went away" Aly still keep her grip on Jim.

Gordon growled again deep in his throat as he bite even hard on her neck. Aly kissed his hair with her mouth. She run her hand through his soft and grease hair. She knew that growl from when she was a Probie. It was his standard answer. When he was stress or upset about something. Aly rubbed his shoulders with her hands lightly. She realized that he did not have protective gear on. He most feels safe in his office in the precinct to not wear his Kevlar vest or other bullet proofing items on his body. Gordon let go of her throat when he heard the light moan from her. Gordon let go and looked up into her eyes to see something that he had not seen before. Sure they had shared a bed off and on over the last twenty years. There last time had been just before Loeb had kidnapped her.

"Did he ever touch you" Jim asked looking at and know she was needing him for more. "Never. He was too afraid of me after I broke his right hand when he tried to touch me. Living with Bruce Wayne as a sibling made so that I can fight without being scared of it things" Aly said gripping Jim jacket in her hand. "You ready to go home" Jim asked Aly lightly and calmly as he brushed a stray hair out of her eyes. "I am home. Were ever you are I am home" Aly said not wanting to move away from Jim to quickly.

Gordon gave a light laugh at Aly comment. Aly smiled at the man she loved. They linked their hands together as Gordon open the door into the bull pen of the precinct. The both walked down to the stop at Stephen desk. The released the other hands so that Stephen did not think it was a personal move that made Gordon place her as his first lieutenant.
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