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I'm back.

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"This boy will not win, Peur. I will consume him. He will become me..."

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The ruins of the church stood taller than the rest of the demolished city, as if it were proud it had fared better than its fellow buildings. It was made of limestone brick but was now scorched black and any of its original colour was revealed in huge ragged gashes hacked into its walls. At the very far end of the church was a belfry, the bell now at the foot of the tower where it had fallen, cracking the tiles below. It was here, at the highest point, that Envieux sat, perched on the ledge of the arched window.

He looked down at his beloved masterpiece; a smoking, chaotic mess stretched out in the vast expansion that was little Gerard Way's mind. He smiled, watching belches of thick, black smoke coil out into the sky and far beyond. His raven wings were hugged around him, protecting him, hiding him. Behind him, Peur crouched on a small mound of rubble rocking back on his heels, his white dappled wings dusty from sitting in the dirt. He stretched them out and shook them slightly, mushroom clouds of dust exploded upwards. He was so close to Afterlife now he could almost taste it. His wings were whiter, his eyes a more smoldering brown and his skin had a healthy complexion; an almost glow to it. Peur could see it now, the portal that would open to whisk him away to a place far away from this, far away from Frank who he had burdened too long for now. The boy had broken his muteness and never had Peur felt such a moment of pride; when he could speak in consecutive sentences that would be it- Peur had kept his side of the deal. God now had to keep up his; Peur would no longer be a lost soul- a guardian angel- he would be free. There was hope.

"I'm getting stronger, Peur; I can feel it. I can soon make the final move." Envieux said.

Peur shook his head; Sadly there was not hope for every angel. Envieux was sick, corrupted; the product of two hundred years of Limbo.

"This boy will not win, Peur. I will consume him. He will become me..."

"So you keep saying..." Peur muttered.

Envieux turned slightly, a glint in his eyes, "You doubt I can possess him?"

"I never said that," Peur whispered, keeping his head down.

"The boy may resist at first but there isn't much fight in him, it shall be a brief battle," He explained, walking around the smaller angel with soft, feline footsteps. He placed a hand on Peur's shoulder and felt him shiver, "But I need some outside help..."

"I won't-" The angel started, but stopped as Envieux's nails sunk into his flesh and held tight.

"Oh, but you will. I know you're headed for Afterlife, Peur, how could I ignore those almost pristine feathers?" He saw Peur swallow heavily, the fear glossing his eyes, "And wouldn't it be such a shame should anyone come visit Frank's mind and move a few things... out of place."

"You wouldn't-" Peur hissed.

"Oh, but I would. I'm afraid poor little Frank would never be the same after spending some time with me," Envieux snickered wickedly, "So if you value your Afterlife, you'll help me, Peur." He grinned as he felt Peur's shoulders sag, his head droop slightly in defeat, "So glad we came to an agreement."

Peur looked up at him with sad, brown eyes, "What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to bend Frank's freewill a little; turn him against Gerard." Envieux said, releasing his vice-like hold on the smaller angel, "That'll make the boy's mind weaker. When his best friend doesn't like him anymore he'll crack, and then I'll move in."

"Why can't you just help Gerard? That was the deal with God; help one person and we can move on. We earn our right to the Afterlife."

"I don't know whether you've noticed, Peur but I am far from reaching the Afterlife now. That's why I figured I'd have a go at another lifetime."


"No more arguing! You'll do as I say!" Envieux bellowed, satisfied when Peur flinched for fear of getting struck, "Won't you?"

Peur nodded, "Yes, yes, I'll do it."

"Good. You have until tomorrow to ruin that friendship." Envieux ordered before hopping onto the window ledge and soaring into the crimson sky.

Peur felt tears burning his eyes, tears that he stopped fighting when his wings flickered back to a sullen, smoky grey.

Um yeah, wow, I actually updated this :S Sorry for the REALLY long delay but I'm definitely going to continue with this... and Haru and the Kobra Kid too :)

- Sara xoxo

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