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We’d been in five shops and as we walked out of the fifth one Raven started complaining “Okay, I hate shopping at the best of times but everything here is so expensive…” She moaned “I suggest we just sit down… And take photos…”

“You’re so lazy.” Anna teased with a smile “But yeah sure, let’s sit down for a bit.”

Everyone sat down except for Raven and Lucretia. Lucretia whispered something in Raven’s ear and Raven grinned “Oh, we’ll back in a second… Stay right there…” Then the two of them ran off together.

Penina rolled her eyes as she took a sip of her lemon Fanta (which according to her wasn’t available in England) and sat down “Wasn’t she the one just complaining about shopping and wanting to sit down?”

“She does have a point though; everything here is so expensive…” I said, pulling my camera out of my bag and taking several photo’s when suddenly Raven and Lucretia re-appeared.

Raven grinned and handed a small paper bag to Penina “I got you a present.”

Penina opened the small paper bag and found a colourful statue of a cat, just like the lizards that she’d picked up earlier “Aww thank you!”

“Because you look kind of like a cat.” Raven told her, pulling more small bags out of her bag “And I got these for the rest of you.” Raven said, handing Lucretia, Anna and me a small bag each.

We each opened it up and found a small bracelet. Anna’s was blue, Lucretia’s was purple and mine was white and pink “Thank you Raven.” I smiled, slipping the pretty bracelet onto my wrist.

“We’d better start walking back now otherwise the teachers will have a fit…” Penina said, jumping up and carefully putting the fragile cat back into the bubble wrap before fitting it into her bag.

Nearly everyone was sitting on some steps near the teachers so I sat down next to Rose “Hey!” Rose smiled “Look what I got.” Rose opened her bag and pulled out a large box of chocolates. They probably used to look quite pretty but now they’d melted everywhere and all over the place “Oh shit, I didn’t know that would happen…”

I laughed “Penina nearly made the same mistake.”

“I spent nearly thirty euros on this! Oh that stupid lady, she fucking knew they’d melt…” Rose grumbled, shoving the chocolates back in her bag.

Penina sat down next to me “Hey, Frank wants to play football on the beach tonight with the other guys so I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me? You, me and Anna could do all that stuff we planned the other night but also hang out on the beach and stuff…”

“Oh that sounds cool.” I smiled before remembering “Oh Penina, I can’t. I promised Mikey that I’d hang round with him.”

Penina pouted “Come on Hozzie, I’m your best friend! And you’d rather hang round with me than Mikey wouldn’t you?” I thought about it “And Mikey wouldn’t mind, it’s not like you two even talk very much is it?”

I sighed “Okay, fine… I’ll tell Mikey on the coach.”

“Thanks Hozzie!” Penina grinned as we got up to walk to the coach.

The nou camp people weren’t on the coach yet so I didn’t have to tell Mikey yet. I didn’t know what I was getting so worried about. Mikey wouldn’t mind, would he? It’s like Penina said, we didn’t even know each other that well whereas Penina and I were best friends.

I sat next to Raven though I planned to move the moment Ray and Mikey got on. Raven smiled at me “Today has been really good. I know I hate shopping but it was more the fact that we got to hang around with Penina for the first time in forever which made it even better…”

“I know what you mean.” I replied though I was actually kind of distracted.

Raven talked all the way to the nou camp about Ray, Penina, and the books she’d brought for her Mom (the fifty shades of grey trilogy if anyone was interested). I felt really bad when we pulled up outside the nou camp. Would Mikey would be upset or would he-

“Hey Hozzie, can you move please?” Ray asked politely with a small smile.

“Oh yeah, sorry, I was daydreaming…” I blushed, getting up and slipping into the seat opposite Raven.

Mikey sat down next to me and smiled “I wish I’d gone shopping you know. It was really crap at the nou camp. I don’t think Frank, Gerard, Ray or Bob liked it either.”

“Hey Mikey, remember we were gonna hang out tonight?” I asked and Mikey nodded, his smile increasing “Well, change of plans… Penina asked me and Anna to hang out and-“ Mikey’s smile fell from his face “We could hang out tomorrow night or something?”

“No because Frank will be playing football tomorrow night as well so Penina will most likely ask to hang out with you.” Mikey replied sadly “You do realise how pathetic that is right?”

“Are you calling me pathetic?”

“No, the fact that the moment Frank has plans that she comes running back to you. You shouldn’t hang round with her tonight Hozzie, out of respect. You don’t even have to hang out with me; you should just-“

“Mikey, you don’t understand how upsetting last night was for me.” I told him “And I know that I’m the pathetic one for always agreeing to everything Penina says but I take every opportunity to hang out with her. I’m really sorry.”

“Oh well.” Mikey shrugged his shoulders and put his headphones into his ears. The journey back to the hotel was really lonely without Mikey talking to me.

[A/N] - Hey! :) Another late update because I hung out with my friends all day and then I cam home and started writing when my Nan showed up :L It was awesome, she gave me some yellow doc martins as an early birthday present... So anyhoo, hope you're enjoying this :3 xoxo
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