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After dinner (I ate with Raven, Ray and Gerard again while Penina ate with Frank) Mrs Bradbury took us all down to the beach and told us that we had until quarter past eleven for key stage three and until half eleven for key stage four before we had to go back to the hotel room and it was lights out at midnight.

Penina slipped her arm through mine “So what are we gonna- Oh my god, what’s that?”

She pointed up in the sky and I saw what she was looking at. I didn’t know what it was but it lit up and spun through the air before going back down to the ground and some man caught it “Is he selling those?” Penina asked “Let’s go and buy one!”

So me, Penina and Anna walked over to the random man on the street and asked how much they cost “Three euros.” He told us.

Penina pouted “I don’t have that much money out with me. I left it in the hotel room.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll pay for it.” I replied, fishing out three euros and handing it to the man “It’ll be your present.”

“Oh thanks.” Penina grinned. The man showed Penina how to use it and the next thing we were running back down to the beach “I’m gonna shoot this into the air and you and Anna have to catch it, okay?” Penina smiled, pulling the shiny thing back in the slingshot and letting it go. It shot straight into the air then spun back down and me and Anna ran for it, both of us managing to fall over. She did that a couple more times when suddenly Miss Bolton came running over to us.

“Oh my god, what is that?” She squealed “I want one! Give me a go Penina!”

Penina handed it to her but when Miss Bolton tried to do it, it didn’t work very well. But she didn’t care “How much are these?”

“Three euros for one, five euros for two.” I told her.

“Oh my god, maybe Miss Chiverton wants one!” Miss Bolton smiled “Or maybe Mrs Bradbury. Come with me!”

“I’m just gonna go change my flip-flops.” Anna told us. Penina and I had given up on our flip-flops and had just left them abandoned somewhere on the beach with our bags.

Miss Bolton told the other teachers about the spinny thing excitedly and got Penina to demonstrate it “Do you think Miss Bolton is drunk?” I whispered to Penina.

Penina nodded “Definitely.”

Miss Bolton handed us ten euros “Me and Miss Chiverton want one each and Mrs Bradbury wants two. Go and get them please!”

We both nodded and ran off to the guy “He’s gonna think we’re proper weirdos!” I told Penina “Why would we need four of those things?”

“Because we have drunk teachers!” Penina giggled.

We made it back to the same guy “We’re back!” I laughed “We’d like four please.”

It took a while to get them because he was asking us what colour we wanted and we were trying to make our minds up about which teacher would like which. Penina already had a blue one and kept asking for a pink one so she could swap.

When we’d finally got all four of the spinny things, we ran back across the beach with them and then Penina yelled “We got them but I’m having the pink one!”

“No!” Miss Bolton yelled back “I’m having the pink one!”

Penina and Miss Bolton began arguing about who was going to have a pink spinny thing. This was weird. At that moment Anna arrived “We should do some cartwheels.” She told me.

I shook my head “I don’t know how to do cartwheels.”

Anna did a cartwheel though. As she went over, I heard a strange noise “What was that?” I asked her.

By this point, Anna was bright red “Hozzie… I split my shorts…” She stood up and showed me the huge split line down her shorts. I burst out laughing “It’s not funny!” Anna cried.

I shrugged “I’m going back up to the hotel room; I’m kind of tired now.”

Anna nodded “Me too. So I can get out of these shorts.”

We told Miss Bolton we were going to bed (I’m not sure if she noticed since she was busy with her spinny thing. Frank had come over by this point and Penina was showing him how to work it), I slipped my feet into my flip-flops and grabbed my bag “Did you see Mikey at all?” I asked Anna. She shook her head and I felt a little guilty. I was about to tell her all about it when Mrs Bradbury bumped into us, just coming out of the hotel.

“You share a room with Raven don’t you?” She asked me. I nodded “Could you tell her to come and see me?”

“Mrs Bradbury…” Anna whispered “I split my only pair of shorts.”

Mrs Bradbury burst out laughing and Anna went even redder “Look, I’ll buy you some more shorts if you tell us your size tomorrow and then you can pay me back in England, okay?” Anna nodded “Alright, goodnight girls.”

We said goodnight to her and then went back to our rooms. I couldn’t be bothered to find my room card from the bottom of my bag so I just knocked on the door. I had to wait quite a while before Raven answered it “I was in the shower.” She explained “Trying to wash off all the sand.”

“Mrs Bradbury wants to see you.”

“Oh great.” Raven sighed, running her fingers through her wet hair “I’m gonna get shouted at.”

“Why, what have you done?”

Raven took a deep breath and told me as she started getting dressed “You know that girl Jess who hangs around by herself?” I nodded “Well, I wanted to be friendly so I invited her to hang round with us. I’ve been doing it quite a bit since yesterday so that she didn’t feel so lonely. Anyway, tonight I wanted to ask her ‘Why are you always by yourself?’ but the words got muddled up in my mouth and I ended up asking ‘Why are you on tour?’” My eyes widened “And she got really upset and ran to her room and I think she was crying.” Raven sighed as she pulled on her dress “I feel really guilty.”

“Look, don’t worry about it…” I replied “I’m sure everything will be okay.”

Raven sighed “I guess it’s time to face the music. Will you come down with me please?”

I nodded and the two of us went downstairs and back to the beach. Mrs Bradbury wasn’t there “She’s sorting something out.” Miss Bolton told us “If you two take a seat she’ll be back soon.”

So we both sat down awkwardly in silence when suddenly Penina and Frank showed up “Hey, what’s wrong Raven?” Penina asked. Raven shook her head “Oh. Well can I have the room card please?”

“Maybe you should go up to the room too Hozzie.” Miss Bolton said “Mrs Bradbury will only want to see Raven for a few minutes.”

So I went upstairs with Penina and Frank and had to watch the two of them say goodbye to each other on the third floor (I didn’t know couples actually said ‘I love you more’ ‘No, I love you more’) but we finally made it back to the hotel room. Of course, Penina instantly asked what was wrong with Raven so I told her “No offence but I don’t think you can muddle something up like that.” Penina replied “And now she’s gonna be in a bad mood all night…”

At that moment, the hotel room door opened and Raven came in sobbing her eyes out “I feel like such a bad person!” She sobbed.

Penina got up and hugged her “It’s okay Raven, don’t worry…” She told her “What did Mrs Bradbury say?”

“She told me she couldn’t have me upsetting other students and I told her I didn’t mean to but she didn’t believe me…” Raven pulled away from Penina “I need to brush my teeth…”

Penina sat down next to me “Now I feel bad for what I said about her being in a bad mood…”

[A/N] - I had a really bad dream last night that we created a creepy animal and sent it up to the loft and then tried to kill it but it ran away and hid in the loft... Frank Iero was there and he stroked my feet? And I was reading his dm's on twitter? Anyway, hope you liked the chapter! :D
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