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The ghosts that we knew

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He held my hand i could feel him slipping away...

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Gerards POV:

Franks condition had gotton worse, day in day out. He was fading away, into a ghost. Mine and his hope torn apart, he had no life left, i either slept, cried or we held eachother tight. I promised it'll be alright, i knew he'd die, it wouldn't be alright. I was weak it was eating away at him, it gave me such a fright, he was holding on tight and asked me to promise it'll be alright, i did just that. Held is hand, pulled him threw the winter into the spring. He did his hardest to pull threw the depts of it, winter was harsh on frank, his breathes getting shoter the last one getting nearer.

We spend the hole of march and part of april in the hospital ward 6 room 342. I'll never forget that room, i walked in and out endless times, the last time was harsh, and sad, but not alone. The walk to the morge, my lifeless lover beside me. His eyes stared into mine in our last moments until, i joined him. In the morgue, and the ghosts we'll become, the curse of our lovers eyes. There's no drink or drug i haven't tried to kill these lovers eyes, i feel num. We're to young heads to dumb, to bear the weight of these lovers eyes. Do you ask the price i've paid to sleep next to frankie.

The ghosts we knew will flicker through, the old, the young, the new. We stood there, watching the newely dead walk past us, waving and smiling: The murder victims, suicide takers, babies who had no will power to walk this world, the old who'd walked this world there time up, and the deaths of a thousand souls. We took these souls, ate these souls, saved these souls. The liars of the truth. The beautiful nightmare. The reapers. The hunters. The broken. The death of cancer, the cancer what took frankie. The death of suiced, the death of which took me. Me and Frankie stood forever together on that hill. The tent besides us, we made love in and made happy endings. No happy endings were ever going to happen. There just endings we wished to be true. The wishers of happy endings sat apon this hill, together the ending they needed the ghosts of Frank and Gerard, did no haunting just sitting.
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