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These winter winds

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And my head told my head this time let love grow, but my heart told my head let it go.

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Franks POV:

"My head told my heart let love grow, but my heart told my head this time no." I sighed softly holding gerards hand tighly not letting go "I'll tell you my head won over my heart. Thats why i'm here with you." I smiled "That's why i'm standing here braving these winter winds, to be with you." I sighed happily telling Gerard how we came to be.
"The time i've given to be with you. I'd never want back. They've been the best. Some people say they'd wish they'd not wasted there time doing this, but i'm greatful i've wasted my time with you. I'd do it a thousand times over and over." I told him, every word sounding from my tongue and splashing out my lips trueful, everything meaning to much for me to put into words. Our love sounded like a sad song in the long run, no one knew it would turn into a sad, sad song with nothing to say but a story of love, hurt, smiles and unhappy endings. Nothing turns out to be a fairytale, not even this story, the hardships you go threw kills off the love, not me for me and gerard. I was dying. Only me, Gerard and the doctors knew this. I wouldn't tell anyone what off, but it's eating me from the inside out. Each day, i slowly get taken away, losing feeling in joints, muscles, bones. You could stab me, i wouln't feel it. The only thing i could feel was the hurt Gerard was going threw, knowing all this. I knew suicide would take him, after me. He told me that, he'd kill himself in the nicest way possible, taking a huge overdoes and dying peacefully in his sleep, like i would. I die in a hospital bed. Others dying around me, the machines beeping and to keep me going a few more minuties, i didn't want to be on life support. I needed to make everyday specail with Gerard, they guy i wanted to die old with, we knew that wouldn't happen.
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