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[A/N] – Hey Rose, I know you wrote that you’re an alto but I thought about it and Raechel is a soprano which is actually kind of important so you’re now a soprano ;)

“Okay, you all have half-an-hour to get ready before our first show so have a quick shower and whatever before coming downstairs.” Mrs Bradbury told us “Remember, black shoes and girls if you’re wearing skirts then please make sure they’re knee length.”

“Okay, I want the first shower!” Raven yelled, running towards the lift.

“First one to the room gets the first shower!” I yelled back, running to the stairs and going up two at a time which is pretty hard in flip-flops.

I made it back to the room long before Raven did and hopped into the shower. I had a quick shower then got out and pulled on a dress to wear around the room before I bothered to put my choir uniform on.

I emerged from the bathroom and Raven leaped up to have her shower. Penina was laying back on her bed in just her bra and underwear “Umm why aren’t you wearing any clothes?” I asked her.

“It’s too hot for clothes.” Penina told me “Besides, I’m about to get in the shower anyway so who cares?”

“I guess…” I pulled out another one of the cereal bars that my Mom packed and bit off a huge chunk. I was starving since I hadn’t had lunch “I hope we’re not having dinner at the hotel again.”

“Hozzie, our first show is at the hotel.” Penina reminded me “Of course we’re having dinner at the hotel!”

“But like the only thing they serve are chips, spaghetti and bread…” I moaned, flopping onto the bed “Penina, I told Mikey that I couldn’t hang round with him tonight.”

“Oh awesome!”

“No, it wasn’t awesome. I think he was kind of upset about it actually which I don’t understand because it’s not like I’m that interesting or anything…”

“Mikey will get over it. He can play football with the other guys. He’s friends with Frank, right?” I nodded “See, he’ll be fine.”

I was about to reply when Raven came out the bathroom “Well that was fast.” I said.

Raven shrugged “I take quick showers.”

Penina got up to use the bathroom and Raven sat down “Can we actually use your hair dryer or will it cut the power again?”

“Who says it cut the power in the first place?”

“I just know that was what caused it. I used it on the lowest setting but you had to use it on the highest setting, didn’t you?”

“I have thicker hair than you! It takes ages to dry my hair on the lowest setting.” I moaned, trying my best to towel my hair dry “I hate my hair. Look at it, it looks like a dogs hair.”

“Dogs hair?” Raven asked, raising her eye-brows “Your hair looks fine Hoz, honestly.”

“No it doesn’t, it looks hideous.” I replied, dragging a brush through it “Are we singing our song tonight?” A couple of months ago Miss Bolton had chosen me, Raven, Penina and Anna to sing ‘Princess of China’. We’d sang it at the Pre-Tour concert but someone had told Anna one of us was out of tune but refused to say who. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that person was me.

Raven shrugged her shoulders “I don’t know but I’m pretty sure that Rose will get every one of her songs tonight.”

Rose is a very talented soprano who Bradders choose for solos quite a lot. In the pre-tour concert she’d sang two songs in pop band, the solo part for the choir song ‘Quien Sera’ and her own solo about falling in love. And that was just the pre-tour concert. She’s an amazing singer we’ve all heard her voice so many times that we’re kind of starting to get bored of it.

People like Raven, Penina and Anna were equally as talented as Rose but were very rarely picked for solos which made them dislike Rose just a little.

“Oh well, I hope Astrid gets her song with Ray tonight.” I replied. They sang ‘Somebody that I used to know’. Astrid played guitar and sang while Ray just sang.

Raven nodded “Personally, I think Ray is better at guitar than Astrid.”

“I know but Ray sings more of the song than Astrid does so it was only fair.” I pulled off my dress and got into my blue choir shirt and black school trousers and slipped my feet into my black flip flops “I thought we were getting new choir shirts. The coach company wanted to sponsor us, didn’t they?”

“Yeah, nothing would be classier than having a choir shirt with a coach company logo on it.” Raven replied as she got into her own choir uniform “I don’t think they liked us that much anyway. We got a different coach this year, didn’t we?”

I nodded “Penina’s taking forever in the shower.”

“She’s probably not in the shower anymore. She’s probably doing her make-up or hair or both…”

At that moment Penina walked out of the bathroom with her hair in her usual 40’s hairdo and her make-up looking perfect “You’re still just wearing your underwear.” I told her.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m about to get dressed now…” Penina laughed.

There was a knock on the door and Penina squealed before diving into her bed and pulling the duvet over herself “Answer the door and get them to go away!”

I went to the door and found Ray standing there “Hey, can I come in please?”

“Penina’s in her underwear.” I told him.

“Oh umm okay, I’ll see you guys downstairs…” Ray replied, looking slightly confused as he walked away.

“Why did you tell him that?” Penina yelled “Hozzie!”

I laughed and walked back in “Hurry up and get dressed, we’ve gotta be downstairs in a couple of minutes.”

“You guys can go downstairs if you want.”

“No, it wouldn’t be fair to ditch you.” I said fairly even though I knew she’d waste no time leaving me alone for Frank.

Penina got into her uniform and smiled at me “You look Spanish.” I told her.

“How do I?”

“Well when you put your brown hair into that hair style, it looks like it’s Spanish and your skin is tanned so that makes you look Spanish and your skirt looks like a flamenco dancers…”

“Come on guys, we’re gonna be late for our first concert!” Raven told us and we went downstairs, all of us taking the stairs this time.

Everything was set up in the function room and we split up into altos, sopranos and boys. Soprano’s stood on the right, boys in the middle and altos on the left. Once choir had sung a song, we had to walk silently to the back of the room to let the soloists sing their songs. But some of us couldn’t handle being silent. Like Penina and Frank for example who were telling each other that they’d missed on another. They’d only been apart half-an-hour…

I sat with Raven, Ray and Mikey like I had on the coach. Mikey was talking to me again but he seemed more distant now.

[A/N] - Earlier update today because I didn't hang out with anyone today... Anyhoo I wanna go to the library and I still need a shower, to bring in the clothes and empty the dish-washer... Yay? Okay, hope you enjoyed the chapter! :)
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