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[A/N] – This is gonna sound so weird but Penina and Raven I kind of think of you two as my Ficwad best friends :L Like last night when I checked the reviews for Different you were both there and you two are always the first to review on this one and we review on each other’s and I dunno, I just think it’s awesome :’) Also, I never refer to you as your username now… When I check my reviews I’m like ‘Oh sweet Penina reviewed’ :D

The next morning Raven was feeling a lot better. Mainly because Ray had come over first thing the next morning to tell her that everything was okay and no one was mad at her (well Jess was probably still upset but nobody mentioned that). We went downstairs for breakfast and then went into the lobby to hear what we were doing today.

“We’re not actually going out until lunch time.” Mrs Bradbury announced “We’ll be taking a packed lunch with us.” Everyone groaned slightly when they heard that “And then we won’t be coming back to the hotel so bring your choir stuff with you.”

“She didn’t even mention where we were going.” Penina pointed out as we walked off to get into our swimming costumes for a morning of swimming “Should we bring money?”

“Check the itinerary.” Frank suggested.

“It’s all wrong.” I told him “According to the itinerary we were meant to go to Barcelona tomorrow instead of yesterday.”

“I think we’re going shopping in some random town.” Raven said.

Once we were back in the hotel room Raven groaned “I need to apologise to Jess. Mrs Bradbury said I had to but I wanted to anyway only those bitchy year eleven girls won’t leave her side and keep giving me dirty looks! I can’t apologise while they’re there!”

“Well wait until she’s by herself before you apologise.” I told her, pulling on my swimming costume “I’m so glad I got a swimming costume with bust control!” I announced as I came out of the bathroom.

Penina looked at me “Hozzie… Your bust control… Well…”

I looked down. My bust control was all bunched up “Why were you looking at my bust?” I cried as I ran back into the bathroom.

“Well you said it was working out for you so I thought I’d check it out.”

I laughed, finished adjusting my bust control and then left the bathroom again “Finally, I think it’s my turn!” Penina said, going into the bathroom.

Raven was reading one of the fifty shades of grey books “Wow, this book is so messed up…” She laughed, handing it to me.

I read the section that she’d read then passed it back “So basically he fingered her in an elevator of people… Then he’s all ‘Oh let’s have sex everywhere!’”

“Pretty much. Isn’t it just about some guy who has a bunch of weird sexual fantasies and-“

“I don’t know and I don’t care!” I cried “My mind is too innocent for this nonsense!”

“Bathroom’s free.” Penina said as she walked out in a purple spotty bikini. Raven jumped up to the use the bathroom “I found out why Frank won’t go swimming.” Penina smiled “I already knew about his ear infection but I told him we could just sit on the edge but he won’t because he’s embarrassed about his swimming trunks.” I burst out laughing “Apparently they’re too high up his legs or something? I told him that Will’s were like that and he went ‘But Will’s cool…’”

“I don’t think anybody would care.” I replied “It’s so hot that nobody would blame him for wanting to cool off in the pool.”

“He’d rather boil apparently.” Penina shrugged “And I don’t wanna leave him by himself so I guess I won’t be swimming at all this year.”

Raven came out the bathroom in a swimming costume “Are you guys ready to go then?”

I just sat on the edge of the pool again watching a weird battle for a ball unfold. I sat by myself for a while before Mikey sat down next to me “Hi Mikey!” I smiled “Where were you last night?”

“Oh I stayed in my room with Gerard.” Mikey replied going a little pink “Whatever. Did you have a good time with Penina?”

I shrugged my shoulders “I hung round with her for a bit then hung around with Anna who split her shorts.” Mikey laughed “I kind of wish I’d hung out with you.”

“Oh. Well we could tonight? But please don’t cancel on me this time…”

“I won’t! I mean, I won’t cancel on you, I’ll totally hang round with you tonight.” I smiled.

“Awesome.” Mikey grinned “Uhh Gerard kinda said he’d hang round with me though but he won’t mind you being there if you don’t mind him…”

“No, that’s fine.” I told him.

After swimming I had a quick shower, dried my hair (which took forever on the lowest setting) and got dressed then shoved my choir uniform into my bag. It didn’t take long for the three of us to get ready and then we were on the coach “Where are we going?” I asked Mikey.

“Shopping I guess.” Mikey replied “Wherever it is, it’s gotta be better than the nou camp.”

I laughed “Is everything okay Mikes? You looked kind of embarrassed when I asked where you were last night…”

“Oh nothing, it’s fine.” Mikey replied hurriedly “Hey look, we’re here now!”

I sighed. I decided to just ask Gerard why he was acting so weird.

Once the rules had been set for what time we had to be back and stuff we were allowed to do what we want. Well the first thing I did was bin my packed lunch “I think we should find somewhere to have lunch first.”

I was hanging round with Ray, Raven, Caitlin, Anna, Nyasha, Katie and Bob. Bob was pretty angry as he watched Abbie walk away with Tom “She kissed me then fucking ditched me!” Bob cried “God she’s such a-“

“Bob, you kissed her back.” Raven said “Anyway, I think I saw a McDonalds down here so let’s go…”

As we walked down the street, a Spanish lady was walking past us so I said really loudly “Tengo barba y me lamo!” The old lady gave me a disgusted look before walking slightly faster.

“You can’t say that to strangers!” Raven laughed.
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