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I picked my way through the halls and found the office with a little help. The woman behind the desk smiled at me. "I like your cross." She tucked her hair behind her ear, exposing her black cross earrings.

"Thank you. I'm here for my class schedule." She typed at the keyboard rapidly. "Eva Gray." I murmured softly.

"Ah. There it is. I'll call a student in from your first class to show you the way while I print out everything." She clicked a few things.

A printer groaned in the corner next to her. She dialed a cordless phone as she stood up and grabbed the papers. "Hi Jane. I have a new student for you in the office. Can you send one from class to come get her?.... Okay. Bye." She hung the phone and waved me forward. "This is your class schedule, the times the periods start and end, you locker number and the combination." She highlighted each in a different color.

"Thanks." I took them and sat back down. I looked over each once.

"Your classmate should be here soon. If you have questions, you can ask them or a teacher." I nodded silently.

Neither of us had heard the door open. "Ms. Davis sent me." The soft voice made me jump slightly.

A tall girl stepped in the office. Everyone was taller than me though. Her long soft brown hair curled down the back of her purple shirt.

"Eva, this is Joyce." I stood as the girl turned to look at me. Her blue eyes gleamed brightly against her cream skin.

"Hi." She beamed at me I smiled back, putting my bag back on. "I love your cross. I wore my charm bracelet today." She held her arm out for me to see.

Crosses and small pictures hung from the thick silver chain. She waited for me at the door. "So is this a big christian town?" I asked, curious.

"Pretty much, yeah." She shrugged. "There's only one family who isn't. The youngest girls actually go here." An odd look crossed her face. "They're freaks."

"Freaks?" I stopped, remembering the bike. "How so?" She came closer to me.

"They think they're witches. I mean come on! How crazy can you be?" I didn't answer.

The word was crashing around in my head. Witches. "But witches aren't real." I breathed.

"Tell that to the Hart family." She stared walking again. "One of them is actually in our class. Nobody talks to her. It's actually really sad. They're both really pretty."

I was only half listening to her now. "Do they ride bikes?" I asked thoughtlessly.

"The older does. The younger one usually walks." I nodded. "Why?"

"Just curious." I sighed.

"Be careful. I heard that the last fuel who was 'curious' about them is still in the mental hospital." I froze to the spot.

She walked about ten feet before she noticed. "Eva?" I shook myself and ran to catch up to her.

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