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I sat next to Joyce in our English class. The Hart girl sat in the corner. There was a three desk gap on either side of her

She didn't seem to mind though. Actually, she seemed to embrace it.

All through the class period, I'd throw quick glances over my shoulder back at her. Only once was she looking back.

I instantly froze in my seat, eyes locked on hers. It wasn't the same girl I'd seen before.

Her hair was just as dark, only longer, brushing her shoulders with every move she made. And she was just as pale.

The smile she gave me sent fear skittering through me. It said that she knew more than I, or anyone in the room, did.

She looked back down, her hand flashing along the paper under it again. "Sage?" Ms. Davis's voice xarried back.

The whole room looked to the girl in the corner. "Yes?" She looked back at Ms.Davis. She looked so calm.

"What did you get for number five?" Nobody looked away from the girl. She picked up her paper and cleared her throat.

"Describe Guy Montag." She read the question. "Brave as he was, he still hid his differences from those around him out of shame and fear. And that made him the biggest coward of all."

People looked away with scoffs. I bit my lip to keep my mouth from falling open. The bell rang, making me jump.

"Keep your papers." Sage was at the door before Ms. Davis had finished speaking.

I closed the paper in my notebook and followed quickly. In the very short time it had taken me to get to the door, a group had gathered.

In the middle, Sage was pinned to the floor, a book not far from her. I pushed my way to the front.

Her eyes were open, staring at the girl on top of her. I couldn't make out what the girl said over the screams of 'fight'.

After a moment, the girl stood, kicked Sage in the stomach and picked up the book. "Next time watch where you walk freak." The girl sneered and left.

Sage curled in on herself tightly. "Move!" A sharp voice came a second before the girl did.

It was her. The dancer. She and her sister wore similar clothes.

Bright and dark colors. "Sage?" She fell to her knees by her sister. "Sage." She took her hands.

"N-ix?" Sage coughed. A smile crossed Nix's face. A smile I knew. The smile that I'd dreamt of. She ripped open her bag and pulled a small pouch out of it.

I watched curiously as she closed Sage's habds around it. She slipped her hands under Sage's shirt as Sage buried her face against the pouch.

All the kids screamed and ran away as Nix's mouth began to move, bumping me around in their fear. I stayed behind, watching the sisters.

After a moment, Nix recoiled from Sage as her body relaxed. "Is she okay?" I whispered.

Both girls snapped their heads up to look at me. Nix's face was twisted with pain. I started forward to try to help, but Sage'd glare stopped me. She grabbed the bags and helped Nix up

Bouncing against Nix's hip was a small pink bag. As they passed me, a heavy smell made my whole body tingle.

Chapter five up! Ve~ R+R and all that. I have a hole on my hand that I need to go clean before something bad happens.

Hugs and Blood,
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