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Getting Started

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"So let me get this straight." Lindsey said, sitting on the patio with Gerard, lighting a cigarette. "You've always wanted to be a woman?"

Gerard pulled his gaze from the moon and to her face, nodding. "Yeah Linds....for the majority of my life actually, I'm sorry I never-"

"Babe." she cut him off, moving over to sit in his lap. "I should have known that, I mean, I know you made hints before, and I never took them seriously, but if it's what you want, I support you and love you just as much as always, I just hope this won't damage us."

Gerard nodded, running his fingers through her long dark hair. "But why would it? I'm never going to stop loving you Linds, you're the only one who owns my heart. Do you....would you not want me in the same way if I was a woman?" he asked, concerned.

"No Gee." she touched his cheek. "I love you no matter what gender, you know I never really had a gender preference."

"I know." he said, finishing off his cigarette. "But what about Bandit?"

Lindsey shook her head. "Gerard, out of all the crazy shit she's been around in her life, this really won't be much to her, you know?"

Gerard smirked, kissing his wife gently on the lips. "I love you so much, you really have no idea."

Lindsey grinned. "But I think I do. So I suppose we have a few phone calls to make in the morning?"

~One Week Later~

"Gerard, you realize you smoke as if the zombies are going to come and rob every tobacco store, right?" Mikey way asked his older brother as they left the clinic.

Gerard shrugged, unlocking his car. "Maybe they are Mikes, you just never fucking know anymore, times are hard."

Mikey rolled his eyes and got into that car, examining the bottles of meds Gerard had been given by the doctor. Mikey and Gerard had been into the clinic four times in the past week, and Gerard was finally going to start the process of a sex change. Mikey still was trying to grasp ahold of the whole concept, but he was there for his older brother at any given time and vise verse.

"Speaking of hard, I wonder what it's going to be like to not get hard, you know, when they cut off your dick."

Gerard slammed on the breaks, making the driver behind him start yelling out the window, then pass him. "What did you just say?" he raised an eyebrow.

Mikey rolled his eyes. "you heard me Gee."

"No shit bro, but I'm not getting my dick chopped off, I'll go through with everything but that." Gerard said, pressing on the gas pedal again.

"Then...erm...would you really be considered a chick?"

"Mikey....I'll think about it, but I'd much rather like to keep my dick for sexual reasons."

"Aha..." Mikey said. "That explains it..." he mumbled, starting to go through the bottles, reading directions. "hmmm...can't take alcohol with any of these, which isn't a problem...don't take with sleeping medications....may cause mood swings, weight gain, weight loss, vomiting, fever, sweating, irritation...sounds about right." he concluded. "You really ready for this Gee?"

Gerard nodded, keeping his eyes on the road. "Fuckin ready Mikes, fuckin ready." he grinned, having no idea what the hell he was getting himself into.
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