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I sat on my bed crying my eyes out when there was suddenly a knock on the door. Who was it? Anna or Penina. I quickly wiped away the last of my tears and got up to answer it. It wasn’t Anna or Penina. It was Miss Chiverton “Is Penina in here?”

I shook my head “She’s downstairs with Frank.”

“No she’s not. They went off somewhere and we’re trying to find them.” Miss Chiverton looked at me properly “Is everything okay?”

I nodded. I really didn’t want to cry in front of a teacher but Miss Chiverton kept on asking so I finally started telling her about Penina. And as I told her, I couldn’t help but start crying. Dead lord, how embarrassing… Miss Chiverton put her arms round me “Oh don’t cry.”

“But it’s not the first time she’s done this!” I sobbed.

Miss Chiverton pulled away “Come on, let’s go look for her shall we?”

I shook my head again “I don’t want to.”

“No, come on. We need to find her anyway because we’re going to split her and Frank up for now since they’re arguing and all that. Let’s go and check Frank’s room.”

So I had no choice but to follow Miss Chiverton upstairs to the fifth floor. As we passed the lifts I was worried that she’d try and make us take them but luckily she walked straight past them. When we got to the top floor Mr Billington was there “They’re not in their room.” He looked at me “Are you okay?”

I went bright red and nodded but Miss Chiverton said “They just ditched her by herself.”

“Oh, that’s not very nice.” By this point my face felt like it was on fire.

“Well why don’t you go and look downstairs?” Miss Chiverton suggested to Mr Billington “Is there anyone else you’re friends with here Hollie?”

“Anna, I guess…” I suddenly felt bad when I said that. I could’ve just hung round with her instead of rushing off to go and cry. Why am I such a cry baby?

“Alright, let’s go and find Anna then.”

When we made it back to the third floor, Miss Chiverton directed us to Anna’s room and we knocked two times on the door. Anna opened the door and straightaway I could tell she’d been crying too. We’ve been friends since we both started primary school so I knew by now what Anna looked like when she was crying. She was holding her mobile in one hand and it made a buzzing noise as someone talked “I’ll call you back later.” Anna said quickly before hanging up.

Miss Chiverton ushered me inside “You’ve been crying too, haven’t you?”

Anna sighed. Miss Chiverton told her about coming to my room and everything else. She sat down next to Olivia on her bed and I sat on the other bed “So why are you crying?”

“I just feel so lonely.” Anna sobbed “I keep asking people to hang out and they say okay but then practically ignore me and I can just tell they don’t want me round.”

“Well Hollie wants to hang out with me.”

I went bright red “Actually, Anna did say she wanted to hang round with me but because I knew I was about to cry, I said no and ran upstairs.” I started to feel really bad.

“Hollie hung round with me when we were shopping earlier.” Anna said “And it’s happening to both of us, like when Penina just ditched us.”

“By the way, what are Penina and Frank arguing about?”

“Penina didn’t sit with Frank at dinner.” I told her.

Miss Chiverton laughed “Look, I’m sure that soon Penina will realise she’s in a relationship that’s obviously not going anywhere.” I bit my lip. That wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

Anna went into the bathroom and got us both some tissue and Miss Chiverton got up “I’ll leave you girls to it. But if either of you feels lonely, then don’t stay alone in your bedroom. Come and tell me. You paid to be on this holiday girls!” Miss Chiverton smiled at us and then left.

Anna looked up at me “I snorted right in front of the teacher. Did you hear me?” I laughed and shook my head “Well it was embarrassing.”

I told her about going upstairs to try and find Penina and Frank “And I’m also really worried about what’s going on back in England.” I told Anna “My brother told his girlfriend that he was fed up of being a Dad and just walked out on her and his son! How could he do that?”

“I don’t know but please don’t worry about it.” Anna reached under her bed and pulled out her bag “Let’s play Uno. It’ll make us feel better. And I know something else that’ll make us feel better.”

While I shuffled the cars, Anna pulled out her iPod and put on ‘I’ll make a man out of you’ from Mulan on. I giggled and as the two of us played Uno we started singing along.

We didn’t finish the game when Lucretia walked into the room with Megan “It’s time to go back to our rooms now.” Lucretia told me.

“Okay.” I got up “Thanks Anna. Night everyone.”

When I left the room, I saw Frank and Penina kissing by the lifts. They’d obviously made up with each other. They pulled away from each other and saw me standing there so I walked off really fast. Frank said something to Penina and then she was running after me down the corridor.

“Hey Hozzie, Frank told me to say he was sorry about making you feel so awkward at dinner.” Penina smiled “We’re okay now though.”

“I kind of guessed.”

“Is everything alright?”

I told her about Miss Chiverton finding me crying “Why were you crying?”

“Well, you kind of ditched us-“

“Oh I didn’t want to but Frank was all up in my grill and I didn’t think you guys wanted to hang round for that.”

We turned down our corridor and found Raven kissing Ray outside our room “Get a room!” Penina giggled.

“That’s a bit rich coming from you.” I grinned as I gave her a slight shove.

Me and Penina went into our room while Raven and Ray kept saying gross couple things like “I love you more” and “No, I love you more.”

“I told Frank that he should expect us to argue a lot this week.” Penina said as she changed into her pyjamas “I mean, we argue a lot in England but we’re not together every second in England.” I laughed “It might seem that way to you but we’re not!” Penina smiled.

Raven walked in “Time for bed then kiddie winks!” She grinned as she got into her pyjamas. Me and Penina stared at her “What is it?”

“Your undies are longer than your pyjama shorts!” Penina burst out laughing and so did I.

We all got into bed and Raven turned to me “Hey Hollie, you’re sleeping in front of the mirror. Bloody Mary is gonna come and scratch your eyes out.”

Why is she so good at scaring me?
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