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Taking A Turn, Restarting Again

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"Hey," Louise smiled approaching her friends. The three of them hugged her and Frank kissed the top of her head.

"So we heading to the hospital?" Mikey asked

"I was about to ask you guys the exact same question," Louise said. Mikey smiled and they all jumped into the jeep as they drove to the hospital.

"Im sure the hospital is sick of our faces," Ray said. Louise was itching for a cigarette. She was itching a cigarette all day but couldn't take one. Frank was amazed how calm Louise was after today's events. He had never seen her so to herself.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Mikey asked, concern clear on his face.

"Yeah... shock..... pain," She murmured the last word.

"To be honest i never thought this would ever happen, i thought you guys were perfect fro eachother, " Mikey said honestly.

"Do did i, but it looks like we're not," Louise whispered keepign her attention out the window. Frank squeezed Louise's hand and she squeezed it back, thankfull for the comfort.
Ray pulled up at the hospital and they all got out of the jeep. Frank never let go of Louise's hand. They found out which ward Dani was in and made their way to it.

"Hey," Dani croaked out spotting her friends. She was pale and in pain as she lay on the bed.

"How are you?" Ray asked

"Okay, just waiting for the x-rays to come back," Dani responded.

"I swear, do you know how much my hate has ggrown for her?" Louise muttered.

"What happened after i left?" Dani asked. She knew Louise was keeping something from her. Dani winced in pain every time she spoke. The scratches Lindsey had left cut into her lip. They were deep and wide. Louise wanted to gouge Lindsey's eyes out for that.

"Nothing," Louise muttered.

"Louise," Frank said looking at her.

"Okay how to word it but.." Louise said looking down

"What is it, you can tell us," Mikey said. They all looked at her.

"I only found out this morning, but let's just say. There is a baby on the way," Louise muttered. Her face was still poker straight, but her eyes were filled with fear and heartbreak.

Dani reached out of the bed to hold Louise's hand "I am here, i'll support you, the both of you," Dani whispered.

Frank stood in shock and Mikey's eyes were wide. "I AM GOING TO BE AN UNCLE?" Mikey's voice went all high pitched. He scooped Louise up into a hug and Louise buried her head into his shoulder.

"Yeah," Louise said meekly.

"Awww," Frank and Ray laughed

"But that bastard who happens to be my childs father, does not know. I have no intentions to let him know, he is not to know that the child even exsists," Louise said. Ray looked at her doubtfully but nodded.

"But-" Frank started.

"No," Louise interrupted him.

"I think it will be obvious in a few months," Mikey said pointing to Louise's stomach.

"Trust me i know what i am going to do," Louise said.

"What?" Frank murmured rubbing her stomach.

Louise took a deep breath "I am going to go back to England with my dad, he will help me take care of the child and when the child grows up i will bring he or she here to meet you, because im sure they will want to know their father,"
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