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Sport; Fun to watch. Better to play.

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The two friends have an idea..

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Hellllllo, Update on my life- I've spent nearly everyday with my stupid friends, done nothing exiting or productive, i got drunk a few times, my mother is proud of me ok? anyyyyyyway; AND WHOEVER RATED THIS STORY UP STAND UP SO I CAN HAVE SEX WITH YOU! SERIOUSLY THANKYOU SO SO SO MUCH CAN I SEND YOU A THANKYOU PRESENT? YAYAYAY;D anyway. ENJOY R&R :3

"Then she said; I cant date you anymore Frank, saying my sisters name during sex is not cool" Frank Iero told me 2 months after my breakup, Frank had a fair amount of girlfriends, but always seemed to lose them. It was such a mystery to me (Insert sarcasm here) but Frank literaly had no clue why he couldn't hold down a relationship. You know when you're about to say something stupid and offensive, but that little thing in your head stops you? Yeah Frank doesnt have that.

"I mean..Oh baby sounds like Amy right?" He demanded.

"Well, did you say oh baby, or did you say Amy...Truthfully" I already knew the answer to this one.

"Thing is before we had sex, she introduced me to her family, so i had the name Amy in my head.." He fessed, hiding under his hair.

"Did you tell her this?" I asked him scared of the answer.

"Well obviously" he looked at me like i just ate his dog.


"Honesty is the best policy mi bebé" He told me in that stupid 'matter of fact' tone, pushing his messy inky black hair off his face with a tattoo'ed hand.

Frank was a very attractive person, I could see why he got so many girlfriends.

"Normally I would comfort you, but you get into so much trouble because of your big mouth, im going to give you a pat on the back and set you on your way. Im sure you'll find someone new very, very soon." I told my sulking bestfriend, not taking my eyes of some horror movie we we're watching, my knees upto my chin, curled up on his moms old brown sofa.

"But...Miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" He whined pouting. "She was the 'One' " he whimpered.

I couldn't help but snort at this statement, Frankie obviously didnt know how to count, he must have gotten 26 and one confused.

He just looked at me, in disgust, and I felt guilty for the guy.

"Im sorry honey, lets do something fun?" I asked him.

"Walmart" He said happily, Frank had a thing with walmart, he liked the smell of it. He went round sniffing up like a recovering cocaine addict.

So that was it, we was sat side by side, Frank gripping his trusty green polo's stiring weel, Me putting a good radio sation on, and we were off. En route to walmart.

"Frank, we dont need more lucky charms" I told him, as he placed the 7th box into the cart.

He looked at me, A wise crack comeback on his tounge, but was interupted by a shrill womans voice.

"FRAAAAAANKIEE" we turned around, and an oldish fat woman was stood with a cart piled high, she had a long flowery coat on with a matching handbag and wild red hair.

"Aunt Maria" He said, in a slightly less exited voice, to her shriek.

"Oh darling i haven't seen you in such a long time, and ooh look you have a pretty little girl with you, i knew you'd find one. Uncle mark said you'd be gay, but I knew diffrent and look at you now" she gushed smiling oblivous to Frank horrifed expression.

"I..Umm, Shes not my girlfriend, just a friend" he told her.

"Oh" her face fell, but then lit up again "Im Maria honey, Frankies aunt. Frank needs someone like you, you look so good together as well..You know when Frank was small he had thi.."

She was cut of sharply by Frank.

"We have to go auntie, Mia's girlfriend is waiting, Bye now" he told her and dragged me away, and insisted we hid in the frozen pizza isle for 25 minutes to make sure she had gone.

"Frank, shes gone, can we eat now" I complained, my stomach was shouting at me.

"She could be lurking anywhere" he whispered, whipping his neck around very fast.

"Shes gone. Now lets go gayboy, before you give yourself whiplash" dragging him by the hand to the exit. But he then decied to stomp, scream and shout because we forgot his lucky charms. We got thrown out.

"If you cant handle your boyfriend, take him back to the insitute" were the very plesent parting words from the darling cop.

"PONDEROSA" Frank yelled like a 5 year old, before running like a monkey back to the car.

As soon as we got there the stupid 16 year old worker started telling us all the couples specials.

"We're not a couple" he told her. "Im very very single" he spoke softly to her, before winking and finding a table.

"Frank, she has to be at least 4 years younger"


I sigh and went to get myself some starters.

They have chicken wings here, oh yay! why dont they fly away from my mouth with their wings, oh wait eheheh.

I went back to our table laughing to myself, to be met with Franks 'thinking face' which looks like a constipated hippo thats just been shot.

"What?" I asked him, slighly nervous.

He waited a few seconds before answering.

..."I miss sex" he pouted.

I chose to ignore the fact he got laid less than a week ago.

"Me too Frankie" I sigh, We're both 20, thats not bad...Right?

He looked up at me, light in his eyes, stupid grin on his face.

..."I have an idea" he said with mischief in his voice.
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