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Keeping My Emotions To Myself

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So boom xD


Down to the last few chapters now i think im not sure..

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"" Frank breathed. Louise felt an arm around her shoulder. Dani. She leaned against it in shcok and anger. Then Dani stood up.

"I'll be back in a minute," She muttered storming over to Gerard before louise could stop her.

"Louise," Frank said. Louise's nails were scratching at the table, the anger visible on her face. She didn't look around at Frank, her eyes followed Dani as she approached Gerard.

"What the hell?" Dani snarled to him.

"I can explain," Gerard said smoothly.

"You could at least have had the decency," She spat the words out. "To break off the engagement before snogging her enemy!"

Gerard opened his mouth to defend himself, but he never got the chance. Dani punched him as hard as she could, breaking his nose. Blood splattered everywhere as he collapsed to the ground.

Lindsey slapped Dani and threw her to the ground, scratching the side of her face with her fake nails.

"Oh god," Frank said as Louise stood up, she was pushed to boiling point. She walked over to lindsey and grabbed her by the hair pulling her backwards. Her face was inches away from Louise's.

"Dont you dare, dont even think about fucking about with my sister," Louise snarled into Lindsey's face. Louise looekd up from Lindsey and made eye contact with Gerard.

Gerard looked away not saying a word. Lindsey pulled Louise's hand out of her hair and walked over to Gerard, but not before giving Dani, who was still on the ground a kick in the ribs.

She cried out in pain and Frank rushed over to her. Louise looked between Gerard and her sister. Her twin was coughing up long strings of blood.

"To think i let you in," Louise muttered to Gerard. She approached Gerard and opened the palm of his hand maintaining eye contact. "I don't know why i let myself into you, your a bastard," And with that Louise placed the engagement ring into his palm closing his hand around it and keeping eye contact. Lindsey tugged on Gerard's arm and they walked away, hand's linked.

"Louise," Frank whispered.

"Im fine," Louise said sadly watching Gerard and Lindsey walking away.

"Okay," Frank said. They all directed their attention back to Dani.

"I will go and find Andy," Louise said as Dani moaned in pain.

"Isn't Andy in hospital?" Mikey asked

"It's her way of saying i need to be alone so don't follow me," Frank explained.

Louise walked around the school a couple of times to try and clear her head. Dani was in alot of pain and she was a bit out of it, she barely realized her twin had left.

Frank went and got the school nurse while Mikey and Ray stayed with Dani. An ambulance was called but Louise wasn't back by the time it arrived so Frank with Dani while Ray went to find Louise and Mikey explained what had happened to Ashley, Jinxx and Jake.

Ray gave up when the bell had gone for next class. He knew Louise was in Art with Gerard and they had to do a project together.

'Thats gonna be awkward' Ray thought. He sighed and headed for French but he couldn't concentrate. He was too busy worrying about Dani and hoping Louise does not loose it completly. Louise seemed dazed and keeping to herself today.

Louise reached art. She sat down in her chair expressionless not looking at Gerard. Gerard tried to speak to her, but she cut him off by raising her hand and blanking him off. His nose had been taped and a bandage placed over it. 'Good girl Dani' Louise thought in her head.

"What ever it is you need to say to me, just say it," Louise snapped at Gerard.

"Im sorry," He whispered.

"Sorry doesn't cut it," She whispered back, her voice cracking as she fought back tears.

Gerard felt guilty. "Louise," He whispred.

"Fuck this," Louise said just as soon as the bell rang signalling the end of school. She met up with Frank, Ray and Mikey forcing the tears back inside.
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