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I was woken up by a loud knock at our bedroom door “Hollie, answer the door…” Raven mumbled sleepily as she pulled her blanket further over her head.

“No way, it’s freezing in here with the bloody air con on full blast…” I replied, shaking a little “So… Cold…”

“I’ll get it you lazy asses.” Penina grumbled, crawling out of bed and stumbling to the front door “Hello?”

“It’s time to get up for breakfast!” Mrs Bradbury said in a cheery voice “Come on now, get dressed!”

Penina shut the door “Why didn’t my alarm go off?” She asked “Guys, it’s time to get up!”

“What time is it?”

“Quarter to eight.”

“Perfect, I can have ten extra minutes in bed.” I replied happily before pulling the covers over my head “Switch the air con off!”

“It won’t make a difference.” Raven told me as she got out of bed “If you want to get warmer, go and stand on the balcony. It’ll be boiling outside.”

“I’ll stick with my blankets.” I said.

Ten minutes later, I still wasn’t ready to get out of bed “Hollie, Penina’s gone downstairs to meet Frank and I’d feel bad about ditching you so get the fuck out of bed!”

I groaned “But in England it would be five to seven and that’s way too early!”

“But we’re in Spain and it’s five to eight! Time for breakfast!”

I stayed in bed so Raven pulled back the blankets “No, it’s freezing! Raven! Oh my god I think I’m frozen! Now we’ll never be able to get breakfast!”

“Oh shut up and get dressed.”

I sighed heavily before getting up and putting on a red dress and black leggings “Wow, you’re wearing colours.” Raven grinned.

I laughed “Well, so are you.”

We took the room card and ran downstairs “Would it be okay if I sat with you and Ray this morning?” I asked “It’s not like I can sit with Penina and Frank.”

“Why not?”

I told her about last night “And I know Frank said he was sorry but I just feel really awkward about the whole thing. Besides, they wouldn’t want me sitting with them.”

“Well I want you to sit with us.” Raven grinned at me “Come on, we don’t mind.”

I’ve always liked Ray a little more than Frank because Ray wasn’t so clingy and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable when I was talking to him and Raven. For example, sometimes when I’m talking to Penina, Frank will just show up out of nowhere and pull her close to him and start kissing her while I’m there like ‘So umm yeah, I was talking but okay…’ But Ray’s not like that.

Ray was sitting at a table with Gerard. Raven sat down next to Ray and I sat by Gerard “You look exhausted.” Gerard told me.

I nodded “I am.”

“Anyway, I was just telling Ray how Abbie kissed me last night.”

Raven practically choked on her chips (Yeah, they serve chips for breakfast here and Raven wasn’t about to reject chips) “She kissed you? But she’s been flirting with Bob since like we got on the coach!”

“And I thought she said she was staying away from boys?” I asked. People confuse me when they say one thing and mean another.

Gerard shrugged his shoulders “All I know is that we were at the beach last night just messing around when the next thing I know, her lips are on mine and she’s kissing me. I don’t know.”

“Ooh so is she gonna be your girlfriend?” I teased.

Gerard shook his head “She’s been flirting with Bob, apparently she’s been flirting with Mikey a little and then she just randomly kisses me? That’s not cool. She’s just flirting for the boys for the sake of it, not because she particularly likes anybody.”

“Oh my god, look at her now!” Ray whispered, pointing behind me.

I turned around in my seat and saw Abbie was sitting next to Rory but neither of them were eating their breakfast. They were kissing each other. I turned around and shuddered “Wow, she didn’t waste any time…” Gerard muttered as he returned to his breakfast.

“She’s two years younger than us and three years younger than you, does she think she’s cool?” Raven asked.

Gerard shrugged “I don’t know. Anyway, I’m going back up to the room to have a shower. Come and tell me when we have to be back downstairs Ray.”

Ray nodded and watched Gerard walked away. His place was soon taken by Mikey “Hola amigos!” Mikey grinned.

I turned to him “Tengo barba y me lamo.”

“What does that mean?”

“Pay attention in Spanish and you might know.”

“I know the me lamo part means I lick myself but…”

I laughed “I am so gonna say ‘tengo barba y me lamo’ all around Barcelona today.”

“You’re such a weird person.” Raven told me, shaking her head. She knew that ‘Tengo barba y me lamo’ meant.

[A/N] - Random ending I know but whatever :3
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