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Week One

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"Gerard?" Lindsey whispered softly, nudging his shoulder as she knelled down on the bathroom floor next to him, where he lay. "Wanna get up now? The bed is really comfy, I promise."

"No..." Gerard mumbled into the floor where he was laying. "Floor...cold."

Lindsey sighed. "Yes, I know the floor feels nice, but the bed will be better for you, I promise, it will be much better on your back."

"Not moving..." he mumbled, then sitting up fast to vomit into the toilet, Lindsey wasn't phased, she just moved behind him and held his hair, rubbing his back gently. For Gerard it was awful, and brought back so many drunken memories. The floor was just fine, he didn't want to move. The medication was just now starting to affect him after a weeks worth, and was making him very sick. He knew this was to be expected.

Lindsey waited until he was done then helped wipe his mouth and the cold sweat around his face. "Gerard....I'm going to drag you to bed." she half joked.

"Ya know....any other time, I'd like that." he said.

"Oh you..." she chuckled, helping him up and into the bedroom, taking off his jeans and covering him with the blankets, then laying next to him, brushing the hair out of his eyes.

"Just wait...I'll be pretty." Gerard mumbled, falling back to sleep, Lindsey just smirked and kissed his cheek.
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