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The first place we went to was some weird art park that made Penina really happy “I’m such a fan of this artist,” She told me “This is gonna be awesome!” Penina takes art and she’s probably the best at it in our year.

But of course, Penina wasn’t going to be hanging around with me. She was going round with Frank and I was going round with Raven, Astrid and Ray but I didn’t care. After what had happened with Frank last night, I was a little worried about talking to him but he appeared to be in a good mood today.

“Okay, you guys need to be back here by one so that half of you can go to the new camp and the rest of us can go shopping.” Mrs Bradbury told us all “Now… Go and have fun!”

We all stopped by a bunch of Spanish guys selling things. Raven and Astrid wanted to buy some colourful lizard statues so Ray and I stood there watching them “What exactly do you need them for?” I asked them.

“I could give them to my Aunties, my grandma, my Mom, the entire family!” Astrid told me “The possibilities are endless!”

“But they’re kind of stupid looking.” Ray said.

Raven shook her head “Yeah, they look kind of stupid to us because we’re teenagers but old ladies will love them! Honestly!”

“You should get some too Hozzie.” Astrid said.

I shook my head “I don’t think my grandparents would want them. Besides, I’m only getting a present for Tyler.”

“Who’s Tyler?” Ray asked me.

“My nephew.”

“Aww, how old is he?”

“Seventeen days old.”

“Aww that’s so cute.” Ray gushed.

Raven paid for her lizards then turned to Ray “Aww someone loves babies…” Raven giggled.

Ray shook his head “Well, I have a nephew too so I know how it feels okay!”

Raven laughed and tucked the lizards into her bag as Astrid stood up “Okay, let’s go then.”

“What exactly are we supposed to do here? Look at art and stuff? That’s kind of boring. I’m so confused anyway. Where is the art?” Ray complained as we walked off. Okay, I know that I complain a lot but Ray complains way more!

We bumped into Mikey and Gerard on our way up some steps and neither of them looked very happy “Well we thought we were hanging round with Penina and Frank but the two of them ditched us!” Gerard complained.

“Join the club.” I told them with a small smile “It doesn’t matter; you can hang round with us.”

“Awesomesauce!” Mikey grinned.

I pouted “That’s what I say!”

“Yeah well I stole it un tortuga!”

“Would you please stop calling me a turtle?”

“That depends. Will you tell me what tengo barba y me lamo means?”

“Fine. It means I have a beard and I lick myself.” I shrugged my shoulders “I dare you to walk past a Spanish lady and say it really loudly.”

Mikey went bright red and shook his head. I laughed and suddenly Penina and Frank showed up out of nowhere. Frank had his arm round Penina and was whispering something to her “Oh hey Hozzie!” Penina grinned “Frank, could you take a picture of me and Hozzie please?”

Penina handed him her camera and stood next to me. I handed my camera to Raven who said she’d take a picture of us as well. I hoped the picture would look nice since the view from here was amazing but when Raven handed the camera back I gasped “Oh my god, I look awful! I look so fat! Do I really look that bad in this dress?”

“I think you look lovely.” Mikey told me and I blushed bright red.

“Why’d you guys just walk off?” Gerard asked Penina and Frank but the two of them walked away and didn’t hear him. Gerard sighed heavily “Their relationship is starting to get on my goat.”

“You can hang round with Frank later at the new camp.” Mikey told him “Are you guys ready to go?”

Astrid took one more photo of the view and we walked further up the hill. Suddenly I stopped walking and burst out laughing “Oh my god, guys! Look! People have doodled all over this leaf!” I giggled, pulling my camera out “Out of everything in the park, they chose to vandalise the leaves! Oh my god, that’s so funny!”

“Oh my god, that is funny!” Mikey said before bursting into helpless laughter. The two of us collapsed on the floor, laughing too much to get up. Random Spanish people stopped to give us funny looks but we didn’t care.

“Guys, it’s just a leaf, please stop laughing so hysterically!” Astrid cried.

“Okay, you guys are kind of embarrassing…” Gerard said, running his fingers through his bright red hair.

Mikey got up slowly; still laughing then took my hand and pulled me up as well. The six of us walked to the top of the hill and stared at the view, now too tired to walk on “Oh my god, it’s way too hot and I left my sun cream at home!” I moaned.

Mikey looked at me “You mean, back in the hotel room?”

“No. Back at home. In England.” I sighed heavily “Raven, can I borrow some more sun cream please?”

She nodded and handed me the bottle. I squirted some onto my hand “Oops, that was a bit much…” I whispered, biting my lip before slapping into my arm “Oh god, too much, too much!” I squealed, trying to rub in the sun cream that was slowly turning my arm paler than it already was.

“Hozzie, you’re impossible.” Raven sighed heavily “That’s my sun cream, don’t waste it!”

“I’m sorry, it was an accident!” I cried, trying to take some off my arm to put it in other places “On the bright side, this arm will not get sun burnt.”

“Well that’s definitely a bright side.” Mikey grinned “Here, don’t waste anymore of Raven’s sun cream, you can use mine.”

“What factor is it?”

“Umm fifteen, I don’t really burn…”

“I burn really easily. I had factor fifty back in England but I have to settle for thirty here in Spain.” I sighed dramatically “Tis a shame, tis a cryin’ shame…”

“You’re so weird.” Astrid told me as we all sat down to eat our lunch. The hotel provided us with bags filled with lunch that stank and were usually filled with the most disgusting food in the world. Just like last year, I couldn’t eat any of it.

[A/N] - Hey guys, I didn't update on Saturday because my friends came over and kept me up ALL NIGHT to watch Disney movies. I slept from 8.30-1 yesterday and I started to write this chapter but I thought it was boring, deleted it and waited until today. Anyway, this story is kind of following what happened in Spain but since this is my story I've thrown in quite a bit of fiction because I want it to be happier than the real trip was :)
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