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Once we were done at the art place, we got back on the coach “Everyone that’s going to the nou camp has to get off first. Everyone shopping will get off afterwards.” Mrs Bradbury announced over the loud speaker of the coach.

Mikey sat next to me, Raven sat opposite and Ray sat next to her. We’d managed to steal a table off some annoying year sevens and it was more comfortable. Mikey smiled at me “So are you going to the nou camp?”

“Nope, I’m going shopping.”

“Any chance to hang round with Penina, huh?”

I was a little offended by that “Umm no? Football is boring and I like shopping. Is there a problem with that?”

“No, I’m sorry.” Mikey went red “I’m only going to the nou camp because my friends are and I thought it’d be sissy to say shopping in front of the whole of choir.”

“Quite a few of the guys are going shopping though?”

“Yeah but those guys are cool…” Mikey whined “Do you maybe wanna hang out on the beach later tonight? I noticed that you weren’t around last night.”

“Depends. Who are you hanging round with?”

“Oh, nobody. I just meant you and me. We wouldn’t even have to hang out on the beach; we could go to your room or something?” Mikey went redder “But only if you want to.”

By this point, I had gone bright red too “Yeah, that sounds like fun.” I assumed that if Penina and Frank weren’t arguing tonight then they’d still be with each other for the whole night so I might as well hang out with Mikey.

Mikey smiled as the coach pulled over. He opened his mouth to say something but Mrs Bradbury announced over the loud speaker that it was time for the nou camp people to get off. Mikey smiled at me again before getting off and following Ray off of the coach.

I got up and moved round to sit next to Raven “Hozzie, Ray just told me that he loves me!” Raven gushed.

I grinned “Aww, what did you say?”

“What do you think I said? I told him I love him too! But only because it’s true of course. What was Mikey saying to you?”

“He wants to hang out with me later.”

“Aww, that’s so cute!”

“… What’s so cute about it?”

“He totally has a crush on you!” Raven squealed “Aww, are you gonna be his girlfriend?”

I went bright red “He doesn’t have a crush on me! He just wants to hang out, there’s nothing weird about that…”

“Come on Hozzie-“

“What kind of boy in their right mind would have a crush on me?” I asked, raising my eye-brows “No way, you’re wrong about that Raven.”

Raven shrugged her shoulders and didn’t press the matter further. She started telling me about her plans for the night which included taking a lot of photos on the beach with Ray. Then the coach pulled up and we were there.

As soon as we got off, Penina bounded over to us and Raven told her about Ray telling her he loved her “Aww that’s so cute!” Penina cried “I remember the first time Frank told me that he loved me…” Penina said, suddenly in a daydream about her precious Frank.

I looked at Raven and raised my eye-brows. Raven just laughed and then we started walking towards the town, following Mrs Bradbury and two other teachers “Is it okay if we hang round with you today?” Anna asked with Lucretia standing behind her.

Raven nodded “Of course you can. Let’s check this map, okay?” Mrs Bradbury had given us all maps for the town and we none of us could read maps.

“Anna, you take geography!” I cried “How do you read this thing?”

“Personally, I think we should just walk around until we find somewhere cool.” Lucretia told us with a shrug of her shoulders.

“I think we should go to that awesome chocolate shop that Bradders mentioned!” Penina smiled.

“Chocolate in Spain? It’s gonna melt like a bitch…” Anna complained. I wondered whether Anna was really worried about the chocolate melting or all the calories that were in chocolate.

“Who cares? Oh my god wait, what the fuck is that?” Raven cried, pointing at something.

She happened to be pointing at what looked like a horse statue. But the horse was lying on its back with its arms in the air and its legs in a weird position. Penina started laughing before suddenly lying down on the floor and putting herself into the same position as the horse “Quick, take a picture!” Penina giggled hysterically.

As I took a picture, Lucretia asked “What if this is like a really sacred statue that you’re making fun of?”

“Why would they choose this as a sacred statue?” Raven asked as Penina got back up to her feet.

“Let’s go look at this chocolate shop!” I giggled and the five of us walked off.

We went inside the tiny shop and Penina picked up a box of large chocolates “I can afford this! I’ll buy it for my sister! She’ll love me forever!”

“Penina, Sweetie, it’ll melt by the time you get back to England…” I laughed.

Penina pouted “God, I’m stupid…”

[A/N] - Late update today because I've been out all day ;D It'll be a late update tomorrow as well because I'm going out tomorrow as well :L Anyway, I hope this fic is okay? :) I was thinking of making a sequel but not about tour, just random stuff...
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