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Let the games begin.

by Unknown098123

Mia gives in to Franks 'idea'...

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Hello, sorry for the lack of updates, ive been planning mine and my 3 friends holiday for next year, we're going to paris and disney:3 also my light blew so this is me, with 0 light looking like a zombie, its how I had to type, stupid cheepo bulbs-.- yeah meh, it follows directly on from last chapter so go read the last line or somthing if you dont get the start of this.

I swollowed the chicken wing I was eating, Frank never had good ideas. They mostly involved fictional creatures and milkshakes..

"Im nervous, mostly because you look really really creepy...Stop looking at me like that" I turned my head so I wasnt looking him in the eye, as he was wearing a rapist facial expression.

"Nothing to be nervous about. You should be exited" he told me, still with the same creepy face.

"Is this about my birthday? are we going on a trip? are we going to Florida? FRANK ARE YOU TAKING ME TO DISNEY WORLD!?!, THANKYOU SO MUCH SERI.."

"No, dipshit" he cut me off, my exitment about my non-existant vacation dying.

"Oh..Then what?" I asked, instantly curious.

"Well..You miss sex and I miss sex..You're a very attractive person, and I know iam. So, how about me and you fuck. Alot. Nothing else involved..As soon as we're done, we're friends again, No silly complications, no falling in love, no 'meeting the family' no cuddling. Just mindless fun sex...Friends with benefits" He told me, looking pleased. Was he fucking serious. I mean, come on.. IM I REALLY THAT VISIBLY DESPERATE. Even little Franklin should know.. This is a baaaaad idea, it would ruin our friendship.

"Soooooo?!?!" He asked me grinning like a bushel basketful of possum heads.

I waited, sometimes with Frank if you wait long enough, he corrects himself. Sometimes that is.

By the looks of it, it wasnt one of those times.

"Are you retarded?" I asked, getting a horrible stare from a group of disabled people sat near us. Oops.

"For your information, I have had brain scans and they came out perfectly fine. Thankyou" He spat.

"I'd get re-tested" I muttered.

We sat eating our dessert in silence for a while.

"WHY DON'T YOU LIKE MY IDEA" Frank cried, very very loud and the whole diner turned to look at us, I may have to slip him in with the disabled people on the way out..

"Shut up, and its stupid, its obvious you're going to develop feelings, and mess up our friendship" I said, in his famous 'matter of fact tone' trying to look mature out of the two of us. It wasn't really hard, but still. God im a bitch. Mehehe.

ME!?! PFFT AHAHAH ME!? ME?" He yelled very loud again.

"Shhhhh, for god sake Frank calm down! and yes you. I know I won't develop feelings...You on the other hand.."

"Hey, you're the girl here. Not me, girls always develop feelings first, its a fact!"

"Frank, its a bad idea. Im not doing it, we're leaving" I said, harshly. I dont fall easy, someone could jump in front of a bullet for me and I would still have a hard time loving them.


Okay, so it has been a long time since I had sex. I wouldn't go as far to say im begging..But it would be nice..and If Frank gets feelings he'll have to get over them, he isnt a very sensitive person anyway. Oh fuck it.

"Hello, Fraaaaaaaaaank speeking"

"I'll do it."


"Yes, ill do it"

"Awesome, im coming over"

Im not exited.

Im not exited.

Im not exited.

Im fucking exited.


"Okay, Rules;

Just sex, nothing more, nothing less.

We will resume being bestfriends after we have done said sex.

There will be no 'after sex hugging'

There will be no spooning.

There will be no 'falling in love'

No cheating, so if the other person gets a girlfriend/boyfriend sex stops.

NOW WE MUST SWEAR ON THE BIBLE" Frank told me all this in his 'king Iero' voice.

"Put your hand on the bible" he told me.

"Frank..Thats the dictionary" I pointed out, as kindly as I could.

"Oh, do you have a bible?" what sort of question was that.


"WELL THE DICTIONARY IT IS...put your hand on it"

I put my hand on top of his on the 'bible'



"I DO..Let the games begin" he grinned, he made the first move by kissing me, it was no big deal, ive kissed frank before.

He shoved his tounge in my mouth and I did the same for him, his hands found the bottom of my shirt and tugged at it.

I pulled down his pants and pulled off his top. I wanted this.

He picked me up and threw me on the bed.

"Oww, dick"

"I dont have to be gentle" he winked and climbed ontop of me, taking off my underwear. I did the same by taking off his boxers.

He kissed down my neck, he kept getting further down untill his lips where inbetween my legs, he kept on kissing, he was teasing me, I grabbed the bed covers in my fists to stop myself screaming.

I retuned the favour, I stood him up, and knelt down. Sucking slowly, while he grunted and moaned.

"Ugh" he cried pushing me back down onto the bed and crawling on top of me.

He thrust inside of me, and the pleasure was amazing, I moaned.

He got faster and faster, me moaning and him grunting. till we finally climaxed and I screamed out his name, he soon followed doing the same.

"Good job fuckface" Frank said before rolling over and falling asleep.

What did I just do?

FUCK SPELLING IVE NEVER BEEN GOOD AT IT thankyou for all the R&R's so far, did i really just write that..I feel strange writing sex scenes, anywaaaays how are you all?:) R&R for unicorn sex.Annnnnnd im going to church after writing that. bye:-)
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