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“Hollie, I am begging you, please shut up!” Caitlin cried “You have got that stupid song stuck in my fucking head now please be quiet.”

I grinned “Tengo barba, tengo barba…” I sang quietly “Tengo barba, tengo barba, tengo barba, TENGO BARBA!” I started singing quietly then got louder with each ‘tengo barba’.

We all went inside McDonalds and I continued singing the song in the queue even though Caitlin continued to beg me to shut up. I was really worried about ordering. How on earth did you say ‘chicken nugget happy meal’ in Spanish? I was only re-assured when Astrid turned around and told me he spoke English.

“I guess it’d be okay if he didn’t.” I replied “I could just act out being a chicken.” I told them, pretending to be a chicken.

“Oh my god, you are not normal…” Caitlin whispered.

I laughed and turned to the random Spanish person next to me “Tengo barba y me lamo.” They looked uncomfortable before going and joining a different queue.

I laughed again and made it to the front of the queue “Chicken nugget happy meal.” I told him.


“I don’t want a drink.”

“Water! For the outside!” He cried before turning around and sorting out my food.

I just stood there wandering what the hell he was on about. He came back with my food and a bottle of water “It’s free! For the outside! Hot day!” He told me. I nodded dumbly and handed my euros over to him.

I picked up my tray, turned around and found Penina and Frank in the queue “Hollie! How much did that cost you?” Penina asked me.

“Three euros.”

Penina gestured to the board “But that says-“

“I had a happy meal.” I told her plainly. Frank laughed.

Penina laughed too “Oh okay. See you later.”

I smiled “Bye.”

I went over to the table that everyone else sitting at. Ray had his arm round Raven and Raven was munching chicken nuggets while crying “These are better than the ones in England!” Caitlin was mumbling my tengo barba song under her breath, Anna was nibbling on an apple slice (who orders fruit at McDonalds?) and Bob was telling Astrid and Nyasha how irritated he was about Abbie kissing all those other boys.

I sat down and Nyasha cried “Nah man don’t worry she’s a charv anyway.”

“A charv?” I asked “Don’t you mean a chav?”

“That’s how I say it. Charv.”

“That’s so weird…” Caitlin giggled.

“You think everything’s weird.”

“Well you are weird! You sing songs about having beards! That’s crazy!”

“It’s not that weird!”

“Would you guys stop arguing about what’s weird and what isn’t?” Ray asked.

“Oh my god man have you tasted these chicken nuggets?” Raven cried.

“They are really nice!”

“You guys do realise that we have to be back in like twenty minutes?” Astrid asked.

“What? Twenty minutes? Are you sure?”

“Yes. We spent a lot of time in McDonalds…” Astrid told us calmly as she nibbled on a chip “Anyway, I wanted to look in that shop.”

“Zero?” Caitlin asked. Astrid nodded “Alright, let’s go then.”

We all stood up and went to a clothes shop called Zero “Wow, look at this tee shirt!” Caitlin cried, holding it up “I must buy this!”

“Guys, we need to be back in five minutes…” I said “We need to leave. Like now.”

“Not until I have brought this tee shirt!” Caitlin yelled, heading to the check out.

I sighed heavily “Look how long the queue is!”

“She can’t help it.” Anna pointed out “And it was a nice tee-shirt…”

Ten minutes later we were running up the street as fast as we could until we got to a road “Push the button!” I yelled.

Raven pointed “There’s no button. Look there’s a timer. We have to wait fifty seconds.”

“That is the most stupid system I have ever heard of.”

“Look, it’s only fifty seconds, it could be five hundred?” Ray said. I glared at him and he said “Oh but it is fifty and the system is kinda stupid…”

“There, it’s nearly over now.” Raven sighed “I’m not looking forward to tonight’s concert. What if we have to sing our song?”

“That’d be awesome.” Ray smiled “I love your voice Raven.”

Raven went bright red “I love your voice more.” Then finally the timer got down to zero and we crossed the road.

An hour later we were walking down streets carrying all the equipment from the coach. Me and Penina had been given boxes of CD’s were relatively easy to carry “Frank has to actually help set up the equipment because of his work experience,” Penina explained “We just have to carry it there.”

“I hate carrying stuff, I always get stuck with the heavy stuff.”

“You’re carrying a box of CD’s…”

“Just wait until after the show, it’ll be something really heavy I can guarantee!”

“Whatever.” Penina smiled putting down the box of CD’s “We didn’t do much in that town. We were in McDonalds most of the time.”

“So were we.”

“I can’t wait for tomorrow!” Penina smiled “We’re going to a theme park!”

[A/N] - Relatively short and boring chapter (That day in Spain was pretty boring to be fair...)
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