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“Are we singing our song tonight?” Anna asked Miss Bolton.

Miss Bolton shook her head “I’m sorry but you and Raven kept asking to practice and we don’t have the time to practice. If you girls aren’t confident enough to go on stage then that’s the end of it. You won’t be performing Princess of China.”

Anna sighed heavily as Miss Bolton walked away. She looked slightly embarrassed before walking away “Is she okay?” I asked Penina “I mean it was just the one song…”

“Yeah but Anna’s a perfectionist.” Penina told me “I think that thing about us not having enough confidence was the real reason. Apparently one of us was off tune in the concert.”

“That was probably me.” I replied, going bright red “You know the oh’s before my solo lines? Well I couldn’t remember my lines so instead of focusing on the oh’s I was trying my best to remember my lines so that I didn’t look like a lemon stage.”

Penina laughed “I kind of wanted to sing it but I guess it’s a relief if anything. Miss Bolton was right about us not being confident enough. Though I did kind of want to rub this in Genevieve’s face. Oh and Rose’s face too.”

“You can guarantee that Rose will have all of her songs.” I said bitterly. I loved Rose but I wished she wasn’t picked to sing at every concert. Honestly, I prefer listening to Raven or Astrid or Ray sing.

“The shows about to start, let’s go.” Penina said, taking my hand and pulling me towards the stage.

The show was good except for when the swing band sang ‘All my loving’. The group is basically a bunch of kids playing instruments then two girls and Gerard are the vocalists. Anyway, Gerard lost his voice and couldn’t sing properly. He burst into tears on stage and had to go sit with the teacher.

He came over to me, Raven and Ray afterwards “This guy came over to me when I sat out,” Gerard told us “And he was like ‘don’t worry, all my loving is a hard song to sing. I’m sending you all my loving.’ Then he squeezed my shoulder. I suppose he thought it was a soft squeeze but it fucking hurt!”

I noticed Anna, Astrid, Bob and Mikey sitting in a small circle while some people packed away the last of the equipment. Miss Bolton noticed too and squealed “Oh my god let’s play duck duck goose!”

Raven, Ray, Gerard and I joined the group and Miss Bolton went round tapping each of us on the head chanting ‘Duck, duck, duck, duck…’ “Miss Bolton’s really weird…” Raven whispered in my ear.

Halfway through the game Mrs Bradbury announced that it was time to go back to the hotel and Miss Bolton groaned “We will carry this game on at the beach!” Miss Bolton told us all sternly.

I sat next to Mikey on the way back “We could go down to the beach tonight or we could just hang out in my room? I know that girls aren’t allowed in boys rooms but it’s not like they’ll find out.”

“I’d rather hang out in your room.” I smiled “I hope Gerard’s voice gets better. His cover of ‘why god’ gave me goose bumps, it was one of the most amazing things I’d ever heard.”

“I’m sure it would mean a lot to him if you told him that.”

I went bright red “Oh, I couldn’t, we don’t even talk that much, he’d think I was stupid…” Mikey shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

Later after dinner I got dressed in a black ‘London’ tee-shirt, shorts and some leggings then went up to the fifth floor. I knocked on the door a few times and Mikey opened it nearly straightaway. He smiled at me and let me in “I just need to go downstairs and tell Frank something.” He waved at me then walked away.

I went into the room and sat on someone’s bed. Gerard was sitting on the other bed flicking through his iPod “I brought my speakers with me so we can listen to music.”

“Gerard, I wanted to ask you about something.” I said, making him look up at me “I asked Mikey where he was last night and he got all embarrassed. I think there’s something he’s not telling me. Do you know what it is?”

Gerard bit his lip “Well yeah but I-“

Please tell me Gerard.”

“It’s just that last night he was crying and telling me all this stuff…”

“About what?”

Gerard went red “About you.”

“About me?”

Gerard opened his mouth but soon shut it when Mikey came inside “I told him!” Mikey smiled. Then his smile disappeared “What is it?”

“Nothing.” Gerard said quickly “Look, I think I might go down to the beach after all. You two can stay up here if you want.” He stood up and smiled “See you later.”

He left and Mikey sat down on the same bed as me “Hozzie, what were you and Gerard talking about?”

I went bright red “Look don’t get mad but…” I told him what Gerard had said “What exactly did you say?”

Mikey went as red as me “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“No, please tell me Mikes, did I upset you or…?”

“Well it’s just that you ditched me for Penina and I was all upset…”

“Don’t take this the wrong way but you and me don’t really talk much so-“

“I was happy when you said you wanted to hang round with me because I have a crush on you, okay?” Mikey cried “And I was going to tell you last night but then you went off with Penina and I was feeling like crap.”

My face felt like it was on fire “Oh… I’m sorry.”

We both sat there for a moment before Mikey leaned forward and kissed me. Yes he kissed me.

I’d only been kissed once by this boy called Tim who I’d gone out with for six days. I’d broken up with him because I wasn’t used to boys liking me and it kind of creeped me out that he liked me so much. I’m not good with relationships. I can’t even handle it when a boy I like hugs me.

And I knew I couldn’t handle Mikey kissing me. I pulled away “I’m sorry, I can’t handle-“ My eyes filled with tears. I stood up and ran out of the room before I burst into tears.

[A/N] - This is the third time I have tried to upload this IT BETTER FUCKING WORK NOW! I hope you like it! :3 Also, the guy who sang 'All my loving' and 'Why God' is real and I really was too scared to tell him :L But after writing this chapter I decided to tweet it to him and he was really happy about it :')
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